Sub-Layer Writing Contest 2024
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What is this?

Sub-layers (a category that comprises both sub-levels and rooms) are a foundational part of the— wait… we did this already! Yes, in case you weren't aware, we had a Sub-layer contest back in the dark ages of 2020, and we are bringing it back.

In our continuous effort to strengthen the bonds between our wiki articles, we decided that the best way to get our users to use previously built elements was to force them to do so. For this contest, you must take an existing level with no sub-layers1 (either a normal level or a sublevel) and create a new one for it. It's up to you to fill the cracks between levels of the Backrooms!

How do I post?

To post a page for the contest, make a page and give it the tag slcon2024, which will add it to this page. Please don't make any pages with this tag until the contest's posting period starts, or you'll be disqualified from the contest!

You don't need a greenlight to post for the contest. When the posting period begins, we'll add a new posting password, slcon2024. That won't work until the posting period however, and any sneaky use of it to coldpost will be met with disciplinary action! Cheeky.

Please set the parent page of your article to this page for the duration of the contest by going to + Options > Parent on your page. Staff will remove the parent after the voting period has ended.


  • As always, the goal of this contest is for people to create high-quality pages, in this case sub-layers (which comprise both sub-levels and rooms), with an additional restriction: you must pick a parent level that has no current sub-layers.
  • You may submit only one article for this contest.
  • Unlike canonicon2024, everyone can participate, even people who have never posted a page on the wiki.
  • You may participate with an article that began development prior to the official announcement of the contest.
  • The score of each article will be based purely on their rating at the end of the voting period.
  • Editing your articles after they are posted is allowed, if needed.
  • Any attempts to give yourself an unfair advantage will result in disqualification. What counts as this will be decided by staff on a case-by-case basis. If you aren't sure if something counts as this, please ask staff.
  • All entries must be posted during the designated "Posting Period". Any articles posted before or after this period will not count as entries in the contest.
  • The top 3 winners will each get to pick an article in the August feature cycle. An additional feature may be added if there is a tie. If no such tie exists, the author(s) of the 4th highest ranked article of the contest will get to pick the 4th feature.


This is not a team contest like the previous one, but remember that it is always possible for multiple authors to participate with one collab article for all contests that do not state otherwise (as is the case of this one). That is why, in honor of the recent efforts to promote collaboration within the site, we encourage you to get your (Fortnite) duo or gather a team to participate in this contest, though it is definitely not required.


June 5th 2024

[CURRENT] Buck your ideas up, this is the Writing Period!

July 3rd 2024

You can start to post your pages, or keep writing.

July 17th 2024

All pages must be posted by this date. Voting continues.

July 24th 2024

The voting is concluded and the winners announced!

  • June 5th - July 2nd (4 weeks) — The Writing Period: During this time, no articles may be posted, but you should work on writing and perfecting your articles.
  • July 3rd - July 16th (2 weeks) — The Posting Period: During this time, all articles submitted for the contest will be posted. You may still work on writing during this period.
  • July 17th - July 23rd (1 week) — The Voting Period: During this time, no more articles may be posted. This period exists so that articles that are added later can still rack up points.
  • July 24th — End of the contest: Winners will be announced. The winners' articles of choice will be featured in the home page on August 1st as the features of the month of July.

All contest dates are based on "Anywhere on Earth", meaning that if the Posting Period is active in any time zone, posting is allowed.

List of Submissions

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