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God, it was just out of your reach!

You've been in search of "The Asylum" for months now. It was a set of files detailing a few specific undocumented objects that could be pivotal in the safety of humans in the Backrooms. The information that you find may be life changing!

The only thing stopping you from accessing it was a single prompt on the program. You had to "INSERT CREDENTIALS" to pass through, yet you had no idea what was needed! It allowed for a maximum of eight characters; there are 104 characters you can place in each open spot. That allows for up to 832 different combinations, at the very least. But not even that amount is accounting for if not all eight spots are needed to enter—agh. This was infuriating. So, you've been tirelessly inputting different combinations. So far, you've done it 583 times. It's taken you three days to manage even that; you can't fathom spending even another second trying to do this, but the promise it has is just so alluring.

You must seek the secrets of The Asylum—no matter how long it takes.

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