Stop Posting About The Backrooms
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Stop posting about The Backrooms! I’m fucking tired of people hearing about it! People on TikTok post it, on Discord people fucking post it!
I was in a server, right? And all the people in the channels were talking about The Backrooms!
I showed a photo of my shitty bedroom to a server, and I added a photo grain filter and said, “Bedroom? More like BACKROOM!” I looked at my fucking breakroom at work and went “That’s so liminal!”
Holy shit stop posting about it!

In all seriousness though, you all need to just cut it out. You have no idea how much danger you’re putting these twelve-year-olds in. I accidentally got to Level 0 when I JUST SO HAPPENED to grab a specific milk carton in a shop on Level 11 the wrong way, and I had to work my way around to find my way back. I ran into a group of teens with their stupid fucking cameras recording the damn place like it was some stupid game!

“Oh my God guys, it’s the fucking backroooooms guys oh my goodness! It’s just like Escape The Backrooms oh my gaaawd!!!” Like holy fuck, you really spent presumably hours–days even–trying to get here with your friends, not sure if there’s an escape, and you’re filming the place like a Logan Paul vlog. I’m so tired of these tourist types. They had the nerve to ask me if I knew where the fuck Partygoers were. Seriously? Partygoers? Is this really what we get for trying to post all this garbage online?

“Erm, where’s your hazmat suit? Don’t The M.E.G. wear yellow suits?” The overseers are rolling in their fucking graves, I swear. Do you know how many people watch those garbage found footage videos and actually think that’s how easy it is? Sorry kids, but you’re going to have to walk further than the local gas station to get anywhere safe, let alone out of Level 0. But sure, go ahead and waste your time. I’ll be sure to look out for your corpses in the nearest ditch somewhere. But oh, it gets better…

After inevitably going past all these stupid tourist types, you eventually come across a person who’s arguably worse. These fucking chuddy, snarky fucks who absolutely refuse to contribute anything meaningful and go, “Oh ehm, it isn’t liminal,” or, “This isn’t the REAL backrooms,” like we weren’t writing and detailing our experiences in the backrooms. Like, c’mon man, you should’ve known better. Your own stupid liminal content even has variety in it, and you’re complaining that the place has to be devoid of all interesting features.

Anyways, at least there’s room for people to learn. I’m putting this stuff out there in the hopes that my venting can be used as a learning experience for SOMEONE. Please, just… think about your actions a bit more? Please?

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