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Are you tired of the Backrooms rat race?
Want to settle down in a peaceful, habitable level?
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Your stay in the Backrooms doesn't have to be miserable.
Tell us the level of your dreams. We'll take you there—quickly and safely.

The Agency

Backrooms Travel Agency is dedicated to chaperoning wanderers wherever they want to go; safe and secure levels are our speciality! We work with absolutely anyone—aging wanderers, families with young children, wanderers with injuries or disabilities; we pride ourselves on helping anyone who wants to go to a better place.

At the Backrooms Travel Agency, our mission is to give a helping hand to wanderers in need. Our Travel Teams consist of experts who are highly skilled in level navigation, with backgrounds in the M.E.G. or other exploration groups, so they have unmatched experience. Read the profiles of our trusted Travel Guides below!

Plan the trip of your life!

Popular destinations:

Sunset Beach

The epitome of tropical islands, Level 48 is the perfect place to spend your vacation—or the rest of your time! Backrooms Travel can take you to a better life in the Backrooms.

Kyoto Dreams

A cozy, wooden machiya house with furnished rooms and hot springs—who wouldn't want to live here? We'll show you the way to peace of mind.

Salvaged Seabord

Many wanderers dream of Level 436's sunny beaches and turquoise seas, but nobody truly knows how to get there. Backrooms Travel can make your dreams come true.

Concrete Platforms

Equipped with many spacious platforms, this sought-out safe haven can welcome all sorts of weary wanderers. Need a rest? We'll take you there.

Come in to one of our offices for the full list of destinations. Or tell us where you want to go and our team will plan a custom trip specifically for you!2

Unfortunately, the Frontrooms is not in our destination catalogue yet. In the meantime, we aim to shuttle wanderers to levels they can call their second home.


With us, every trip is unique and tailored to you! Are you looking for a quick getaway or a complex journey? Do you have vulnerable companions? Are you carrying valuables? Whatever your circumstance, we have a class that fits your needs.

Essential (CHEAPEST)
When speed is your priority. One or two of our Travel Guides is all you need. Minimal luggage.3

We'll take you wherever you need to go. Our Travel Team will accompany you all the way.

We'll handle everything for maximum security and comfort. Our escort boasts anti-entity gear, extra luggage, and backup support.

Class Speed Security Comfort
Essential ㅤ ㅤ✓ㅤ ㅤ
Standard4 ㅤ ㅤ✓ㅤㅤ ㅤ ㅤ✓ ㅤㅤ ㅤ ㅤ✓ ㅤㅤ
Premium5 ㅤ ㅤ✓ㅤㅤ ㅤ ✓✓✓ ㅤ ㅤㅤ✓✓ㅤㅤ

The Backrooms Travel experience:

Traversing the Backrooms across unknown levels can be daunting, dangerous and complicated. That is why so many wanderers trust Backrooms Travel to make traveling as simple and breezy for you as possible.

Travel better with us.
Our seasoned Travel Guides will chart the optimal routes to your destination and confidently lead you from level to level. Your Travel Team will be equipped with essential gear, packed food and refreshments.6 Detours are also possible for overnight stays in comfortable levels. For Standard Class and above, we will provide you with a Worn Sack7 for your luggage.8

Your safety is our priority.
Although our Guides try to arrange the safest routes, danger may always lurk around the corner. Our Travel Guards support your travel team to protect you from any external threats.9 These experienced wanderers are armed with gear to ward off entities or other hostiles, and objects such as Squirt Guns and first aid kits.10

Meet our staff:

Silas (Founder)

Silas has been the manager of Backrooms Travel since its founding. Although he doesn't personally lead expeditions, he currently works at the Main Agency in Level 11.

Hello! I was in the Mapping and Pathfinding team back in my days at the M.E.G., so I'm still passionate about charting routes through levels and optimizing travel in such a foreign world. My girlfriend says I'm a bit of a nerd, and well, I do in fact approach this as a giant puzzle—but solving this puzzle potentially saves lives and helps wanderers reach habitable levels. I believe a sense of community and mutual aid is crucial in the reality that is the Backrooms.

We would like to remind you that our employees exclusively work in uniform. Do not follow anyone else claiming to be from Backrooms Travel. We don't know who they are.

Contact Us

For information, enquiries, or emergencies, come to one of our offices and we can begin planning the trip of your life!

  • "Main Agency" in Level 11.
  • "Secondary Agency" in Level 1.
  • "The Hotel Office" in Level 5.
  • "The Concrete Office" in Level 162, in association with The Organizers on said level.


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