Pierre Duboit
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NAME: Pierre Duboit

ALIASES: Chief of Culture and Agriculture, Chief, Chief Pierre, Etc.

KNOWN AFFILIATIONS: The Village of Costa Grande

LAST KNOWN LOCATION(S): Level 121, Level 4, and Level 125.



Self Portrait, dressed for Halloween.

Pierre Duboit, also known as "Chief Pierre", is a Caucasian male with brown curly hair, green eyes, and stands at a height of 5'6. He is currently 19 and was last seen within the Costa Grande settlement of Level 125. Formerly the head chieftain of Costa Grande, Pierre currently advises its agricultural section, including all of its farms and greenhouses. Along with Pierre's claim to Chief of Agriculture he also holds the title of "Chief of Culture," preparing local events and holding events, such as festivals or gatherings. Due to Level 125's repetitive weather patterns, these events are hosted on specific days. They each happen once every 30 day/night cycles.


Pierre is known to be quiet, shy, and generally avoidant of conversation with strangers. He seems to prefer talking to people with a calm and supportive attitude. During conversations Pierre is very polite, cordial, and usually prefers talking over dinner since it provides him with a more relaxing setting. He doesn't usually attend the events he prepares and hosts, instead spending time alone at other locations, though the reason for this has not been implicitly stated.

Pierre does not often display critical behavior, but is very vocal about his complaints with the agricultural section, claiming that the pressure and importance of managing it stresses him out way too much. Due to the importance of his job, Pierre seems to have a very negative outlook on himself, and his potential, though support from his colleagues seems to help him cope with this quite well.

Pierre seems to be very fidgety and cautious, and has been described to us as jumpy and paranoid, by most coworkers we've questioned. Most of his public "alone time" seems to be spent tending to the crops, though there are a few exceptions to this. Pierre seems much more comfortable conversing with Ariel Reglado, Will Arehart, and a few of his other peers. In the rest of his spare time, Pierre claims that he often sketches, talks with his friends, gardens, bakes, and pursues other "culinary endeavors."


Due to the fact most of this information was received from locals or off camera, though this info was originally speculated to be false, Pierre has confirmed all the information below to be factual.

Rumor has spread through Costa Grande that Pierre is in a relationship with a rudimentary architect for some of the smaller local buildings, named Alex Kodiak. When asked this, he responded with "Look man, I-I don't know what you want me to say. I… I guess?". Due to this it is relatively believed and accepted as truth, though there is no other evidence to back this up, other than few of his close friends retally agreeing with this rumor.

Spec and Pierre seem to have a history between each other. According to Pierre they both met while trapped in Level 4 and became somewhat quick friends, a very uncommon occurrence for Pierre. Thanks to this coincidence Spec occasionally visits Level 125 to help Pierre in his endeavors.

For Pierre's privacy, the following will be vague and Paraphrased: In a recent non-recorded interview, Pierre explained his life before the backrooms by exclaiming that: "Everything was great until my little brother fell down that canyon. I feel like that was the uhhh… the straw that broke the camel's back, if you get what I'm trying to say. Mom and Dad sort of just… broke. I don't think I'll ever forget the looks they gave me after it happened." Due to Pierre's request, further information on this "predicament" has been removed. If this file is to be made public, the consent of Pierre is required.

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