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Yearly Features List!

Staff has decided to try out a new thing called yearly features this year! Attached is a list which compiles the best articles from throughout 2022, voted on by the greenlighting team. (link)

New Phenomena Category!

We’re introducing a new category: phenomena! Check out the phenomena list for a brief explanation of what they are! (link)

Entity 131 - "The Concierge"

“It’s far too early in the morning for it to find any sort of joy in this line of work.”
entity 131

Asset 86 - "Reality Lag Machine"

"Theoretically, with a powerful enough negative wave output, the permanent cessation of reality — and by extension — existence, and everything, is possible."

“Hotel Virginia”

“You don’t have many days left. You already knew this.”

Phenomenon 3 - “Happy Dance”

“Happy Dance, also known as Exploding Wanderer Syndrome, is a terrifying new Backrooms phenomenon!”

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