Phenomenon 26 - "S.U.N., You Think You're Funny Aren't Ya? Undo This Curse!"

Phenomenon 26: Thereafter,

Description: Come the moon, come the sun, and they laughed at one another. The moon asked the sun, how come I shine yet have no innate luminance? And the sun replied, you shine only in my image. Well, that is quite sad, the moon frowned. But it does not matter, I'll always shine as bright as you, he smiled and the sun laughed. Haha, come now, it is past midnight. Said the sun, nonchalantly. How can you tell that? Asked the moon. Hmm, I do not know.

--- End of Scene 1 ---

Collective Phenomenon 26: Scene 2

Description: Come to think of it, was there ever a star as bright as the one near us? Now that is a question for the wise. Obviously, the answer is that the sun is as close as it can ever be to any other star, no matter how large or bright those other stars are, it can't compare to the sun since it's so up close. You can feel the heat coming from it, it's warm and perfect for beings like us. Don't you think so too?

Properties: I think of absurdity as something random and simple, yet this masterpiece of creation, this… sun of ours is nothing to doubt, ever. I think that the sun will always be with us and the moon, well, the moon is our friend, too. But the sun, the radiant sun, the bright and warm sun, who harbingers the come of summer. Ah, isn't it perfect?

--- End of Scene 2 ---

A quick segment from our sponsor the Major Exploration Group!

!!Warning Warning This Is An Automated Response System Dispatched From [Location A] to [Location B] A Magnitude 7.0089 S.U.N. (Sunder Under Nothing) Has Impacted [Location C], [Location D], [Location E], [Location F], [Location G], [Location H], [Location I], [Location J], [Location K], And [Location L] In Order To Ensure Safety All Humans Humans Humans Are To Immediately Seek Underground Shelter To Avoid Exposure To A Magnitude 7.0089 S.U.N. (Sunder Under Nothing) We Pray For The Survival Of All Humans Humans Humans In Less Than One Hour Or Sixty Minutes!!

--- End of Commercial Segment ---

The Totality Phenomenon 26: A Cliché End Of The World Scenario

Description: Phenomenon 26 is A Cliché End Of The World Scenario, I tell you. But what is S.U.N.? A lot of people ask me about S.U.N. nowadays. Well, S.U.N., or Sunder Under Nothing, was a phenomenon that came to be in the Backrooms, it just existed for some reason, we don't know, nor does anyone know, how it came to be. All we know for certain is that S.U.N. is grieving the death of his fake friend the moon and he blames us Humans Humans Humans for the cause of death. S.U.N. is such a fickle thing, you know? He brings us summers and great tropical weather but he also smites us with his hammer, the solar flare. A great surprise I know. But we wonder what's outside of the walls.

--- End of Scene 3 ---

Phenomenon 26: Here comes the sun, do doo doo

Description: Once upon a time, on a calm summer day, the sun was looking to swim in the ocean. Humans Humans Humans prohibited him to go under the water because he would only burn the water, and he actually wouldn't be able to swim in it. The sun was maddened by this and demanded Humans Humans Humans to transform the sea into a pit of fire. Of course, Humans Humans Humans didn't successfully do it. And so there came the sun, singing a melody and smiting the world once more. Another redo was bound to happen.

Properties: In order for Humans Humans Humans to survive the sun, they hid under rocks, which was effective. Now, humans live under the ground like moles, digging tunnels from one level to another. This phenomenon was unprecedented they say, they've never seen anything such as this before.

--- End of Scene 4 ---

Epic Phenomenon 26: The One-on-one between S.U.N. and special Human Human Human

Epic Description: A sword flies in the direction of S.U.N., it was the special Human's Human's Human's sword. So you've come, at last, my arch-nemesis! Special Human Human Human! I must say, your tenacity far exceeds my expectations! However, I fear you are much too weak! S.U.N. unleashes his hammer, solar flare, and slams it toward special Human's Human's Human's direction. He parries the huge attack,1 and unleashes his ultimate technique against S.U.N. Agghh! Special Human Human Human! You truly are worthy of becoming my enemy! Now prepare for my final form! S.U.N. transform into mega giant S.U.N. with a magnitude of over 9.0001 and strikes special Human Human Human with all his will and strength! Special Human Human Human heaves and hos then special parries mega giant S.U.N's attack into oblivion! Full counter! Ahhhh! I will come back again, special Human Human Human, just you wait! And S.U.N. disappears and the Backrooms is saved.

--- End of Scene 5 ---

Phenomenon 26 (M.E.G. Version [Authentic]): S.U.N. is a lie, mostly

Description: Phenomenon 26 is a worldwide mass hyper-hysteria event that affected the Backrooms for a significant time of 6 months, where humans experienced extreme hallucinatory effects caused by the spontaneous, unknown, and unexplained phenomenon that is S.U.N. Based on M.E.G. researchers, Phenomenon 26 is no longer real and should not be believed otherwise. However, according to a survey held on January 23, 2023, a total of 10,000 people still believe in the existence of S.U.N. and its unknown origin or purpose. S.U.N. was speculated to be indeed real and without the help of an individual known as special Human Human Human, the hyper-hysteria event would not have seized. Special Human Human Human remains unknown to everyone. All seemingly catastrophic damages inflicted on the environment do not exist and all conflicts and connections with other GOIs have been undone. Truly an unprecedented event.

--- End of Final Scene ---

~ End

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