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Is this even considered poetry, or is it just random disfigured thoughts?

Allegory for the creation of Backrooms content.
Probably the first and only piece of poetry I will ever write.
I wrote this 8 months ago, got a few rounds of approval, but never felt like posting it until now.
Make with that what you will.

You get to decide whether this should've just stayed in the kitchen.
(Why is free verse so hard?)

Author: Sky3Sky3

It’s all in your head.

Look behind you.
Tell me… What do you see?
A mundane landscape? Your past? Absolutely nothing?
Surely, there must be more than just a foggy image.
Focus your mind and pierce the veil.

Let’s try again, shall we?

Look behind you.
What do you see this time?
An empty void of eternal darkness? A never-ending series of walkways? Your own reflection?
Approach it. Is it clearer now? Perhaps you can now describe it in words.
Blink once and open your third eye.

One last time.

Look behind you.
What you should see is a beautiful being.
An apparition created from your own mind.
Refine me. Embrace me. Perfect me. Create me.
Because I am now part of you, and you are now part of me.

If you believe in your worst nightmares, you’ll manifest them.

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