Th3 Sh4dy Gr3y
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TH3 SH4DY GR3Y is a set of dangerous and unstable sub-levels, all grouped together into one big unnumbered level.



The first picture ever taken of Level 0Zero.

TH3 SH4DY GR3Y are a set of unstable sub-levels that are all extremely rare and difficult to get to. The levels all consist of black and white, greyscale, unstable environments, that few are able to survive. The M.E.G. has sent many field agents to attempt exploration of the level, and currently only one has returned alive. Despite this, a lot of valuable information has been received from the agents who were sent in. Currently 8 of the “sub-levels” have been discovered, but it is unknown exactly how many there are.

Level 0Zero

Level 0Zero (pronounced Zuh-Zero) is the first, and most stable section of TH3 SH4DY GR3Y. It was discovered when someone æ–‡åŒãÃƒÆ’¢â‚¬Å¡€šÂ£ÌÉÏÔËÁÆá ÖóÞ¢ñë╟╨╬╥▐п╠▀šðèæ¶rg¥s∂в√•»¿Ø§

æ–‡åŒãÃƒÆ’¢â‚¬Å¡€šÂ£ÌÉÏÔËÁÆá ÖóÞ¢ñë╟╨╬╥▐п╠▀šðèæ¶rg¥s∂в√•»¿Ø§. This is the only level that you can traverse without any sort of severe danger, as long as you get out before night. The level itself appears to be a jungle with the black and white effect that the SH4DY GR3Y levels all hold. The trees are often glitched within each other, but aside from that, the level is mostly stable. When you enter TH3 SH4DY GR3Y, you’ll wake up in a grey shack within Level 0Zero, as seen in the picture. After exiting the shack, there is a sign on the door of the shack that simply says “0zero”. That’s how the name for the sub-levels were developed.

The level has a 12 hour day-night cycle, however, it is extremely different from the normal 24 hour cycle within the Frontrooms. Instead of slowly fading into day/night, the sky instantly changes from day to night, or vice versa, without any warning. During the day there are no entities, but at night the level becomes ridiculously dangerous. Any natural light that was previously in the level will immediately disappear, and the level will become pitch black, to the point where you can’t even see your hand in front of your face. Typically, you can hear howlers begin to howl for about 5 minutes, almost as a warning. Entities, who likely have adapted night vision, will appear and hunt down any humans in the level. The entities in question are unknown, due to the night state of Level 0Zero being totally devoid of any light. Attempting to use a flashlight during nighttime will not work due to the level’s black and white effect. The only confirmed entity in this section are the howlers. All other entities are undocumented, due to all researchers being killed within minutes after night begun. The only way to tell when it is going to turn day or night, is from a clock within the shack you wake up in. The clock will be normal during the day, and begin on 12. It will slowly tick at the same speed as a normal clock. When the level goes into the night state, the clock will glow, and will go like this until once again hitting 12, where it will become day, and the process repeats.

During day time you can find almond water lakes, rivers, and even waterfalls. However, at night the almond water suddenly turns into liquid pain until day time, when it becomes almond water again. Even if you bottle it up and take it away from the source, it will still become liquid pain. Due to this, it is not recommended you drink any almond water in this level.

No entities have been found in this section during the day time, so Level 0Zero is considered completely safe during day. It is not recommended you stay in the level during night, as the level becomes a deadzone during night. You can go to Level 1One by taking a branch and drawing a pentagram in the mud. The floor will open up below you and you will fall through a hole into Level 1One.

Level 1One


A photo of Level 1One’s distorted lobby.

Level 1One is an extremely unstable, black and white mansion. If you’re able to escape Level 0Zero before night, it is very likely you will end up dying in this level. When you fall into Level 1One, you will be in the lobby of the mansion. Much of the furniture is glitchy and distorted. Touching it could result in your body becoming distorted, or unnaturally mutilated. The mansion is pretty normal other than the glitchy furniture. There is one entity in this level known as The Landlord. The Landlord is an incredibly dangerous, native entity that roams the level. He sports a fedora and a business suit and always carries a briefcase. If he sees you, he will approach you slowly. Attempting to run will result in all doors closing and locking before you can exit. When The Landlord catches up to you, he will typically talk to you and then kill you in a twisted way. He claims anyone who enters the level is “trespassing,” and will punish you for it. A log of the person who discovered Level 1One is shown below, where you can see what an interaction with The Landlord is like.

Currently The Landlord is considered to be dangerous and unpredictable. A few people were able to escape him by shooting him to death before he reached the room they were in, and managing to break down the door. Shooting him is slightly difficult, as he has been known to dodge the bullets, and also takes a few successful shots before he is officially knocked down. Breaking down the door and entering will always result in you ending up in Level 2two. This section is highly unexplored due to the danger of the landlord entity. One explorer was able to kill the landlord and continue exploring the area. 15 minutes later he saw the landlord reappear, and killing him did not work that time. The explorer was quickly torn apart.

