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Welcome to the strange world of my fantasies! A lot is going here, but nothing is happening right now. Since you've come here, you probably know what you're in for. I think we've been in the introduction long enough now, let's begin!

What can I say about myself? I'm a simple man who writes articles and does translations. I get my inspiration from music especially from Will Wood, Lemon Demon, and Jack Stauber. I like reading works from the wonderful author Philip Dick, and I want to write something as great as his someday. If you've read my articles, you can probably spot a couple of references to various songs and books. Enough about me now, let's start talking about my articles!

Weird stuff, made by me:


Violet Tones of the Sunset. This article just came from nowhere, I just saw some photos and thought "I want to write something about violets". There is everything that I like in it: some psychedelic, tragedy, and violets.

level-259. I wrote this article accidentally. I didn't want it to be an article at all. But then I decided to grow it into a dark article. Everyone can find something of their own in it. Maybe someone will think that this article is about transhumanism, someone'll think that it's about depersonalization and someone'll think that it's about dysphoria. I want to tell you, that even I don't know what this article is about. It's just about how I feel, that's all. I also wanted to give some art to this level at some point, but I never managed to do it.

level-252 is my first article. When I was writing that, I wanted to show the beauty of imperfect life, that nothing is perfect and that that's beautiful.


The time is out of joint is one of the articles about Violet Tones of the Sunset . It was written from the perspective of violet (the main character and victim of Violet Tones of the Sunset ) and this article, it tells a story of hopelessness and fear of death (and what comes after). I tried to describe the death throes of a person, who in the end found peace and "resurrected", which means that they resigned to their fate.

Three pieces of you (not translated yet) is the second tale related to Violet Tones of the Sunset . This tale is written from the perspective of the murderer. It describes not his worries, but his obsession with one person, and excessive cruelty that does not disappear even after the death of violet.

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