The Black Knights
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An audio transcription of this log is available here.


Only recovered photo of a Black Knight, taken from a phone that clipped into Level 0. Photographer presumed dead.

Nobody knows for sure what the Black Knights are. We know they're not exactly human. We know they're like them though, in most ways that count. They speak a language, even if it's not any that we recognize, and they act vulnerable, not predatory. In fact, we're not even sure they're a direct threat to the people of the Backrooms. But they can and will kill you or anyone else that keeps them from doing what they want. What that is isn't exactly clear.


You'll recognize them by attire, visually comparable to military fatigues or a SWAT team uniform, but clearly distinct in several ways upon closer analysis. Black, matte body armor covers a significant portion of their body in plates. Under this, a fabric with the texture of canvas and an elasticity similar to neoprene, but significantly harder to puncture. See recovered items log for more details on the composition. All members of the group are visually identical, and no one has seen underneath the clothing. Paired with this is a nondescript automatic rifle that fires something that while unidentified, is definitely not bullets.


For starters, they don't stick around for long. Knights aren't seen undergoing any operations taking longer than 10 minutes, ever, and it's highly unlikely it takes them longer than 5. They've never been seen entering a level, only exiting one. When they do, it's with an effortless clip, done in a single attempt, and no one has ever reported them entering a level that clipping there should take you. They could even be ████████ ███ ██ ███ █████████ ████████1.

Interactions with Entities

Knights and entities don't really mix well. Any entity they can't 'deal with' (by our understanding of their capabilities) have never been seen at the same time as a Knight, and those that they can are kept at bay or even defeated, often times employing never before seen tactics to dispatch them. It is to be noted that several of our own methods are derived from observing them. In the rare chance that one of the units fall, the bodies lose collision2.


There are no known staging areas or bases of operations comprised of Knights, although previously undocumented areas of the Backrooms have shown significant evidence of Black Knight occupation in the past, safe areas marked with sigils and runes that have been seen in places on their armor. If there are large group instances of the Knights within the Backrooms, no one has found them, unless they couldn't come back to tell the tale.


Recovered item, arm and glove of Black Knight 'Armor', worn by Junior Archivist Evelynn during study.

Recovered Items

During an encounter with a Hound, a small reconnaissance team came across significant Black Knight activity in Level 1. The focus of the entity in question shifted to the rearmost Knight in a squad of 8, and the resulting attack severed the Knight's arm at the shoulder. The main portion of the body managed to clip, but the entire left arm was left behind by both the squad and the entity as it pursued them around a corner. The arm in question was, in any way testable, human, although it has since decayed quite considerably. The sleeve and glove segment of the armor, however, remain structurally intact.

Embedded within the woven fabric is a series of wires and other electronics, none of which make sense in the context of modern computing due to an atypical layout and material composition. The faceplate of the glove is sensitive to touch and glows with as of yet untranslated runes in response, although the effects of this are unclear.

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