Level 2Two


The snowy woods of Level 2Two.

Level 2Two is a large, thick, forest covered in snow. This level is one of the most safe and explored levels in TH3 SH4DY GR3Y. It is unknown exactly why this level is covered in snow, as the temperature is actually very hot. Many people who’ve died here, ended up dying of sunburn, ironically. This level appears to have a sun, but none of the snow melts. This level is incredibly hot and it is very easy to die of heatstroke. Almond water can prevent this, and keep you hydrated. Many wanderers who don’t come prepared end up getting overheated and dying.

The section, as expected, is totally black and white. This makes sunburns very difficult to identify, due to them being nearly unnoticeable until they start to hurt. The forest is very thick, and has many long branches with piles of snow, making them weep slightly. The M.E.G. was able to set up a small outpost on this level, consisting of 3 survivors who were able to make it to Level 2Two. They have explored a vast amount of the area.

This area appears to have nothing special about it, other than a rare entity known as fallen angels. Fallen angels appear to be humans with large black wings and blue robes. They often are seen with mortal injuries such as bullet wounds, missing body parts such as arms, legs, and even heads, and usually have large black horns. They claim to have “faded,” and that’s how they turned out how they were. It is presumed they were once human, but the entities refuse to elaborate on their origins in detail. They are docile, and will talk to you if you start a conversation with them. The only time they will attack is if you mention anything about Level 71. An interview was conducted with one.

Getting to Level 3three is very easy. Ask one of the fallen angels, and they will thrust you through the ground straight into Level 3three. It’s unknown how they are able to do this, as they refuse to explain. Many wanderers don’t make it any deeper than this, due to the extreme heat, rarity of fallen angel entities, and the relative safety of 2Two.

Level 3Three


A bird’s eye view of Level 3Three. Grandfather clocks and water speeders can be seen floating in the water.

Level 3Three is one of the strangest sub-levels within TH3 SH4DY GR3Y. Level 3three is an infinite ocean, with the black and white effect of TH3 SH4DY GR3Y. What makes it strange, is that the ocean is filled with clocks floating around in it — which seem to have time-altering abilities. The ocean itself is quite toxic, and is made of distilled water mixed with what is believed to be mercury and motor oil. The clocks float around the ocean, seemingly unaffected by the water. The M.E.G. has attempted to explore the water with underwater drones, but currently haven’t found anything you wouldn’t find in a normal frontrooms ocean. This does not disprove possible life, but due to the high levels of oil and mercury, it is very unlikely.

So far, The M.E.G. has found 4 types of clocks floating around. Analog clocks, digital clocks, watches, and grandfather clocks; each with different abilities. They also somehow work normally, even though they are submerged in an ocean, and do not seem to have any power source like a battery.

Analog clocks are the safest clocks. Touching one has a chance to send you back to Level 2Two. If it doesn’t lead to Level 2Two, it will lead to Level 4Four. Analog clocks are quite rare.

Digital clocks are very dangerous, but also quite rare. Picking one up will immediately teleport you to a mysterious black void every time. It could be used as a fast escape from the level, but the mysterious properties of the void may be worse than staying on Level 2Two or 3Three for a while. No exploration has been done of this void yet.

Watches are actually used as weapons from native groups within the level. Picking one up and tying it to your wrist makes you considered to be armed and dangerous. If you point the watch towards any living being and turn the hands forward, it will time travel the victim to the day of their death, which for many is still within TH3 SH4DY GR3Y. This isn’t instant death in all cases, as if it’s something like dying to an entity, it’s possible to avoid it and change your fate. However, many people end up dying to watches, which makes them incredibly dangerous. One victim who survived a watch attack disappeared for nearly a year before being found by the M.E.G. in Level 601. He was found running from a partygoer, before The M.E.G. blew it up with firesalt. Eventually they were able to noclip into The Hub. He is the only documented person who made it out of the level alive.

Grandfather Clocks are the largest clocks, and are too heavy to pick up. Most people who use grandfather clocks throw the victim onto them while they float in the water. Throwing someone on a grandfather clock either causes the victim to painfully turn back into an infant, or age rapidly into an elderly person. The victims usually end up drowning, since neither outcome results in the person still being able to swim.

