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I woke up in an empty pale place, and I could not breathe.

My memories were hazy and I could not get back up on my feet.

I remembered a burning pain in my chest and stomach, before everything went black, but I couldn't feel anything in that moment.

I was numb.

I remembered a voice sweet as a dream, and the burning pain stopped, my heart was radiant, and I did not feel like I was vanishing anymore.

I did not die.

But at the same time I am dead.

It is complicated to grasp, my being, everything that was me is still here, but my body has been left behind, my mortal container, and I cannot die.

I do not remember how much time has passed since then.

I do not know why I had to be chained by this destiny, why circumstances kept me intact from death, I am ignorant.

It felt as if I was cursed from the beginning of my life to its end, to somehow survive and see those I loved pass away instead of me.

Why is life tormenting me?

Have I done something so unforgivable that granted me such punishment?

That I do not know.

I have been kept alive because of a reason, and that voice that saved me that fateful day said the following words; perhaps the answer to this fate.

May Love be the symbol of your rebirth, for the devotion to protect others and for that promise you have engraved in your heart, for the one that has committed the greatest act of love in death.

You shall become a part of Love itself and live on.

That is what fate chose for you.

Even if I suffer, I made a promise. And I am alive for a reason, although it is like a painful torture, fulfilling a promise is my last remaining purpose.

I have nothing else left except caring for those who reside in this purgatory of mine that is home for them.

That is how everything is meant to be.

And I will carry all those responsibilities endlessly, that is all I have left.

I did not want to die because I was clinging to hope, to love, and that is what gave me this destiny.

But what came of it in the end?

Was I able to achieve anything?

Or is my sole existence a mistake? Worthless?

The cause of future conflicts, if more were to know about my existence.

I do not know.

And I cannot see myself as the one I was before anymore, this is the present and how things are now.

Olivia Bellerose died alongside the past.

And I cannot return to that carefree innocence anymore.

All I am now is Ghosty, the spirit that wanders endlessly in her prison, for one singular purpose, unable to understand the origins of everything I have gained.

That is what I am.

That is my reason of being alive.



Exit: 0/5
Guaranteed Exit

Environment: 0/5
No Environmental Risks

Entities: 0/5
No Hostile Entities

Level Tournesol is classified as an enigmatic level of the Backrooms, it is a location of interest because of the anomalous properties inside of it along with its habitable environment and resources.

The level does not have a consistent appearance and changes depending on the individual; no identical appearances have been ever recorded.

Once an individual sets foot inside the level, they will be greeted with an environment that suits the many preferences of the individual, ranging from featuring their favourite colours and decorations to even incorporating aspects of the individual's hobbies.

Several attempts have been made to list down the various environments the level formed; below are listed the properly documented ones.

<Begin Log>

Location: Level Tournesol
Tester: Agent Trevor Miller

Agent Miller will be sent in the level through the mirror method, to accurately describe the appearance of the level from his perspective.

[The camera is immediately turned on once Agent Miller sets foot in the level, it shows the environment changing rapidly before coming to a stop.]

Trevor Miller: Agent Miller recording, the trip through the mirror went smoothly without any obstacles, the level immediately changed upon my entrance.

[Agent Miller zooms around the area, the environment resembled the one of a watercolor painting, everything was decorated with furniture and accessories that had an abstract style. Various artworks were hung up on the walls as Agent Miller proceeded along the level.]

Trevor Miller: It's so strange, the level has replicated the art I've painted over the course of my life perfectly… It seems to be able to study the hobbies and likes of an individual and utilize them to shape its environment…

[The sound of quiet paper rustling and the slightest sound of a paint being mixed can he beard through the recording, as Agent Miller stopped.]

Trevor Miller: I can smell fresh paint… And ink, along old paper, it feels somewhat soothing to be reminded of my past in such a way. I've noticed that the level doesn't simply create based around my hobby for art, no, it goes into heavy detail on every piece of information it has.

Are those… paintings of Monet? That can't be! They have no imperfection whatsoever! It's as if they are the actual thing!

I don't know if I should feel offended that this copy of his painting looks so real or happy that the work of Monet can live on in the Backrooms. Maybe we could even install a little museum to be reminded of his great works that are in the Frontrooms — !

[Agent Miller paused and looked at the camera recording, before clearing his throat and attempting to regain his composure.]

Ehem — , observing these familiar sights seems to have improved my heartbeat and my mood, I feel refreshed and at peace. It's clear this may be another effect the level has on those who are inside of it, another positive effect that may be useful in the future.

The power of the level seems to be able to affect even the most professional agent, unwillingly of course.

[Agent Miller fixed his glasses as he spoke to the camera until he notices the battery of the camera is running out.]

Trevor Miller: The test has been deemed as successful, Agent Miller is about to log off, I will return back to the base for the report.

