Phenomenon 8
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#Phenomenon 8

Class 3

Category: Transportation

Distribution: Broad

Modality: N/A


Doodletrapping is a phenomenon that occurs in the backrooms when someone falls asleep on a piece of paper. Many events may happen based on the specific piece in question, but mainly transport the wanderer to a different room which is inaccessible otherwise.


M.E.G. team “After-Sketch” quote “Just messing around” after the recent edition of their new member, Lawrence.

Paper Realms

A Paper Realm is a room that exists inside a blank piece of paper. The version of the realm depends on which type of paper it is.1 All paper realms have some things in common; When you fall asleep on a blank piece of paper, you will awake as a stick figure on the piece of paper. Any defining clothes you are wearing will show up on you. (Ex. Oxygen mask, powerful boots, etc.) Any objects drawn on the piece of paper you will be able to interact with. Exiting is simple, if you are not alone. Your out-of-paper partner must draw a door on the paper, exiting through the door will take you to the closest door to the paper. Things that have been drawn can be taken out, but function strangely.2

Dos and Don’ts


Check for paper before you fall asleep. Draw a door for stranded wanderers. Explore at your own risk. Experiment with things. Report any new findings to M.E.G.


Sleep on the smile. Ever try without a partner. Lose hope, someone will find you soon.

Additional Info and Experiments

M.E.G Team "After-Sketch"

Remaining standby members:

S████ D.
C███ B.
D█████ R.

Team "After-Sketch" is a M.E.G team focused on researching this phenomenon and it's capabilities. Originally, this team consisted of 9 people. But the missions have been more deadly than expected. The people who didn’t die left. Leaving the three that still work on it today.

Lawrence Von Sketch

Lawrence Von Sketch is a stick figure come to life. He is very laid back but generally unprofessional and naive. He has an anomalous effect on reality, within 5 feet of him, everything looks like a sketched image. After originally being a successful experiment by M.E.G Team "After-Sketch", Lawrence was a very valuable operative, helping The M.E.G understand more of this phenomenon. But, after the tragic loss following incident 18597-B, Lawrence left Team "After-Sketch" for good. He can be seen now wandering Level 57, and occasionally, Level 4. An interview with Lawrence has been recorded below.

Experimentation with Phenomenon 8

Experiment 0: Door Shape

Operative draws multiple different shaped doors on the paper.
Subject walks up to doors, opens them all in order.
Each door the subject opens links to the same exit.

Results: The shape of the door does not matter.

Experiment 1: Firepower Test

Operative draws multiple weapons and a training dummy.
Subject picks up gun, tries shooting the dummy.
The dummy spins, but does not break
Subject blows up dummy with Firesalt ingot.

Results: Firepower seems to be very underpowered. New subject hired.

Experiment 2: Get Real

Operative cages hound and draws firearms and a door on the paper.
Subject takes firearm and walks through door.
Subject tries exterminating hound. Hound only reacts slightly.
Subject shoots self in arm.

Results: All firearms taken out of the paper realm look like they are sketched. Bullets from these guns have the same pain level as a pinprick and do not break skin. New subject hired. Hound terminated.

Experiment 3: Sustenance

Operative draws a slice of pizza and a door.
Subject takes pizza and walks out door.
Subject eats pizza.
Subject is monitored for the next 24 hours.

Results: No physical or mental gain is taken from eating doodlefood. It also tastes very bland. Further experimentation was abruptly ended.

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