This area is extremely difficult to set up an outpost on, due to the many native communities who conduct watch attacks on each other. Watch wars are common occurrences within the level, which often result in extreme chaos and high death tolls. The groups will typically try to capture people as hostages, and use the clocks in whatever way they see fit. They very often enjoy using the digital clocks on captured people. It took the M.E.G. a very long time —and a lot of failed attempts and lost lives — to finally set up a successful outpost with proper defense. The many minor communities within the area often pose an extreme threat to the M.E.G. or anyone else to enters the level.

You can find large speed boats on islands throughout the level, but many have been stolen by The M.E.G. or the other minor groups that were previously mentioned. The M.E.G. has out-powered the smaller, weaker groups, but many have weaponized the clocks and use them against the M.E.G. Nobody should be trusted on this level, even the M.E.G. The M.E.G. could mistake you as an enemy, and swiftly attack you with one of the watches. The native groups are also extremely likely to attack you for sport. Analog clocks seem to be the only way to get to the final stable sub-level, which is known as Level 4four.

Level 4Four


The looming skyscrapers of Level 4Four, captured from the river that cuts between the two sides of the city.

Level 4Four is the last known stable sub-level within TH3 SH4DY GR3Y. The only known way to go this deep into the Level, is by touching an analog clock on Level 3Three. If you successfully make the trip into Level 4Four, you will fall through whatever boat you’re on and splash into the river seen in the picture. This river runs through the whole area, and seems to be infinite. The M.E.G. has taken samples, and proven that the water is safe to touch, but will likely cause severe vomiting and diarrhea if consumed. The river is surrounded on both sides by dangerous skyscrapers. The design of the city looks extremely similar to Level 11, but with a little bit more of a baroque style. The black and white effect also still applies. Overall, it is unofficially known as “Level 11 but dark”. The buildings, also like level 11, are typically very glitchy and sometimes can be found defying the laws of physics. For example, some buildings are upside down, floating, or even clipped inside of each other.

The Skyscrapers are all locked, but can easily be broken into. This is not recommended, as every building is extremely infested with dangerous entities, such as smilers and skinstealers. The streets are also filled with armed facelings. If you get too close, many of them will often attack you by pushing you onto a wall and mug you. They are usually seen in black jackets, jeans, and a black beanie. The facelings will often threaten you with a knife and wave their hand signifying to hand over any valuables. If you try to fight back, more facelings will become hostile and attack you until you stop moving, or hand over any sort of money, weapons, or supplies. They seem to favor almond water for some strange reason. Handing this to them will cause them to be docile towards anyone for 1 hour, until eventually reverting back to being hostile. They seem to accept anything of value, even sentimental value. One traveler documented having already lost all of his supplies and valuables, and had nothing left, so when one mugged him again, he gave the faceling his shirt. The faceling put it on, and left. Facelings infest this level, making muggings extremely common. Most people end up getting robbed naked, and then killed.

The Mangled also roam this level. Unlike Level 9 where they are very rare, they are extremely common in this place. They walk around the level looking for humans to stomp on. You can almost always see at least 2 or 3 of them slowly moving in the distance. If one of them sees you, it is likely you will be instantly killed.

The facelings and mangled are not the only danger in this level either. The level often has severe environmental conditions, such as rapidly changing temperatures, which sometimes reach lethal points. Natural disasters also occur often, such as blizzards, acid rain, tornadoes, and many other things of that sort. The entire level is overcast by thick grey clouds, making the level extremely dark. Currently, there is no known way to escape Level 4Four on purpose. The only way is to try to accidentally noclip through the ground into the final, heavily unexplored sections of the level.


L0ST H0P3 is when the stability of TH3 SH4DY GR3Y disappears. The level is extremely undocumented and unstable. L0ST H0P3 is nearly impossible to survive or escape. Going into this level means all hope you had will be drained from you. Why you would ever go this deep into this hellscape is your own delusion.

The level’s terrain is only described as “wobbly.” The walls wobble but are still solid, making the level incredibly disorienting. The level looks almost exactly like Level 2, but distorted and unstable. Anyone who goes into this level usually has their body ripped apart at the atomic level. The atomic bonds making up their body slowly break apart until the entire body is reduced to nothing but floating particles.



All hope is gone.

Nobody is coming to help. We’re fading.

We’re all dead

2 F4R


TURN B4CK. 1T’5 T00 L4T3.

You went too far

Too many layers of reality collapsed in on you

¿ɥʇıʍ ƃuılɐǝp ǝɹ,noʎ ʇɐɥʍ puɐʇsɹǝpun oʇ uıƃǝq uǝʌǝ uɐɔ noʎ ʞuıɥʇ noʎ op



TH3 F4LL3N 0N3

W3LC0M3 T0 TH3 3ND

I am one with the void

We are one

Reality has faded. Hell has collapsed.
Into a SH4DY GR3Y





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