The Explorers
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Who are The Explorers?
The Explorers were a minor group composed of 15 to 30 people led by u/Bart0nius who discovered Levels 6 to 9 in the span of 8 to 12 Months. They are considered by many to be the predecessor of the Major Explorer Group. The Explorers were Active for 13-19 Months, from Mid 2010 to Late 2011 until their sudden disappearance on Level 9. They disappeared shortly after the level's discovery and, as of yet, have never been found.

Major Discoveries:


All Outposts are Abandoned and Infested With Entities, Proceed With Caution if exploring these outposts.

As The Explorers have not been found after over 9 Years of searching, it is safe to assume that they are dead. As such, anyone claiming to be part of The Explorers is to be disregarded and their claims will be treated as false. Any sightings are also to be treated as fake unless undeniable proof that shows otherwise is found.

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