Ryan Scrawling
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An assumed 'self portrait' of Ryan Scrawling found in Level 777. Text reads "RYAN SRAWLING (sic) WAS HERE!" with a speech bubble from the crudely drawn Scrawling that reads "SUCK IT, LOSERS!".

NAME: Ryan Scrawling
LAST KNOWN LOCATION(S): Last spotted in Level 300, though where he currently resides is unknown.


Ryan Scrawling or referred to simply by his last name Scrawling, is a long-time wanderer of the Backrooms who appears to be in his late 40s and has apparently been in the Backrooms since at least the late 80s.

Scrawling has made a reputation of himself within the backrooms with the collections of audio tapes and notes he has littered around the multitude of levels he's found himself in. Dozens of these tapes have been retrieved by M.E.G. explorers, and the majority are still being archived and transcribed by other members. Said audio tapes tend to include him talking to himself or to the entities around him and the subjects he talks about ranges from half-assed advice on how to survive the 'Underworld'1 to him just talking about his own life before he entered the backrooms.

With the list of locations we've found his tapes and notes in, a rough idea of the levels he's travelled through can be made, although all of that is still being looked into.


Below is a transcript from a portion of a tape from Mr. Scrawling that was located in Level 4. Do be warned, there is some level of unprofessionalism to this tape, and any advice Scrawling gives should be taken with a grain of salt. Nonetheless, uh, enjoy, I guess?

- Overseer-B

Scrawling: Is this thing on? C'mon, c'mon… Oh! Yes! Excellent. At least I've got something here to help me from going insane.

Scrawling: Ahem, so… This is Ryan Scrawling, the date is… er… Well, To be quite honest I'm not too sure anymore. But it's fine! I'll survive! I've lived this long! Whatever's… Happening now won't kill me!

Scrawling: Life's funny, you know, one minute I'm trying to clear my head- and the next I'm in some fucked up underworld of sorts.

Scrawling: Which, incase you can't tell the obvious, is just the opposite of what I needed.

Scrawling: It's been like, what? I don't know, I said it earlier, I can't even tell the date! Or how long it's been! So I'm just here. Trying to at least leave a trace of my existence here, I guess.

[Distant 'growling' noise.]

Scrawling: Fuck- was that-?

Scrawling: Wait- wait- BACK OFF YOU-

[Tape abruptly ends.]

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