<End Log>

It is clear that the level has anomalous properties that are directed to create a comfortable environment first and utmost, and not only environments, the level has a lot more to offer. Tests have confirmed that anything can be formed within it, all of which is dictated by an entity controlling the level, Ghosty.

Each anomalous property is part of the entity's power, which is much more than simple modifications to the level's environment.

For instance inside the level it is possible to obtain anything material, ranging from resources to weaponry, not because the level has such objects scattered around but because the entity is capable of creating anything at will that is not a living being. Such ability is a precious resource that must be conserved and secured.

Our group has begun a project of creating several factories that may automatically produce weapons and different resources inside the level without waiting for Ghosty's energy to recover. This would speed up the production of any needed material and make sure to give us an advantage in case of certain situations. Ghosty must not be informed of the true purpose for such weapons no matter the amount of questions she asks, she must be kept unaware.

The level has no end; it continues infinitely and can accommodate any individual that is in the Backrooms, which is another factor that marks the level as habitable. Ghosty has created mini dimensions within the level for each wanderer inhabiting it, to give them a comfortable space to decorate as their home, such places are located inside of peculiar mirrors that can take the preferred appearance of the wanderer who first walks upon a specimen of it. It will then be claimed by the wanderer and become inaccessible to others until permission is given from the owner of the mirror.

The inside of each mirror, that acts as a door to the mini dimension, can be decorated at will by its owner by simply requesting things out loud with a proper description. It is obvious that Ghosty is the one assisting with each request.

The purpose of the mini dimensions is simply to give privacy and a space for each wanderer, despite the level already taking the form most preferred by each of them. The mini dimensions have been proven to be much more comfortable and convenient.


A picture of one of the many mini dimensions, taken with the permission of the original owner.

Apart from the mini dimensions the level has no doors, and continues endlessly like an endless large hallway with occasional areas appearing all around. The areas range from any kind of room or environment, frequent appearing sets of areas are known as memory areas which are places of importance belonging to a wanderer's past. These memories are always positive, no matter the individual. These areas are not of any particular use, apart from relaxing or therapeutic purposes.

Regarding different aspects of the level, through the various research done, it was discovered that the level's stability entirely relies upon Ghosty's mind state. If it becomes damaged the level will struggle to remain stable and may frequently create cracks around its surface. It is imperative to maintain Ghosty in a stable condition in order to preserve the level, due to the important resources that can be found inside.

The origins of the level are unknown and Ghosty has not given an answer either. But what can be said is that it's definitely a unique level that is full of mistery, following set of laws that are completely different from the laws of the Backrooms.

No-clipping is entirely impossible and nobody can get harmed inside of the level in any way; it is not possible to drown, suffocate, or die in any other tested methods. Illnesses have a better chance of being cured, since Ghosty is able to create all sorts of treatments and medicines.

Alongside the importance of the level becoming an outpost for our group, there are many things regarding its existence alongside Ghosty's that are subject of constant research; the information that will be found in the future will gradually be added in the document to keep track of what was found.


Ghosty, the caretaker.

HABITAT(S): Tournesol

Ghosty is the caretaker of the level; she has full control over it and has the power to modify anything regarding it; the only limitation would be her stamina requiring her to rest after creating certain things that require a large amount energy, which can result in her her being unable to utilize her powers for a while.

She resembles a female human in appearance, a spirit entity with a pale and bruised body, covered in different scars and disturbing injuries around her stomach area, as if she was mauled.

She exclusively wears a white dress, tattered and ripped, she lacks shoes and is always barefoot, her eyes have been described to be of a dark lifeless colour.


An illustration of Ghosty, drawn by an agent.

The only known thing that Ghosty is unable to create is living beings, such as animals, humans, and complex vegetation with the functionalities retained from the Frontrooms.

However, Ghosty is capable of creating entities that imitate living beings such as creatures that act lively, occasionally creating such creatures to entertain the inhabitants of the level. These creatures vary from living drawings, to paintings; that are able to talk and have district personalities. It is supposed that if Ghosty was able to better control her powers and get pushed over her limits, she may be capable of even more complicated creations, even things that are as grand as the Backrooms itself.

It is unclear how to currently decrease her limitations, as she already struggles with creating multiple large objects at once without rest. She seems to struggle less with smaller objects, and is still capable of keeping up with the requested resources and weapons that are essential for our group to increase in influence and power.

She has the ability to summon mirrors as portals outside of her level, since she claims she is unable to leave it or she would disappear alongside it. These mirrors are utilized as means of transportations to safely bring wanderers in the level; the mirror reacts to wanderers that are injured or about to die. They are seemingly powered by some strange magic, giving the location of that precise wanderer to Ghosty.

