These are templates that you can use if you're stuck or need an idea of how to start. They are not required.

[[module Rate]]

[[include :backrooms-wiki:component:level-class

Change this class level according to level description

If no picture is available please remove the image-block component
Please remember to link the source of the image in the license box!

[[include component:image-block
|name=filename or url

Then you can add a short introduction.

+ Description
Level description

+ Bases, Outposts and Communities
Add any bases or outposts you'd like to add.
If there are no bases, outposts or communities please write:
"There are no known bases, outposts or communities on this level"

+++ Base/Outpost/Community A
You can put:
* Details
* Details
* Details
+++ Base/Outpost/Community B
Short description of the Base/Outpost/Community

+ Additional Content
Feel free to rename this section and/or add any content in relation with that level.
You can also add more sections just make sure to add them between the Base/Outpost/Community section and the Entrances/Exits section
If you have nothing to add simply remove this section

+ Entrances And Exits
Add any entrances and exits to other levels.

++++ Entrances
If there are no entrances please write : "There is no known way to get to this level for now".

++++ Exits
If there are no exits please write: "There is no known way to leave this level for now.", though usually people can leave whence they came.


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Then at the bottom of your page, you must add the License Box component.

Use this if you DON'T have images or other media

[[include :backrooms-wiki:component:license-box]]
[[include :backrooms-wiki:component:license-box-end]]

But if you have images or media, add this for each piece of media/image you use between the two "=====" lines:

> **Name:**
> **Author:**
> **License:**
> **Source Link:**
> **Derivative of:** (If applicable)
> **Additional Notes:** (Optional)

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