Rewrite Policy

This page aims to help people figure out how to rewrite a page, as well as presenting the overall rewrite system.

What is a rewrite?

A rewrite is a complete overhaul of an old article of the site. Its goal is to better the concept and present it in new ways to make it more interesting to readers.

A rewrite has to, in essence, keep the core elements of the old page. The difference between a rewrite of a page and an inspiration from said page is how similar in concept it is. For rewrites, this usually means that the core concept is expanded, while the bad aspects of the concept are revamped without going too far from them.

If you aren't sure whether your page qualifies for a rewrite or is simply an inspiration, make sure to contact greenlighters to avoid potential issues.

Why start a rewrite?

There are multiple reasons a rewrite can be started, and multiple can apply at the same time.

  • Bad format and writing: One of the main issues of old pages is how the use of clinical tone was executed. Having SPAG errors, repetitions, weirdly presented sentences… These all prevent the reader from being fully immersed in the page. Even if a concept can be incredible, if it's presented badly, it won't interest people. This is also true with formatting, as sometimes, pages are presented in a way that fails to truly capture the page's concepts.
  • Overhaul concept revamp needed: Sometimes, the core concept of the page isn't good enough. It can be bland, uninteresting, or just an idea that took the wrong direction. This can mean the setting of the page is wasted (like a level aesthetic or an entity biology), but by revamping the idea, it could become more interesting to the reader
  • Underdeveloped concept: Another issue with some pages is how poorly a concept is expanded. Sometimes, an idea isn't used to its fullest, which means the page will feel generic because it doesn't do justice to the unique and original idea. A rewrite can go further than the original idea either by changing some parts to allow for more development or adding to the previous ideas in a cohesive way.

Examples of rewrite types

There are several ways to handle a rewrite, based on the flaws of the original. The following points aren't official types by any means, but more like examples of how a rewrite can be made.

  • Writing revamp: The purest form of a rewrite, but also the rarest. Sometimes, a page doesn't need any concept addition but simply needs to be presented better. This can be done by making sentences that feel more fluid when reading, but also by modifying the structure of the page to add more variation in the concept presentation, by adding logs or different types of writing style (narration for example)
  • Concept overhaul: This form of rewrite is more similar to a concept inspiration, but remains labeled as a rewrite because of the keeping of key elements like the name, the core ideas of what it represents in-universe or the pictures. In this type of rewrite, the core idea goes in a completely different way. For example, it can be a level keeping its aesthetic, but changing the rooms it contains or the environmental characteristics. It can also be an entity with the same physic but with a completely different behavior. This kind of rewrite is the most controversial because it almost entirely changes why the page was beloved by some readers in the first place. It can be a powerful tool, but needs to be taken care of accordingly.
  • Idea expansion: In this case, the concepts of the page are fine by themselves, but need addition to truly shine in the eyes of the readers. Here, the core ideas will remain and will be expanded upon, either by going into more detail or by adding new ideas that tie with the old ones. For example, it can describe a level or an entity biology in more detail, but it can also add new rooms or gimmicks to the same level, or a backstory to an object. This rewrite doesn't contradict the old one, but instead adds to the existing ideas.

How to start a rewrite

Planning the rewrite

First, it is crucial to understand both what gives potential to the old page (the structure, a particular idea…), but also what makes it in need of a rewrite (the writing tone, the expanded ideas…). This is the most important step, because it will determine how the rewrite will go. If this step is conducted poorly, the new page could be worse than the original, completely missing the point of what the old article needed.

Reaching the original author

Then, you need to contact the former author of the page to ask for permission. Indeed, even if our wiki license allows for the content to be used as the writer pleases, the Backrooms Wiki policy is focused on the respect of the authors that contributed to it. therefore, you will need approval of the original author for your rewrite. This can be achieved by DMing them on Wikidot, discord, or any other platform. Some exceptions exist, however:

  • Deleted articles do not require permission from the author
  • For articles that enter the deletion threshold, it is possible to make an application without an author's permission
  • Fandom imports also don't require permission
  • Some authors asked for their work to not be rewritten under ANY circumstance. A list can be found here
Rewrite clause Author aproval Greenlighter approval by vote Need for an application form 3 months rewrite period (see below)
Within Deletion Threshold No Yes Yes Yes
Deleted Article No Yes Yes No
Your Article / No Yes No
Permission by Author Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fandom Import No Yes Yes Yes

Making the application

Atfer the two previous steps are done, you now need to make a rewrite application. WARNING, EVEN IF YOUR REWRITE WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY ACCEPTED (self-rewrite case), MAKE A FORM NONETHELESS TO LET GREENLIGHTERS AND STAFF LOG THE CASE.

Special case: Articles in Deletion Threshold

When a page remains in negative voting for 48 hours or more, staff will send a notice on the devlog Discord channel starting a 24 hours countdown. During this countdown, anyone can fill an application without the need of a permission from the author. Past those 24 hours, the page will be deleted. If nobody is rewriting the page, any rewrite form will be automatically accepted as the page is deleted.

The form can be found here

In the form, you need to provide:

  • Your name (Discord and/or Wikidot)
  • The name of the page you wish to rewrite
  • The link of the page you are rewriting (if the page is deleted, please add a waybackmachine link if that's possible)
  • The name of the original writer
  • The rewrite clause (deletion threshold, author aproval… see the table above)
  • A proof of the original author's permission (in the case of "permission by author")
  • If you have published a page on the site (and if not, a polished draft of your creation, for the rewrite or something else)

Then you need to answer two important questions.

  • First, why you would like to rewrite this article. You can here explain what you see as problematic in the old page, and the reasons you want to specifically fix them.
  • Then, you need to provide ideas for this article's rewrite. It can be a bullet point list about the changes you want to make, but also a partially finished or fully completed draft.

With all of this information written down, the greenlighter team will shortly discuss the application. If it's in the case of a self-rewrite or a deleted article, the rewrite will be automatically accepted. Feel free to ping an available greenlighter in order to make sure the team is notified of the application.

Writing Period

A greenlighter will DM you on Wikidot or Discord about the results. If the rewrite has been accepted. You will have three months to present a finished draft in the critic forum on Wikidot or Discord. If after the three months the page isn't finished, an extension can be granted depending on the status of the rewrite. In the case of a deleted page or a self-rewrite, there is no time limit.

Although this isn't mandatory, it is encouraged to seek help from other members during the drafting process in order to make something truly better than the precedent page.

After the drafting period, the rewrite can go into the critic forums like a normal page. It can be cleared for posting using the critic system, or greenlit by a greenlighters.

Posting the page

To post the rewrite, you need to ask a staff member to delete the former page in order to reset the votes. DO NOT POST BY EDITING THE OLD PAGE. You can then post your rewrite as usual.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License