The Pillar Scripture
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I am burdened ordained with a grave responsibility to transcribe the knowledge presented herein. I do hope the Lady understands that I have no choice in this matter. I will have asked her to inter it within the deepest recesses of the archives. Therefore your reading of this text suggests two possibilities. The first is that you are lost, and happened upon this by chance — in which case I ask for your own safety that you immediately close this, replace it whence it was found, and find your way back to a familiar path — lest the temptation towards forbidden knowledge be too enticing to resist. The second is that you have sought this out with purpose — in which case I cannot and will not assume responsibility for adverse effects resulting from the reading of this text. Curiosity killed the cat, as they say. While I have taken every precaution to veil the full extent of the truth behind comprehensible vocabulary, the possibility remains that learning this knowledge shall open doorways to forces that will ensnare you.

It would do best to begin with the most familiar truths in this context. It is known that The Lost worshiped a pantheon of gods long ago. Having dwelt in The Backrooms long before any other being, these gods are considered its first inhabitants — perhaps even its creators. That is the official narrative known to most. However, there is much more to this story than meets the eye. Gods cannot bleed. Gods cannot die. Gods are absolute in power and authority. The so-called "gods" of The Lost are none of these, for the simple fact that they are not Gods. In truth, they play puppets to forces beyond even themselves: the Pillars.

Discerning the nature of the Pillars themselves is nearly impossible to lesser beings. A mortal mind is naturally averse to such knowledge, and when confronted by it, will degenerate out of failure to comprehend it. To understand the Pillars is to understand the truth of reality itself, which shatters the common ego. I, among few others, stand as an exception, though due to extraordinary circumstances — and certainly not without grave cost. I shall nonetheless attempt to explain all that I can without bringing harm unto any soul reading this.

The Pillars, so-named for their role of holding everything together, are what one would deem "The Powers That Be". They are the personifications of concepts, and thus are all-encompassing. If something can be thought of, there is a concept for it, by the merit of its formulation in the mind. A concept is the purest, most fundamental state of an idea, and cannot be reduced or fractured. The Pillars, being concepts in themselves, therefore cannot be weakened or destroyed. Wherever a certain concept may have influence, so too does its respective Pillar.

The Pillars first emerged from the eternal primordial sea of conceptual essence – the origin of all concepts, and therefore all things. By taking root in the collective consciousness, a particular concept may separate from the rest of the sea and take form, becoming a Pillar. As the Pillars are direct personifications of the concepts which they represent, the properties of a concept are therefore those of the Pillars. Thus, the Pillars are described as follows:

The Pillars are infinite and eternal — they have always continuously existed, for nothing else could have ever created them. They precede any form of duality or polarity, such as Space and Time; Light and Dark; Existence and Nonexistence; Reality and Unreality. They are absolute, or infinite in power, for there is nothing to limit, restrict, restrain, confine, disturb or condition them – they are subject to no other power, for there is no other power. The Pillars are so fundamentally important to the stability of existence, that if even one of them were missing, everything below them, including all realities and their inhabitants, would collapse and cease to be. It is just as removing a single pillar from a temple would topple the entire structure, as they are the reality taken form; the very core of the many worlds that coexist together.

Any depictions of the Pillars are merely those which are projected onto them by the observer – for they have no true form. Still, for a mortal to directly observe a Pillar, or even a depiction of a Pillar, is to witness the Beyond. It would cause catastrophic psychological and even physical damage.

With their immense power, the Pillars do not directly interfere in any reality, for the risk of disrupting it is too great — just as a human risks trampling insects on the ground they walk upon. Instead, they cast an indirect influence, primarily via avatars through which they vicariously experience reality. A Pillar's ability to affect reality is greater wherever their influence is stronger. Thus, while equal in baseline power, a Pillar is at its most powerful within the sphere of influence which its respective concept resides. These aforementioned spheres may even manifest as physical locations, designated regions of various universes and realities.

This does, however, expose a vulnerability. Within the reality we occupy, the pillars are only as powerful as their influence. We may not be able to harm them, but we may be able to lessen their influence. This may be accomplished by imposing the influence of an opposing concept against that of the targeted Pillar. However, this in turn will strengthen the influence of the opposing concept's Pillar

I am sorry. I cannot share that information.

The Pillars are not to be trifled with, nor are they to be challenged. Some have attempted to usurp their power, only to be imprisoned within their own metanarrative — that of a cautionary tale.

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