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It's your favourite boy!

Howdy! I'm PrinceBunPrinceBun, but feel free to call me Eden!


Age: Fossil, as the kids call me.1

Power Level: Admin, Author

Abilities: CSS Coding, Art, Writing, Rambling about special interests

Weaknesses: Spaghetti Bolognese, Short, Rambling about special interests2


  • Ultrakill [Main Interest Currently]
  • Project Moon Games
  • Splatoon
  • Pokemon
  • SCP
  • Omori
  • Gemstones
  • Plushies
  • Doing funky stuff with CSS

Funny Fun Facts:

  • Gay and Trans
  • Got 3rd Place in a Mario Kart 8 Comp when I was 12
  • Crane Game Extrodinaire
  • Arcade Ticket Hoarder
  • Totally completely normal about crossovers I promise :)3
  • Victini Stan
  • Met Charles Martinet
  • Lucky Number is 64
  • P-2 P-Rank Haver (Real)4


Level 330

"I don't want the humans in here! They ruin everything!"

Read Here! - (+36)

Level 414

"Mind the path, tend to the flowers, for you are safe under our power."

Read Here! - (+69)

Level 834

"Protect yourself by any means neccessary, and pray to whatever god you believe in that the staircase won't break apart."

Read Here! - (+30)


A Long Forgotten Exclamation…

"i don't know, but it's like this place was just… completely forgotten, i guess?"

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"The lusterous colours are a wonder…"

Look Here!

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