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call me user!!!

↳ pakistani 🇵🇰 | muslim
↳ he/him only
↳ joined on august 1, 2022
↳ hobbies: video games (hooked on fall guys rn), biking, procrastinating ._.
↳ as you can see i do not like capitals
↳ discord and epic: userunhacked

my pages

Level 360 - The Road of Nothing and Everything

"A winding road that stretches as far as the eye can see."

Level 360

Pantheon Canon Hub

"Today, many of the "gods" are corrupted, dead or isolated, but they may soon be reunited against a force which threatens their entire home, and all its inhabitants alike."

Pantheon Hub

Level 188 - Celestial Desolation

"The sun rises, the sun sets. Nothing's new under the sun. Ketuvvah Iri Dorowal Iru."

Level 188

Entity 81 - Elevators

"So, many of you probably know about the whole "elevator overpowered" joke that's been floating around for a while, right? Well, I hate to break it to everyone, but they aren't actually all candies and rainbows."

Entity 81

Level 313 - Vitrum Madness

"It shall be known that the calming, yet mad greenhouse is an ocean of infinite, shallowed beauty; the bouquets and the chromatic façade overshadow the darkness beneath it."

Level 313

Level 350 - Day Zero

"The predominant risk of entering Level 350 is the existence of time pockets. Each of these pockets possesses a time of its own, creating time dilations that may significantly modify devices that represent time such as clocks, watches, and phones to the point where these appliances malfunction."

Level 350

Level 72 - Call of the Crabs

"As the performance continues, the spectacular sunset ends and is replaced with the soft shine of the Moon and the stars. Countless narrow beams of light are sent from the Moon and are reflected by the aurora crabs, creating imitations of the Northern Lights."

Level 72

Level 292 - The Stickman Adventures!

"What? I thought this place was child friendly! Why is there death?!"

Level 292


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Entities Entity 81(CN)
Canons Pantheon Canon Hub(CN)
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additional commentary and info

Level 360

Rating: +53
Posted on: 11 Jan 2023 01:59
Greenlit by: captaiincaptaiin
Translated into: chinese, portugese

my first level!!! looking back, it's admittedly not the best, but i'm definitely happy that it's got a pretty high rating right now (around +50 as of writing). i plan on rewriting this later on.

Pantheon Hub

Rating: +41
Posted on: 28 Jan 2023 17:01
Greenlit by: none (different publishing requirements)
a collaboration with scutoid studiosscutoid studios and MctoranMctoran!

unfortunately i'm no longer part of the canon, but i still had fun making the hub! i made the base design, while scutoid made it a bit fancier and mctoran filled in stuff like the FAQ and general info. although he released it, just know that he wasn't the only one behind it >:)

Level 188

Rating: +24
Posted on: 21 Feb 2023 03:05
Greenlit by: Kai4CKai4C
Translated into: chinese
with lots of help from Kai4CKai4C :)
this is a rewrite of a previous version of this page made by me

one eight eight. this level has a bit of history. in its original form, it was really really bad. so bad that i wiped it from existence and rewrote it!!! without kai, this level probably would've been deleted. so thanks once again! also, the reason why i chose for this to be 188 was that i was kinda worried that people would take the slot and then practically all of the entrances amd exits just wouldn't make sense. so in my page, i added an explanation!

"Please note that additional entrances and exits found on other pages are not to be trusted. Their erroneous appearance has been attributed to the Mandela Effect."

so if you're mad at me for doing that, sorry, but the slot is going nowhere.

Entity 81

Rating: +33
Posted on: 02 Mar 2023 22:02
Greenlit by: Sky3Sky3
Translated into: chinese
this is a rewrite of the original page by 1000dumplings1000dumplings!

thanks for the permission to rewrite this!!! i don't necessarily think the page rn is really the best but it is decent i think. other than that i don't got much to say so moving on…

Level 313

Rating: +25
Posted on: 03 Mar 2023 21:34
Greenlit by: GL exempted
Translated into: chinese
this is a fandom port! the original authors are fandom users SherlsF, NormalDudeWithaNormalLife, and Shicksalhaft!

first fandom port! also sherls was really really happy thay i wanted to port this page when i asked him so there's that ig. also fun fact: i posted this less than a day after i got greenlight exemption! i was really hasty to use it lol

Level 350

Rating: +17
Posted on: 06 Mar 2023 23:38
Greenlit by: GL exempted
this is a fandom port! the original author is fandom user SherlsF!

my last fandom port lmao. i didn't tell sherls that i published this but when he figured out, he was yet again really really happy. i'm stopping with the fandom ports here because i feel like that's enough copying from fandom heh. also this page didn't get that much recognition compared to anything else so i'd appreciate if you dropped an upvote!

Level 72

Rating: +35
Posted on: 03 Jun 2023 02:03
Greenlit by: GL exempted
Translated into: chinese

this is where i finally made a comeback!! for a long time, procrastination really took the best of me, and i just could not write at my peak. however, i finally manned up and decided to start writing the page in may. eventually, i finished it! and after some critique, i published what is now my personal favorite page! although the one thing that made me sad was that it barely missed being featured because level 2 had more upvotes ifbwobcumoxbcubwi

Level 292

this page is definitely my longest. it has 19 WHOLE IMAGES (all courtesy of me :) and the main reason why it's huge is because of the massive log that has literally 80% of the page's content. people are mad that this aint a joke level, but i like it better as a normal level because it just is too long. well i'm still glad that it's out though…

fan art!

feel free to leave me a message on discord or wikidot if you wanna add some!




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