Phenomenon 99 - "Forced Immortality"
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Content Warning:

If you are sensitive to the following topics, do not read further into this article: detailed gore, consistent profanity, suicide, and psychological trauma. Read at your own discretion.


DO NOT attempt to be affected by this phenomenon. It is highly likely to result in mortality, and research on the matter is still in its early stages. This is a formal warning; failure to comply with this will leave you liable for your own potential suicide. You have been warned.


Phenomenon 99, otherwise documented as "Forced Immortality", is a recently discovered phenomenon that occurs haphazardly during attempted suicides. At random, any given person who attempts suicide in the Backrooms has the chance to be granted immortality; despite how this phenomenon presents itself, it is not in almost any way beneficial to those inflicted by it. For those experiencing this phenomenon, it is a highly sensitive matter, and is not to be taken lightly within the confines of the General Public Database — any individual(s) caught doing so will be punished accordingly.


Conclusive research on the frequency of Forced Immortality has yet to be concluded; however, there have been approximately 50 reports of it thus far, all of which have been validated by trusted M.E.G. operatives.

Relevant Parties:

Anyone who attempts suicide within the Backrooms has the chance to be affected by this phenomenon, regardless of the method.


This phenomenon was discovered recently via reports received through the G.P.D. (General Public Database) as of 19/04/2029. Specifics of these reports will be kept classified for the sake of those affected by the phenomenon; no further detail will be provided.


Although Phenomenon 99 has only recently been discovered, a few individuals affected by it have had the opportunity to study the specifics of it by the means of self-experimentation; despite reports only having been received as of recent, this phenomenon dates as far back as, allegedly, the 19th century.

How Forced Immortality initially manifests is an inexplicable process that has been labelled as "the Unwanted Rebirth". The Unwanted Rebirth consists of two different stages of which the phenomenon comprises in its whole — the phenomenon itself is very simple, though its functions are what make it especially noteworthy.

Firstly, immediately proceeding one's suicide is the first stage of Unwanted Rebirth: "A glimpse into heaven". This causes one to grasp the sensation that they are floating in the sky — in other words, an out-of-body experience. The effect that this brief moment of freedom has on one's mind has been described as that of utter shock and anticipation; anticipation to see those that one holds dearly: deceased lovers, family, and friends alike. The yearning for these precious companions is always immediately followed by the subsequent beginning of the next stage after about 30 seconds to 2 minutes of the first.

After one has been returned to reality, or — in other words — "forced to fall from the heavens", their body will be painstakingly regenerated in an instant. One's limbs will snap back into place as flesh wounds or other such damage is regenerated conventionally, albeit at a severely accelerated pace. The individual affected will feel the entirety of their injuries in a singular instant, the pain being consistently described as worse than any other form possible by any conventional means.

Even worse, however, is the mental and emotional trauma that this brings to anyone affected; most who are affected by this phenomenon wished for one reason or another not to be alive, and the direct denial of this can leave permanent trauma as a consequence. Psychological analysis have determined that 37 out of 42 of the individuals willing to be tested had been inflicted with some form of depression, PTSD, DID/OSDD, and/or several other mental disorders following their attempted suicide. It has been determined that this is likely due to the resolve and already deteriorated mental state that killing oneself requires being washed away, placing severe stress and a slough of negative emotions on one's brain.

Do's and Don'ts


  • Report any instances of this phenomenon to the M.E.G. immediately.
  • Provide any possible mental and emotional support to those suffering from this phenomenon.
  • Avoid being affected by this phenomenon at all costs. There are chatrooms available to set up appointments with well-known professionals who care about you and your mental well being. Do not hesitate to contact them if you need someone to talk to.


  • Attempt to cause this phenomenon to occur in any way, whether on yourself or others.
  • Disclose that you're being affected by this phenomenon to anyone other than trusted M.E.G. members and associates; there have been several incidents thus far of individuals being abused and harvested of their organs for the black markets present throughout the Backrooms, so execute thorough caution.

Despite the severe negative impacts of this phenomenon, those affected by it are trying their best to move on and make the best of their eternal life. We wish them the best and support them fully.

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Private Chatroom — Overseer Andrew / Jared Bottsman

Date: 27/06/2029
Recipient: Overseer Andrew
Topic: Forced Immortality

Dear Andrew,
We have made a massive fuck up. We should not have made this phenomenon available to the public. They aren't listening to our warnings, and there's a ton of shit going down. I need you to gather as many agents as you can to prevent a massive tragedy — I'm talking about death tolls in the thousands. Don't bother responding, just meet me at base beta with as many people as you can.
~ Jared

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