The Heretic

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The Heretic

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The Heretic during his time as a Knight of Argos.


Alasdair Morgan, now known as The Heretic, was an esteemed member of the Knights of Argos before betraying us and going against our way of life.

During his initial desertion, he inspired a brief revolution in Ground 11 and convinced others to leave The Eyes with him. He and his militia have since attacked us on several occasions and destroyed many of our supply chains, now becoming one of our biggest threats.

Background & Description:

Very little is known about The Heretic's life before he entered our group. He is of Scottish heritage, and joined The Eyes in his younger years. Although he has been disgraced, he reportedly continues to wear his ceremonial knights armor, which conceals his physical appearance.

After joining us as a Watcher, The Heretic began to excel in travelling and cartography, mapping out many of our currently established trade routes. He first proved to be exceptionally capable when he brokered peace with The Eternal Repository, creating several long-standing treaties with the group which gave us copious amounts of new information. After establishing peace with The Repository, he was granted access into the ranks of The Knights, becoming a sworn protector of our faith in Argos.

It was then that he became disillusioned with our cause and started to distance himself from it. His meetings with the other Knights of Argos grew more secretive, and they began meeting at unsanctioned locations outside of The Eye's control.

Almost a year after his indoctrination into The Knights of Argos, he and the other knights conducted a raid on The Headquarters, attacking other high ranking Argos members and destroying important archives. This "revolution" was quickly put to an end, however The Heretic and his followers managed to escape before they could be put on trial for their sins.

The Heretic Tape:

The exact reason for why The Heretic decided to leave us remains unclear, however in the wake of his carnage he left behind a single cassette tape which detailed his plans to destroy Argos and the power which surrounded him. The original audio and a text transcript have been included below:

Within a few hours, the revolution will be underway. The Knights are waiting on my command to attack The Headquarters at Ground Eleven, and I have other troops mobilizing outside of the city as I speak.

I know that most of you will not understand my motive, but you must head my words:

The Eyes are destined to be blinded. If we do not go against the word of our superiors, and the word of Argos, then we will be destroyed. I have tried to convince The Council of this— tried to warn them of our impending demise— but my appeals have fallen on deaf ears.

Every day, we hire ruthless demons to dispense justice and avoid the consequences. We tell beasts like The Ghost Killer to commit mass-murder on any poor fool that dares to question Argos, and we are supposed to consider that lawful? How foolish!

But the reason for our doom is not just a moral one, it is also logistical.

I've been to The Enclave— and seen its caravans get torn apart by ruthless scavengers and beasts unknown. I've heard the men working in the lower-corridors of The Platform scream in horror as they are swallowed whole by the creature of Ground Seven. And worse yet, I've watched those in command of The Headquarters struggle to divide food between men, women, and children.

We've covered our faction across three different terrains without the resources to back any of them. Sooner than later, the divide between the men of The City, the men of The Enclave, and the men of The Sea will split us in twain.

What I'm doing isn't only just… It is an inevitability.

Current Whereabouts:

It is not known where The Heretic's militia is hiding, although recent encounters with them suggest that they may be stationed somewhere in Ground 11. The exact size of his army also remains unclear.

As of writing, Argos has refrained from commenting on the situation.


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