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By MctoranMctoran, with some help from StretchsterzStretchsterz.
Original authors of this entry are u/DMKampf and u/FireMatch on Reddit.


The first photo of The Hub

The Hub is a hidden level which serves as the nexus to the entire Backrooms, containing an entrance to every single level. It is a safe place for any wanderer looking to pass by and/or live in.


The Hub presents itself as a vast subterranean complex, composed of an infinite interconnected network of dimly-lit tunnel systems. A dry asphalt road runs through these tunnels. The walls are lined with large slabs of concrete, with seams between each one. Yellow industrial lights also line these walls, illuminating The Hub with an orange hue. The tunnels of The Hub twist into many directions, creating a confusing layout in some areas.

The Hub seems to be completely devoid of sound, making the Level feel fairly empty. The tunnels are lined with large concrete doors on either side, each bearing a strange symbol carved above. The symbols are unrecognizable in language, though their patterns can be likened to those of crop circles. The doors themselves are not numbered or otherwise labeled with anything else, and their order does not correspond to the order of Levels in The M.E.G. Database. Most of the doors are locked, and cannot be opened without their respective Level Key.

Every door includes a keyhole, in which its respective level key is inserted to unlock it. Picking these locks is impossible, as they contain intricate and complex mechanisms which make it impossible for anything besides the intended level key to unlock it. The doors leading to levels 1, 11, and 178 are the only ones that are unlocked, and permanently remain so. The door to Level 1 is in the 7th tunnel, the door to Level 11 is in the 10th tunnel, and the door to Level 178 is in the 5th tunnel.

If you enter The Hub while in possession of a level key, you can follow its resonance towards the respective level door and unlock it yourself. However, all doors to have previously been manually unlocked always become locked once again for any subsequent entrants into The Hub.

Numerous entities have been seen to successfully enter The Hub in the past, but never re-emerged from it, nor were they ever found anywhere within the level itself after entering it. Various entities and ancient groups such as The Lost have always referred to The Hub as "The Crossroads". However, the reason for this name is currently unknown.


The Keymaster

The Keymaster is known to reside in The Hub, serving as its overseer. It is from The Hub that he travels to other levels in The Backrooms. Although indeed present in this level, an encounter with The Keymaster is unlikely, due to his antisocial tendencies. If you do indeed meet him, you may request him to provide a level key to you, and/or guide you to the corresponding level door of whatever level key you have — which he will be eager to do in order for you to leave.

Bases, Communities, and Outposts:

The Hub serves as a hotspot for various wanderers. Many different outposts have been made in The Hub for various purposes, such as providing makeshift homes or trading posts.

M.E.G. Outpost Doorstep Carpet:

  • This serves as The M.E.G.'s Hub Outpost.
  • Various different Level Keys are stored here before they disappear.
  • Any Wanderer can ask if a Level Key is available to use within The Hub.
  • This is mainly where Regiment Lock Breakers deposit the keys they have collected.

Camp Amber Hub Outpost:

  • This is the fourth base from Camp Amber which originally resided on Level 1.
  • This Group usually helps newcomers and teach them about The Backrooms.
  • This specific Outpost will provide limited supplies for any Wanderer that comes their way if needed.
  • This Outpost will also teach people what Level they are about to walk into.
  • This group doesn't really have a fixed point, as they wander around to help others.
  • This Group is aided by the local M.E.G. to further help the Wanderers.

Entrances And Exits:


  • Following a specific sequence of halls and doors in Level 1 may lead to The Hub.
  • Given its connection to every level, it is hypothetically possible to no-clip into The Hub from any given level.
  • A rare phenomenon exists in which a door to The Hub temporarily manifests in a random level.


Unlocking and entering any level door in The Hub will bring you to its respective level. It should be noted that the level doors are one-way and you cannot return to The Hub from the other side, as the doorway from within the entered level will disappear after being crossed — along with the level key that was used for it.

M.E.G. Notice:

Date: 07/19/2019

The Hub is larger than originally believed. An entirely new area has recently been discovered. Wanderers of The Hub are advised to remain within the known area for the time being, until more information is gathered. A team from the Compass Point regiment shall be dispatched to explore this new landscape. All future findings are to be immediately documented within this entry.

Update: 07/27/2019
Attached File(s): Discovery Log 1782

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