The Info Room


If you have received a promo code from your friend / acquaintance / supervisor / suspicious individual, please take the time to read this guide in full. It is greatly recommended to finish and fully memorize the instructions before entry. Please direct any questions to LAST WORDS. Thank you.


The Info Room


The Info Room is a space of waiting, adorned with pistachio-green carpet and candy-apple-red furniture. You will find yourself blinking awake on a cloth chair, facing a wooden door opposite of some office blinds. Beyond the door is a mirrored space opening to a reversed version of The Info Room.

To the left of the door, you will find a registry table right beside the wall, flanked by one plastic chair. Upon the chair is a single ceramic bowl filled to the brim with candy. Within the bowl may also spawn 1 to 3 Level Keys, depending on plain luck. See the Pottery Keys section for more info.

To the right of the door sits a white filing cabinet pushed behind a plastic freezer. Atop the freezer is a standard office printer filled with A6 sheets of paper. The freezer may be interacted with after obtaining a certain key, which may be chanced upon in the ceramic bowl. See Pottery Keys section for more info.


Upon the registry table, there lies a visitor log in the following format:

sim ple

This is the only object you have an option of interacting with upon initial entry. Scrawl your name onto the visitor log by any means available. If you are illiterate, fuck you. Upon completing this step, the rest of the furniture within the room will become available for interaction. A 56-second timer will also start, after which you will be forcibly evicted from the room.


Below lies a comprehensive list of every key that may appear in the ceramic bowl. They may range from 2 to 12 inches long.

SKELETON Filing cabinet key, dull and tarnished. NONE Opens all locks within the room.
ACE II Ace key made of glossy brass. Lingering metallic taste. NONE Gives off a soothing vibe when placed in mouth.
ANTIQUE Barrel key coated in some sort of lubricant. Cold to the touch. Manifests if the wanderer has lost a treasured possession in the past week. Any cabinet drawer opened by the ANTIQUE key will contain an imperfect replica of the lost item. Consequently, any item that was placed within the drawer prior will be deleted.
RED CANDY Rubber key coated in bright red paint. Only manifests if the wanderer is donning glasses, or is otherwise visually impaired. Opens the plastic red freezer.
DND Glossy brass. Has the words "DO NOT DUPLICATE" stamped onto its side. NONE Causes an explosion of 15 kilotons when placed in printer.


After accessing the rest of the room, it is recommended to follow a practiced set of actions. Make your way to the registry table, pulling out your method of name-signing on the way. Use your non-dominant hand to lift the ceramic bowl onto the registry table as you sign your name onto the form, along with your time of no-clipping into the Backrooms in GMT-10. After the timer is activated, stick your hand in the ceramic bowl and grab all the keys you can feel along with a few candies for some easy cash. Move your other hand to your person and pull out the promo code you have hopefully written down beforehand.

Turn right to the filing cabinet and scan the drawers until you find the one marked with your promo code number. Unlock it with your SKELETON key. If you did not pull the key, tough luck. Open the drawer and pull out the paper files your friend / acquaintance / supervisor / suspicious individual left for you here. With your remaining time, run to the freezer and open it with your RED CANDY. You will find a pair of beautiful blue eyes matching your blood-type preserved in an iced plastic container. You may choose to surgically transfer them as a replacement for your shit eyes in the future. After this, run to the door leading to the mirrored side of The Info Room and repeat all steps.

Also, the door opens inwards.


After this, crouch. Upon the completion of the timer, you will feel a strong force on the back of your spine. You will be seamlessly transported to the top of a flight of stairs and shoved down with great velocity. Use your hunched position to quell your fall as soon as you can.

After this, you may choose to revisit The Info Room in a few weeks time. Or however long it takes for your injuries to heal. This is the conclusion of your instructions.

If you have any questions, scroll to the top of the page and read this article again. Thank you for your cooperation. We hope you have a fruitful visit.

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