stellate's void
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Portrait of the author (may be slightly exaggerated).

eyo what up

hello, im eggi and/or stellate! i joined this wiki at a whim, but now its one of my most favourite1 projects ive worked on. im not the most talented writer, but hey, i hope you at least tolerate my work lmao

fun facts ab me: me pronouns are he/they, im more of an artist than a writer tbh, and im in your walls.

my shit


Level 164

Level 466 - goicon

Level 502 - goicon


Entity 54

Entity 471 - scrapcon


Her Love - mincon

Child of No God


The U.E.C. collab with Smith MachineSmith Machine and WesbotWesbot - goicon

Homeland Defense Force - goicon


Object-20 - rewrite


Oleana White -goicon (deleted) (gonna be rewritten eventually)

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