Tom Von Haderach
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ID: Profile : Tom Von Haderach

[NAME]: Tom Von Haderach

Alias(es): None
Last Known Location(s): Level 906, Level 797
Known Affiliations: Blanche Von Haderach



A younger-looking Tom Von Haderach, as depicted in the Backrooms Trading Card Game.

Tom Von Haderach is a young male, age 18, easily recognizable by his shoulder-length, wavy blonde hair, and the black leather jacket he's usually seen wearing. Information on Tom is scarce. It is known that prior to the writing of this entry, Tom was often spotted roaming numerous levels with unknown purposes, aiding wanderers along the way. The M.E.G. encourages any and all wanderers who have encountered Tom to provide reports, as to consolidate the information present on this page.

Shortly after the discovery of Level 906, Tom broke into Base Alpha via unknown means with the intention of contacting the M.E.G. He then proceeded to reveal his allegiance to Blanche, and claimed that he had been traversing the Backrooms, "running errands" for her. These errands range from collecting items (most notably books or instances of Object 25) to delivering messages to various entities and groups of interest.

The last reported sighting of Tom Von Haderach, which occurred approximately a month ago, took place in the newly discovered Level 797, where he was seen roaming around carrying a flag of unknown design. It is unknown if Tom is related to the anomalies affecting that level's page. The current whereabouts of Tom are unknown.

M.E.G. Base Alpha Incident Report #143

The following is a transcript of an audio file recorded during Tom Von Haderach's intrusion into one of Base Alpha's lounge rooms. Besides Tom, all four members of Team New Horizons were present. Tom reportedly entered the room casually through the front door.

Tom: So uh… hey?

Dawn: Who the hell are you, and how'd you get here?!

Tom: Woah, woah, chill! Name's Tom Von Haderach. Does that ring a bell?

Dawn: Von Haderach… like Blanche? You two related?

Tom: Eh… kind of? I got taken under her wing when I got here a while back.

Faith: Told you she had motherly vibes!

Axel: *laughter*

Kayn: Explains how you got into Base Alpha. She probably got you here.

Tom: Nope, I got here my way, but that isn't relevant. You guys wrote the database entries for… ah fuck it, I forgot the numbers.

Axel: Wait, did you just say "fuck"?

Tom: Yeah, what about it?

Axel: She lets you do that!?

Tom: Hell no, but I can keep my language in check when I'm there. By your reaction… I'm guessing you couldn't do the same.

Axel: Shit, kid, I got hit with that IRL mute button!

Tom: *laughter*

Dawn: I'm assuming you're talking about the Level 906 and Entity 140 pages?

Tom: Yeah, I uh… got told by Blanche to introduce myself. Since you guys now know about the Cygnus Archive and all… so here goes! Officially, I’m her butler. Not that she needs one, you probably already know she’s more than capable of taking care of the Archive herself. The one thing she can’t do, however, is leave. That’s where I come in.

Faith: So you're like an outside agent?

Tom: Heh, that’s a fancy way of putting it. I’m a messenger and an errand boy. I've been picking up some of her books and a bunch of Babel Balm for her. You need to get to Blanche, I’m your best bet.

Dawn: Strange that she didn't mention you at all while we were there… so where can we find you?

Tom: Take the path less traveled. Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s almost tea time, and I would hate to be late.

Axel: What the fuck does that mean?

Tom: Means I gotta go right now, or I’m getting lectured! Seriously, though, you guys haven't found the place yet… I think I have just enough time to give you a little map.

Dawn: A… map? To where?

Tom: The path less traveled. A massive forest path said to connect all levels… or at least that's what the books say. Haven't gotten around to finishing the map just yet…

Axel: Think it's that forest level the rumors won't shut up about?

Tom: Not sure, but I've gotta say, if you do end up going there, bring a small team and don't tread on the plants. There's a friend of mine there who really cares about the flora. Here's your instructions. Catch y'all later!

Dawn: Wait, where do you think you're going?

Tom: I'm… leaving? I know my way out of here.

Dawn: Nearest exit's the other way…

Tom: Ah… thanks. Oh, Blanche gifted you a pendant, huh? That's neat. I'll be sure to drop by sometime soon. For now though, I've gotta run… see ya!

End of log.

During this encounter, Tom Von Haderach provided team New Horizons with a set of instructions that led to the discovery of Level 797, and would become the only known way of entering the level. Additionally, M.E.G. operative Kayn Tellaria managed to place a small microphone on Tom's jacket.

The following section contains transcripts of some of the audio captured with said device.

(A ringtone is heard. Tom picks up. The other side of the conversation, presumably Blanche, could not be recorded.)

Tom: Hello?

Tom: Yeah, I think. It went well, they seem like nice people.

Tom: I shouldn't take long to get home, just have to deliver one last letter.

Tom: Yes, it's Eytelis'. I'm almost there.

Tom: Oh, Gani told me to thank you for the tea leaves, and wants you to pet Berry for them.

Tom: Okay, I'll be there quickly, don't want to miss out on tea time, especially not before lessons…

Tom: Very well.

Tom: (singing) Under the sacred briars, never stop, just go, I don't care how many more scars I gain! Bearing the pale fires, I'm going as far as I can- (silence)

The noises of running can be heard for a few seconds, then abruptly stop as Tom seems to bump into something.

???: Ow! Who the hell- Ah. Of course. Tom Von Haderach. Haven't seen you in quite some time, young man! I- uh, didn't see you coming.

Tom: You, the guy who sees both past and future, didn't see me coming? I don't believe you, Uncle Janus

Janus: You got me! Oh well, what brings you here? I'm sorry for not visiting as often as I'd like, I've had my hands full lately…

Tom: Eh, don't sweat it. I'm just on my way back home. The M.E.G. found out about the Cygnus Archive, so I had to introduce myself to them. It went well, I think

Janus: Oh, I see, I see. Before I forget, I found one of Blanche's books. It's uh… right here. I suppose she'd want it back…

Tom: Oh hell yeah, I've been looking for this one for months now! Thanks, uncle J!

Janus: I'm glad I could help. Tell me, have you been doing well?

Tom: Yeah, it's been a fun week overall. I was hoping to pay Kaiser a visit, but I gotta get back home… it's almost tea time, and I'm gonna have a lesson or two after that. I'm hoping Argos doesn't go too hard on me!

Janus: I see, I see. Don't you worry, you're a tough one! Send Blanche my regards, will you? Also, before you leave… there's a little something on your jacket, young man.

Tom: A microphone… clever move, M.E.G.

The microphone's transmissions stopped at this moment. It is assumed that the equipment was either thrown away or destroyed.

Further investigation is required to confirm Tom's ties with other entities and people of interest in the Backrooms. As such, and due to his position as Blanche's outside agent, keeping an eye on Tom Von Haderach is one of the M.E.G.'s priorities.

The M.E.G. again requests for any wanderers who encounter him to report any relevant information. A collection of interview logs pertaining to people who have claimed to encounter Tom Von Haderach can be found below. These interviews were conducted by Faith Silversong of Team New Horizons.

Additionally, the following notice regarding Tom Von Haderach, was recently published by the U.E.C.

U.E.C. Notice
Tom Von Haderach is currently a wanted criminal, due to his allegiance to Entity 140, as well as interfering with the Coalition's operations on Level 797 on its' behalf. As such, the two of them have declared themselves to be enemies of the Coalition. Any and all information on Tom Von Hadearch is highly valued, and should be reported to the nearest outpost. The Partisans of Arete are undergoing various search missions as to aprehend or eliminate this dangerous threat to our people.

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