One ability that many theorized her to have was the one to be able to read minds, memories, emotions and each aspect of an individual's brain. In order to explain how she manages to suit the appearance of the level, among other things to the preferences of each individual. However it is unclear if it is an actual truth, as Ghosty never seemed to be sure on her answer to the question.

Ghosty's behavior is harmless; she acts just like a human in terms of personality, being rather friendly and helpful to those that are in her level. Various reports state she has assisted our agents in different ways along with taking care of the inhabitants of the level.

She is collaborative regarding different tests, and has shown interest in improving her abilities to continue her collaboration with our group.

Ghosty has claimed that she wishes to assist and protect wanderers; by giving them a permanent home inside her level. With the promise of assisting her in such feat, our group was able to gain her trust. The reasons of her willingness to help are unknown, since she rarely discusses her true motives.

She seems to be unaware of our mission, and it's important for her to not be warned about it; it would be troubling if she started antagonizing us and rebelling for such a little thing. Even if she may be apparently kind, she is but a tool to our purpose, and she must remain ignorant until she's not needed any longer.

Despite the positive importance and naivety of this entity, her capabilities and godlike powers require constant monitoring, as she is capable of of harm or worse. That is why it is suggested to act in the designated way that is communicated to any agent that requests to join the operation, in order to keep the entity in a docile and cooperating state and to prevent any negative reaction that could result in the loss of this precious outpost.

It is recommended to not pressure the entity in an obvious manner; if some materials are urgently required it would be best to befriend the entity and take advantage of a sudden vulnerability of hers, to gently nudge her in going beyond her limits. A push never too hard but never too weak, just good enough to obtain a good result without permanent damage.

The origin of Ghosty is currently a mystery. Being a spirit-like entity, it is plausible she may have been a human before she passed away and turned into an entity. Unlike the other spirit specimen, her soul, her memories, and other parts of her human life has remained fully intact.

This case has never been reported before as most spirits tend to lose most of their "soul matter" during death, effectively becoming nothing more than small transparent creatures, who are unable to remember many things except a strong memory. Ghosty instead preserved everything from her human life, meaning she has most likely memories of her past too, which she has not yet revealed.

There are several theories that indicate that her rare circumstances may have also lead her to gain this sort of power and create her level. However, it is not clear as of now and all research on this must be intensified. Until the truth has been fully uncovered, our group must continue this mission as the final results may be even more useful than we think.

If any team discovers new information, they must report it directly to those in charge of the research.


A Base is in the the works, Ghosty has been assisting in the construction of the building. In the future the entire level may become an U.E.C colony; one of the biggest colonies inside a level.

The Base will be the largest U.E.C facility, with the purpose of training agents in combat with the weapons produced there and shipping materials and resources of use in other minor bases through the accessibility of all levels.

Entrances And Exits


The most common way to be granted access to Ghosty's level is to stumble upon one of her mirrors that are all around the Backrooms and approach it manually. If an individual is injured or at risk of death, a mirror may have a chance of automatically appearing underneath them to bring them in the level. So far this has happened in 1 out of 50 scenarios.

Other means of access have yet to be confirmed.


There are no exits that can be manually accessed; Ghosty is the only one capable of developing an exit to allow others outside, and she can decide which level one may leave to.

Additional Information

The actions they committed, the greedy cruelty that lead them to desire such power…

Why did they do this? How can one be so selfish?

They never wanted to protect anyone, no, their ideal of protection is by conquering and controlling others, to conquer what is for everyone.

They used me, used me to harm others, and with the information they got, they can cause suffering, the more they learn, the more in danger everyone is.

They killed so many, killed innocents that did nothing, exterminated entities for the sake of it. They've threatened others, manipulated those who are vulnerable and tried to take over the Backrooms and squeeze every drop of resource they could find.

Even with force.

I cannot let this happen any further, I must protect what I've got left.

I have a goal, the goal that kept me alive, and I will cling to it until the day I may vanish forever as nothing more than a memory.

The woman I once was is gone, but I still am here.

If only I was alive… if only I could do more, yet I cannot, I am chained here.

But I won't succumb.

Even after I've been left hopeless.

You are like one of the many who are above.

Forgotten yet you still hold dear to that purpose of protection and loyalty, despite the pain others caused you.

That is why you were chosen.

Human flesh, reborn as the reincarnation of Love, is one of those up above.

Olivia Bellerose.

We are watching.

Let us see what you shall do… next.

Will you continue living for this protection you desired even in this condition?

Or will you let yourself vanish in regret and sorrow?

Will you find a way to return?

Only fate knows.

And your fate is intertwined between life and death.

You are left on the path that you've been exploring desperately for all this time.

How curious.

The human resilience and willingness to continue is truly intriguing.

But yours was stronger than any I've seen.

You surprised me, a lot.

When you return, you will understand.

I pray that you shall succeed.

What happens afterward, is entirely in your hands.

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