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Havocstride: I managed to break through the floor on Level 0 the other day. I dug up the carpet with an old crowbar and smashed the paneling below it.

Malnurish: Bullshit.

Liminal_lad: Woa!! What’s down there?

Havocstride: A room I think? But I can’t see the floor. I’m waiting for my buddy to bring back a flashlight from Level 1, and then I’m gonna hop down there.

Liminal_lad: Good luck, tell us what you find!!

Havocstride: Will do.

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Havocstride: It’s a small little basement, it seems. It was pitch black when I got here first, but the lights turned on and scared the hell out of me while I was wandering around the place. Only way forward is a staircase of sorts.

Liminal_lad: Wow. Have you contacted the M.E.G about this yet??

Malnurish: Leave them out of this, bro. They’ll just make things more complicated.



Havocstride: It’s flooded. Smells terrible down there.

Malnurish: Go in iiit.

Liminal_lad: Don’t do that! You could catch a disease!!

Malnurish: Bro we live in the fuckin' library of babel, r you really concerned about getting tetanus?

Havocstride: I’m gonna go in, calm down y’all. I gotta put up this laptop tho so that it doesn't get wet. I’ll see you on the other side.

Liminal_lad: Good luck.

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Havocstride: God, that was absolutely disgusting. I waded through that water for like 2 hours. There was a light at the end of the tunnel, though, because I made it to a dry patch a little above the rest.

Malnurish: Nice



Havocstride: I don’t know where to go from here on. There’s no way out from here, so my only options are to try and go back or keep pushing through the water.

Liminal_lad: Go back and tell a goi about this place. It’s dangerous to be alone like this dude!

Havocstride: I don’t think I could get out even if I made my way back to the entrance. I jumped down. Didn’t bring any rope with me.

Malnurish: Well that was a fuckin' stupid decision

Liminal_lad: Shut up Mal!!

Havocstride: I guess I’ll keep moving forward. Just promise me one of you will stay on the forum for whatever happens next.

Liminal_lad: Of course :)

Malnurish: Sure why not

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Liminal_lad: It’s been a few hours do u think he is okay

Malnurish: idk probably not lol

Malnurish: Have u ever heard of someone finding a level by themselves with no team and surviving because I haven't

Liminal_lad: The explorers I guess?

Malnurish: Shut up they don’t count

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Havocstride: I made it. After all that, I fucking made it.

Liminal_lad: What happened! Tell us everything.

Havocstride: After a certain point the water rose to my neck. I had to ditch the laptop and switch over to phone, which is nearly out of batteries.

Malnourish: Damn.

Havocstride: Like, I couldn’t see anything, the water was rising, and I was barely even touching the ground. It was hell. After hours of the shit, I found a staircase under the water, and here I am now…

Havocstride: Camera is drenched in water, btw. Sorry about that.

Liminal_lad: You’re fine my guy. Just get out of that level, and fast!

Havocstride: Walls are really tight down here. Still a basement, but everything is cramped as hell. I’m fucking freezing and my clothes are completely soaked. I’d rest, but there isn’t a good spot to do it.

Havocstride: Wait hold on

Malnourish: Yea there's nothing like this on the database yet I just checked

Havocstride: I think there’s something following me.

Malnourish: what

Havocstride: There’s something standing in the fuckign distance i gotta go

Malnourish: Dude stop typing and get the fuck out of there.

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Havocstride: No more pictures from here on out. Uploading them wastes battery life.

Liminal_lad: That’s fine!!

Hacovstride: It was some… corpse? I think?

Malnourish: ?????

Havocstride: Like, you know those pics of drowned people after they’ve been in a lake for like, a week? It looked just like that. It chased me for a while, but I think I shook it. I’m still stuck in the corridors though.

Malnourish: That’s fucked.

Liminal_lad: Dude. Get out of there.

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Havocstride: OH MY GOD YOU GUYS.

Liminal_lad: What??

Malnourish: ??


Liminal_lad: YESSS



Liminal_lad: If you make it out of this I’m gonna cry!!!!

Havocstride: wait that thing is wailing in the distance I can fucking hear it again

Liminal_lad: RUNNN

Malnourish: GTFO RIGHT NOW

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Liminal_lad: Okay its been a few hours. I need an update RIGHT NOW @Havocstride

Malnourish: What if that fuckin lake corpse got him

Liminal_lad: DON’T SAY THAT

Malnourish: Well its a possibility????



Malnourish: wtf is that

Liminal_lad: Havoc?? Are you alright???

Liminal_lad: Havoc???

Malnourish: I clicked on his account it said it got deleted what the fuck

Liminal_lad: WHAT??

“On the morning of January 6th, the Hocks-and-Chandler bar in Cincinnati was struck by a deafening tragedy. The basement of the large establishment suffered from a plumbing failure, causing it to flood and kill six workers who had been restocking supplies at the time.

As firefighters and local paramedic teams clear up the wreckage, five of the six bodies have since been recovered, although the sixth victim, Gary Moors, has yet to resurface.”


“Workers continue to slowly drain the basement, although patches of it still suffer from large pools of water.”

-Washington post, January 1951.

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Level2fan_2009: @everyone ded chat lol

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