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For those who don't know me, I'm Praetor3005Praetor3005. I've been a fan of fictional worlds for years, and it was only natural that I was drawn into the dizzying world of the Backrooms. I'm currently an author and staff member for TS, but also an author and translator for the French Branch. It's with great pleasure that I force invite you to discover the articles I've produced, as well as the translations I've made.1.

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Phenomenon 9 — "Blue Consumption": My first page on TS, published for the Phenomenon Contest. I went for my classic love for lore relevancy here, adding on the one of The Blue Channel, which is a crucial part of the overall universe that really deserves more love and development in my opinion. I also decided to use the Remodeling Company as the "narrators" of this article, mostly because of their interesting link with the Backrooms, as its natural reconstructors, almost a force of nature by themselves, using other phenomena of this place for their work. Although I like to see the Remodeling Company more like this natural element of the Backrooms essential to its ecosystem, I still tried to keep a corporate aspect to them, mixed up with the comical nature of the group. Even if the article was far from winning, I had a lot of fun with the formatting and concept alike!

Enigmatic Level — "Oneiroscape": If someone told me just six months ago that I would one day write for the Pantheon canon, I wouldn't have trusted them lmao. This canon always felt… out of place to me. Although I enjoy stuff like Greek mythology and collaborative writing, the overall vibe of the canon wasn't really for me. I disliked (and still do) the lack of overall Backrooms involvement in the story, as well as the gap between the overall vibe of the Backrooms and that of the Pantheon. However, as I got to discover the canon and its community, I'll have to admit I started to appreciate its lore. Oneiroscape represents the first iteration of my vision of a Backrooms god, being just this eldritch being dreaming of the universe, a style of character highly inspired by the Old Gods of WoW or the Eldrazi of MTG. I also liked the idea of an avatar wanting to give up his godhood, collaborating with the enemy to escape a place that, even with pure omnipotence towards it, doesn't feel right to him. It was also one of my first narrative writing for the Backrooms, which was an interesting exercise. The classic liminal, almost dream-like vibe of the level was also something I wanted to use in this canon, as a tentative to "reconcile" the Pantheon with the overall core canon of this universe. I got some help from awesome people for this page, and I look forward to continuing Morpheus's story!

Person of Interest — Callum Andrews: Oh well looks like I did a Pantheon thing again. This time, the page is heavily linked to The Iron Fist, a rather important group of the canon. In this universe, Backrooms Robotics actually is one of the team of the IF, Sol. It started as a community of craftsmen during the antiquity, but shifted to a technology-based company after some events in its history. The idea of Callum actually came first from MctoranMctoran, with the base concept being a corporate leader inspired by the silicon valley CEOs of our world. I went with a biography article- quite litterally actually, as most of the page had been written as an article from a Backrooms journal. Like your usual success story, Callum managed to overcome the obstacles of life to get more and more power, starting as a simple B.N.T.G. collector, to become some years later the CEO of Backrooms Robotics. Since this page isn't as Pantheon-related as some other articles like Oneiroscape, I tried to use the core canon as much as possible, with some mentions of the Industrialization canon alongside it. It was also the perfect page to create a small timeline of events, which is something I like doing when writing about groups or individual characters, like with the Ariane Circle on the -FR branch.

You Cheated.: (contest authorpost below)


Phenomenon 2-FR — "Numberation"
Phenomenon 1-FR — "Noclipping" (Collaboration with GreencellGreencell and StixiieeStixiiee)


Below are all the dates used in my writings, both French and English (all canons combined). Dates follow the S.M.T. (Standard M.E.G. Time) format.
- General canon
- Pantheon Canon

  • September 23, 2003: Ratification of the Level 4 agreements on the independence of the teams composing the Ariane Circle.
  • October 1, 2013: Callum Andrews leaves both the Aiding Stragglers and Level 2.
  • January 9, 2015: Callum Andrews reaches the Trader's Keep at Level 1.
  • 2017: Callum Andrews' superiors within the B.N.T.G. discovers that he was stealing money from the group.
  • 2019: Allistair Edford becomes CEO of Backrooms Robotics.
  • May 8, 2019: Charlie █████ noclips in Level 8-FR.
  • May 15, 2019: Charlie █████ leaves the Office among the Hills, making further communications impossible.
  • June 18, 2019: Level 8-FR is published on the Ariane Circle database.
  • 2020: Callum Andrews becomes an engineer at Backrooms Robotics.
  • September 15, 2020 : First Hermes team report on the Arms and creation of the entity page for the Ariane Circle database.
  • May 17, 2021: Mattieu Boulanger contacts the M.E.G under the influence of numberation.
  • June 26, 2021: Callum Andrews is officially pardoned for his past acts by the B.N.T.G.
  • February 2023: Contested Base incident between Team Hermes and Hippocrates.
  • August 25, 2023: Death of Allistair Edford and rise of Callum Andrews to CEO of Backrooms Robotics.

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