The Broken
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Class deadzone

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The Broken cannot be considered a level by the standard definition; it is a fragmented, corrupted expanse outside the realm of the Backrooms entirely. It can be considered the proverbial "dumping grounds" of the Backrooms — a wasteland of unused, discarded data deleted from the database, an assemblage of seemingly innumerable levels.


The Broken.


The appearance of The Broken is kaleidoscopic and mottled. Its architecture and layout do not follow any logical spatial structure; its terrain, as it may be called, is stretched and twisted in shapes that are difficult to grasp. Refractions of light seem to emanate from everywhere and nowhere, impinging upon the landscape. There is no order to the fluctuating patterns of colors and incomprehensible geometric shapes that flicker in and out of The Broken's splintered plane of existence; the fabric of its reality appears to be shattered as far as the eye can discern. Terrain, and even light itself, falls into distortion. Objects of higher dimensions phase in and out of The Broken's contorted, polychromatic landscape, tearing one apart upon contact, every last bit of data hypothetically processable flowing through them at once. Its environment is deafeningly loud, a discordant cacophony of non-sinusoidal tones and howling frequencies without a direct origin.

The pure extent of The Broken is impractical to describe in writing, as there is simply no frame of reference. It is a vast warp in the fabric of reality — a persistent, shifting mass of data and configurations extending unendingly into an enigma one cannot fathom. In addition to the corruption of the landscape, the physical objects that constitute it are completely warped in character; its structures are entirely devoid of any substance, the temporary accretions of some solid, formless substance. Objects fall from their former identities as they meander slowly toward The Broken's horizon, an eerie, chaotic, and decaying environment, constantly changing and degenerating, increasingly entropy-ridden. The structures are fleeting, ephemeral constructs, devoid of all substance and purpose.

The Broken appears to hold a symbiotic relationship with the Backrooms, rumored to be the source of much of its hostile and unstable energy; its chaotic nature is theorized to be the result of a messy conglomeration of discarded levels merged into one — entire dimensions internally ripped apart and remade into grotesque mementos of their former identities. Through the ensuing interaction between the areas, copious amounts of non-linear energies accumulate, developing into monstrous constructs that warp in ethereal patterns until they collapse into an unimaginably large, chaotic singularity, leaving The Broken as the aftermath. Everything of substance is suspended in the vast expanse of its unyielding space, inert and indifferent to its amassing terrors, drawing energy from all sides and leaving behind an incomprehensible mess of data. While it is speculated by some that its nature is a result of having once been a great energy source for the creation of life in the Backrooms, others believe that The Broken is merely a bizarre, meritless manifestation of reality with no inherent function.

Making contact with any of The Broken's fragmented surfaces, their inorganic cores constantly cannibalized and remade into horrifying caricatures of themselves with blinding, pulsating heat, is likely to rupture the fabric of one's being, essentially overwriting them with a torrent of corrupted data. Entities, as they are typically categorized, do not appear to exist within it, but the numerous prismatic objects that phase in-and-out of The Broken have been reported to vaguely resemble multiple entities “merged together", though they do not behave in any way that would suggest sentience or sapience. Entities introduced to The Broken's environment have been observed to take on its qualities, altering and sporadically transmuting into phantasmagorical blocks of shimmering color, gradually merging with the environment, becoming part of it. These wretched beings solely exist through the mutation and transcendence of flowing information, and thus are not bound by the laws of their world, but are inextricably tied to it, allowing them to continue their existence without consuming or expending any physical energy. Due to the inherent dangers within, paired with its heavily unstable nature, proper explorations of The Broken have proven to be notoriously difficult to perform.

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