the user that was (supposedly) unhacked


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im UserUnhackedUserUnhacked, but you can call me user.

im gonna spit out a bunch of facts about me that you can easily scroll past since your probably looking for my pages lol

  • he/him (please dont use they/them)
  • im a high school student
  • im pakistani+muslim
  • i like playing video games (currently playing fall guys alot)
  • discovered this wiki at around may/june 2022
  • if you couldnt tell already i dont like using capitals when im not talking formally
  • i cannot stop procrastinating bdisnfpmdofohmpronpmrpnrc
  • i despise ketchup with every fiber of my being and theres nothing you can do to change my mind.1

alright, time for my pages. so basically whenever you see a page by me, youll be seeing this module somewhere in the author collapsible:

More pages by UserUnhacked
Levels Level 360(CN | PT) | Level 188(CN) | Level 965 =)
Entities Entity 81(CN)
Canons Pantheon Canon Hub
Fandom ports Level 313 | Level 350
Other pages author page! | sandbox!

(its a bit problematic with some themes sorry lmao)

however, thats not it!! ive got some commentary to do (but not for the fandom ports i got nothing to say abt those)

Level 360 (+44)

my first level! this took like. 5 months to get out and most of that time was just the page being stuck in crit hell. however, looking back, i feel grateful that ive made it this far. also super happy that this is somehow at like. +40 as of writing lololol

Pantheon Canon Hub (+25)

this was originally started by me bcs i got impatient waiting for the canon to hit the requirements. then Scutoid StudiosScutoid Studios came in and spiced up the base template i had given. then after that MctoranMctoran filled out the tabs and stole all the glory by posting it on the 28th of january, which was the anniversary of his first page!! oh yeah also he posted it bcs he owns the canon lmao

Level 188 (+23)

oh boy, this level. when i originally posted it it was super bad. luckily i contacted Kai4CKai4C and he helped me fix up the level alot!! i cant thank him enough for all of this, i would have probably deleted it if it werent for you

also, those stupid old 188 purists are probably hating on this. if you ever see one, formally tell them to get lost as they have no right to downvote bcs of a number <3

Entity 81 (+21)

dont have much to say about this other than this took like 5 months to get out, but more bcs of me procrastinating lmao

also thanks to 1kd for the perms to rewrite this!!

and thats basically it!! if you need me you can dm me at User Unhacked#7046 on discord (but dont call me unless ik you irl). if you wanna play fall guys sometime, im userunhacked on epic!

personal testing

ok cya bye

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