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This is just the beginning of a story by TheGameOwl11TheGameOwl11.

I’m doing something a bit different here where I release the entire story bit by bit trough several articles, so think of this page like chapter 1 of a book. I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks to all the people who had to witness the embarrassing shit and made this possible, including noah rabenoah rabe MctoranMctoran Nikuchan Nikuchan BUBBLINGBEACHBUBBLINGBEACH jan Jejasajan Jejasa and Kai4CKai4C

Name: Val

Known Affiliations: The Owner (rumored), Los Panaderos, The M.E.G., Sol Miranda, Allen Dime, Luna Gonzales, Luisa Castro.

Known Location: Level 304

Val is an important case study for the M.E.G., as one of an extremely select few individuals to gain extranormal abilities upon entry to/within the Backrooms. Given that this has occurred among our own operatives before (at times to much ill effect, needless to say) respectful observation of Val may be crucial for research and handling of potential future cases. Although Val prefers to avoid speaking about their powers, their self-introduction gives great insight into how these abilities have affected their psyche and social interactions.

And, besides that… they're a personal friend.

If you're reading this, Val: hope to see you soon.

Welcome to Level 304. It’s as close to home as I can get.


A picture of my room.

Four years after no-clipping

Hello to anyone who might be reading this. I’m Val, the guy who co-authored the Level 304 article. If you’re curious about what I’ve been up to since, I hate to break it to you but it’s not much. I’ve mostly been cooped up in Level 304, just going through the motions of everyday life. There isn’t much else to it because I have zero energy. I spend most of my day in my room — the entirety of which no-clipped into the Backrooms along with four of my best friends. Their names are Sol, Luna, Luisa, and Allen. Things there are odd. I miss them because we haven’t talked in forever but… It’s not worth talking about.

In any case, my semi-isolationist lifestyle has played out well, and I’ve survived for three years give or take without completely losing my goddamn mind, so something about my routine works. I spend most of my time in bed, writing in my journal, or on my PC. A lot of what I do is simply for the sake of expressing myself, ranging from writing to making music. It’s nice to put together some new stuff I can distract myself with.

My distractions also extend to keeping myself occupied with dreaming. Sometimes, these dreams are about stuff that’s happened in the past, but I also have some that are completely fictional. The best part about my dreams is that they’re safe. I get to experience a lot of fun things without really sweating the details that take away the safety of the experience. Instead, those details are blank little parts of my mind that don’t get any attention while I have fun. If something bad happens then it’s pretty easy to get the fuck out of there. I like to write everything down in my journal when I'm done, so I can look back and think about the fun stuff. Sadly, it’s been a lot harder to do this lately since my dreams keep taking me to some grey forest that’s completely different from what I normally see in my dreams. I just hope that gets better soon since it’s really scaring me.

I might go to La Panaderia to grab some food and water if I feel like it that day. I might even interact with other people and tell stories or share my knowledge about Level 304. Luna used to be there all the time, but I think she moved to Princess or Oasis. I can't exactly confirm that since I haven't seen her in ages.

Oh yeah — about my knowledge! The M.E.G. recently documented this level, and I got to help them. It’s pretty much the only interesting thing that’s happened in the last 3 years or so. They even let me write this article about myself. Granted, it should have come out about a month ago.

I’ll leave this alone for now. I’m probably going back to sleep in a bit, maybe I’ll upload whatever journal entry comes out of my dream.

A Bit About Myself


Some very pretty art of me. Thanks, Evie!

Five years after no-clipping

Damn, it’s been a year since I uploaded the 304 article and wrote the first half of this entry, yet I somehow missed that I didn’t even write a proper introduction. I’m Val, the resident knowledge dump of Level 304 and the co-author of its article. I go by they/them pronouns, which honestly don’t play as big of a role in my life here as you think they would. No one really cares about that in 304, since everyone’s so focused on surviving. That was very different in The Frontrooms, though. The same goes for my autism. Both of those play a big role in who I am, but you can figure this stuff out yourself if you spend enough time with me. What I’m trying to get at is - people are actually nice here. A kind wanderer named Evie even decided to make art of me when she visited the level once, and it's amazing!


My big thing is that I don’t like to see people getting hurt. It can range from people getting bullied to someone getting cut, but I would prefer to prevent any of it from happening. Let me tell you, that’s been so much easier to follow these past few years because I haven’t had to deal with any of that crushing social expectation bullshit because… capitalism. It still takes a lot of concentration to keep my shit together, however. If I leave my room and socialize for a day, I tend to have a hard time reading others.

I’ve had a relatively supportive community around me and couldn’t be more grateful. Sometimes Los Panaderos let me tell stories and DJ on Friday, since I’ve been around for these people from the beginning. However, I can’t help but feel another side of me is feared. I haven’t figured out what exactly happened to me when I no-clipped here, but people have witnessed stuff that’s caused a lot of really disheartening rumors to spread. Whenever I go out, I constantly see people trying to whisper about some of the dumbest shit. I really hope they aren’t talking about me…

Incident 304-1


Aftermath of the blaze.

Two years after the level was discovered, an extranormal panaderia in Level 304 was set on fire. In a matter of minutes, the blaze had spread to La Panaderia, killing two and injuring five more. The resulting structural damage required extensive repair works lasting months, and some witnesses of the incident were even admitted for extensive psychological counseling afterward. The tragedy has since become embedded into the social psyche of Los Panaderos as the worst disaster to ever strike Level 304.

Sol… I’m not going to let you add any more details to the report beyond this. As for this message? I've rigged it so only the two of us can see it. Look, I understand that people need to know what happened, but it's just… I want this to be literally anywhere else. Move it to the 304 article for all I care, but I don't like how it makes me look.

I don’t want to be a freak to the world.

Besides that, I’ve been pretty introverted lately since I’m not really close to anyone anymore. I’m fine with it though. I get a decent amount of company from the folks that pass by 304 and the people I talk to online. If any of my friends see this, maybe you can meet up with me at La Panaderia and we can chat over some empanadas. Or not.

I’m sure there’s a reason we split, but whatever it is, I don’t want to remember.


I might as well talk about music for a bit since it’s a major special interest of mine! Listening to music from my PC and keeping up with the latest EDM releases has kept my mental health together during these last few years. I get to DJ at La Panaderia once a month or so. Usually, I play my Monstercat playlist, but I also like to make special DJ mixes or play my own music.1

If I had to think of a song that really stood out to me, it would be Scribble by Puppet and Eden. Specifically the extended version, because it adds an entire verse that really makes the song. It’s about a lot of things, but it captures a lot about the kind of fights I deal with, and what my friends meant to me. They didn’t want me to sink away like I have now. Part of me agrees with them.

I wonder what would be out there if I stopped trying to fade away.

I wonder what I’ve forgotten.

Before tomorrow comes
And it all gets lost again
The ashes burn down brightest
When we’ve everything to lose
So scribble me out
Mistakes erased; forgotten
Life goes on
Without me

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