Phenomenon 55 - "Godhand"

This page depicts violence and gore that may be uncomfortable to some readers.
You have been warned.


The physical manifestation of Godhand, Granter of Strength.


Godhand is the thirst for blood and hunger for battle. The glorious fulfillment of gore splaying as fist hammer fist and flesh hit flesh. Godhand is the mighty gift that grants us the primal violence our consciousness craves and the freedom to inflict this bloodlust unto whoever we brutalize. We have chosen the way others resist so vehemently, so utterly unspeakable to them that they refuse to believe in this simple truth. Rage is divine fuel, violence a simple act. Strength is supreme for all beings, a lifeblood that is to be fed on until we are all fat and full.


Godhand wills my battles; I inflict Godhand upon my enemies. I am a berserker of Godhand, elated to lay wrath and misery.

Influences In The Mind

We, humans, are the developing spawns of Godhand. Once we indulge in the will of Godhand, we are filled with a sense of understanding that, alas, we have found true meaning in our freeing actions. Simply hitting flesh with our hands sends us into euphoric fulfillment, a revelation that this is how life should have been lived from the beginning. True, primal wrath to thrash and gnaw through bone and sinew and skin. Godhand is the ultimatum of existence, an objective for all of us, a simple truth to a blood-bathed world. Godhand is the manifestation of physical violence. Godhand is the split-second bloodthirst that roots from anger — anger from anyone — made incarnate. The realness that ensues once our fist hits another and a fist hits us is Godhand itself.


In the will of Godhand, our physique reaches its true peak. Strength is truth, rage is fuel, Godhand the guidance we seek.

Influences In The Body

Our bodies are the way of Godhand, the bridge to the final ascension of power, and we must strive for that ultimate power, the perfect strength. In the will of Godhand, we achieve the pinnacle form of our physique, no matter in what shape or form. What remains of us is a perfect body for battle and brutality, honed until it becomes a vessel of Godhand, the ultimate state of violent perfection. Only a handful have reached this state of absolute strength, the physical peak of Godhand. Once Godhand is within us, we are truly almighty in all ways possible. No man, no god, and no beast would any longer dare overstep the omnipotent might and will of Godhand. We are the truth that hammers down the bodies that reject Godhand, the lives that do not understand this simple truth, and the flesh that reviles our rage as some form of wicked, animalistic pleasure. All humans who have not partaken in the will of Godhand shall soon see the likeness of Godhand on their red horizons and blood seas.

Manifest Godhand

To instill Godhand within us, we must first take our hands and form them into fists, then we must seek living flesh, fellow humans or "entities", to wound or slay. With our hands, we must brutalize the living flesh we sought, we must punch, tear, or even gnaw into the flesh with no hesitation and Godhand will slowly come to us. Relish in the blood that we splay and the gore that we gourmandize, for it is in this contentment that Godhand shall reach out to us the will and freedom we have been finding all our lives. Indulge in this freedom that Godhand has granted us; be good and the strength we need shall come naturally. Those who reach the pinnacle of this satisfaction attain the title of "Vessel", and are granted all strength and knowledge that signifies the worthiness of their faith in Godhand. After all, Godhand is the absolute truth, Godhand is morality and rationality, and Godhand is the simple nature of all beings. That is why we must accept Godhand's will and freedom, to prove ourselves worthy of strength and knowledge unattainable elsewhere.

Abandon Godhand

Blasphemy. That is all it is, a blasphemous act. Not only do we betray ourselves when we abandon this sacred promise, but also the will of Godhand. We are disrespecting what has been set upon us from the beginning of our lives to what we are now. To ignore the offer of Godhand's grace is heresy unforgivable, a cardinal sin, something worthy of damnation and death. It is the false truth, it is the complacency we live in to form the illusion of peace when our true nature is simply brutality and the capability to harm. We must cut out that false truth from ourselves and realize our true potential in the faith of Godhand. No longer shall we be held back by the chains of our minds and no longer shall we be imprisoned in false harmony, now is the time to understand the extent of our freedom by the will of Godhand.


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