The Pantheon
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The following text has been transcribed and translated from an inscription upon a stone wall discovered in Level 51. The Lost are believed to have been responsible for initially etching it. Judging by the manner in which it was carved, it is one of the oldest texts that we have discovered so far. Much of the wall’s face is damaged, leaving only fragments of the text intact. Even then, some segments are still yet to be deciphered. We are nowhere near close to the full picture.

- The M.E.G.

…And so, the Gods emerged from the Aether, as they came down to form paradise. Just as a sculptor brings forth their masterpiece from a lump of clay, the divine touch of the Gods brought forth paradise from The Void. Each God played a pivotal role in creation, blessing us with many gifts…and necessary evils. We give ourselves to the Gods, appeasing them in the hopes that they may continue to bless us with yet more gifts, and usher in eons of prosperity to come. Our Gods are as follows:

Augustus — the angel of creation. His beauty is unrivaled, as is his ambition. He spins flesh, blood and bone from his fingertips, breathing life into all the lesser and greater animal-spirits of this plane.

Singularis — the Foe of Creation. He of eight arms and one hundred eyes. The consumer of light. His path of destruction knows no bound nor limit, as the very stars tremble in fear before him.

Kirai — the primeval force of chaos, the trickster. It is from him that we learn to forge our own paths, that not all desire needs be suppressed, and disorder needn’t be synonymous with evil. He is the protector of our will, and the scourge of oppression.

Solaris — The Starmother, grand custodian of the heavens, who consumes the planets and stars that have reached the end of their journey.

Divus — The Keeper of Time. It is from aem that we learn to value the time in our lives. Ae is the maintainer of time. Ae teaches us to spend our time wisely, as ae does with aer machinery within aer timeless domain.

Gatekeeper — the guardian of all thresholds. He is the ultimate authority by which we are granted access to all outer and inner realms. He is the guide to travelers, and the jailor of the wicked. We explore the farthest frontiers in his name, venturing where no other soul has ever dared.

Lilith — the goddess of life and death. Her eyes and hair are pure darkness, and Hellfire is her dress. She is both life and death, light and dark. The sacred fire, whose warmth lingers life and which touch devours flesh. The dark abyss that accepts every tear and sorrow, every smile and laugh, and whose gentle embrace will claim us all in the end.

Y’liad Elyion — Dyadlord of Stupor, Greyking Unparalleled, Ashen God. Whose merged form lieth in Stupor and Limbo in all-perpetuity. It bears its form in grey royalty, yet a king of no kingdom, of no castle, of no crown, but the ashen silver ring donning the two faces of its unalive soul and its pale near-nothingness on his rotting right hand, and the wan Bittersteel, his sword, that gourmandises in the near-nothingness of all-everything. May its half-dead form be immutable and its grey kingship split and merge all in twain. A balance that should never be yet subsisting as a pallid parasite mocking and mimicking stability in its most putrid manifestation within the seams in the walls of reality, and existence, and non-existence, feeding its dominion of Grey-Torpor incessant Stupor. And heed well and remember these very words, “The Mind, The Body, The Soul: all shall be in twain, and Stupor feast and stagnate inside them.”


Fengári — the balanced and perfect root of all thoughts. They exist for the sole purpose of giving us thoughts, sacrificing their identity and being in order to remain empty and avoid corruption. All must remain balanced for the purpose of thoughts to roam free.

Atlas — The unyielding force of perpetuity. The One from whom we are able to express, feel, and remember all that gives us the will to move forward.

The Lady in White — the keeper of knowledge, the curator of infinite wisdom. The contents of her vast archive enlightens us with blessed knowledge, memorializes our legacy.

Morpheus —- The Eternal Dreamer of a greater dream. The traveler of the oneiric realm, visiting people in their sleep, in hopes of one day awakening from the one he is now trapped in.

Protastheia — the goddess of agriculture and desire. She has paved the way for natural prosperity for as long as we have been alive. Our prayers, just like her flowers, blossom into blessings as we achieve our greatest dreams and our smallest hopes. It is the sowing of faith in her and ourselves that we reap what it is we truly desire.

Philia — the ethereal incarnation of Love. A merciful and compassionate Goddess that loves humans dearly. She is always seen around people and animals, warmly helping others and offering as much love as she can give. Love and peace may be sparked within all who are pierced by her blooming rose arrows.

Tsovaeith — Lord of Grace, bearer of kindness. From xyr cup flows everlasting goodwill.

Gudang — the muse. She rejuvenates the mind, as rest rejuvenates the body. She inspires all of us, and in turn is the result of our inspiration. We honor her by expressing our souls through painting, writing, song, and performance.

Ixtal — Eldest serpent, coveter of the stars. It dwells in darkness, awaiting those in need of its intervention.

The Sisters Three — a trinity of crystal maidens; Vivian of Turquoise, Ita of Amethyst, and Kilian of Ruby. The first is compassionate, the second is melancholy, and the third is wrathful.

Claudius — The Champion, The Grand Empyrean, Imperfect and Glorious, First of Knights. It is from him that we learn to protect what we hold most dearly. He is a fierce and valiant warrior, the knight in shining armor. All foes in his path are vanquished by his blade of valor. We honor him by fighting for what we believe in.

Tlamelahuacachinaliztli — the arbiter of Justice. It is from him that we structure our laws and morals. He brings forth all dark deeds to the light. All lies are pierced by his gaze, and all sin is pierced by his spear. He is Judge, Jury, and Executioner. In his name, we prosecute the guilty and liberate the innocent.

Nunca — the jovial jester. His songs and dances provide entertainment and laughter to all. He teaches us that we must not always take ourselves seriously, and that merrymaking is healthy for the soul.

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