Phenomenon 24
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M.E.G. Records, Phenomenon 24: No-Clip Derailing
Class: Undetermined Can occur in most levels Very Rarely Occurs

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Phenomenon 24, dubbed "No-Clip Derailing", is the process of being "derailed" so-to-speak, in the middle of no-clipping.
On a very rare occurrence, while no-clipping, the teleportation can become increasingly unstable to the point where the person, object, or entity doing the no-clipping, will be “derailed” from said no-clipping, stopping them in a void. This void is dubbed "midway" as it seems to be the middle reality between point 'A' and point 'B' during no-clipping. This Midway is where every single thing in the backrooms briefly passes through to transport it to the next point.


To this date, there have only been two recorded instances of a derailing. The first of which was from the aforementioned letter, and the second one being a M.E.G. operative, sent to discover the truthfulness behind this phenomenon, then only known to exist on the piece of paper.


The following is a letter, written by an anonymous wanderer located floating about on Level 128.

May 4th, 2011

I don't know how to explain where I am, but it's some sort of void. It’s pitch black here, but I see flashing lights. I'm not sure how I got here, BUT, I do remember I had just no-clipped my way out of that arcade place, level 40 I think. Suddenly I'm here. I see flashes of people zoom away, at least that’s what I’m pretty positive the lights are, as well as random objects, and what I had feared the most, some weird entity zipped right past me. The only logical theory I could come up with is that I am in some sort of no-clip traveling space. Maybe this is a level, I don't know, but damn this is a weird place.
Even though this void is not like any other level, I still feel things like hunger and sleep, I still feel all of that. I'm scared I will starve to death here, and my corpse will zip around like the other things here.
Anyways, I'll be holding onto this paper for now, as something I can just look at, hopefully it will leave my hands and fall into someone else's someday.
As a side note, this paper also zoomed right past me but suddenly got like blown away from its path or something. I couldn’t move to get it, the dimensions of this void are strange, but after enough reaching, I grabbed hold of it (All I know is that I am standing on solid ground, but it feels like the shapes of this thing are impossible. Whatever, I’ll figure it out).
[Smudged out, illegible]

On the back of this paper were random doodles with seemingly no correlation to The Midway, No-Clip Derailing, or anything similar. If wanderers hold any theories or possible explanations to these doodles, be sure to contact M.E.G. through any method.


The doodles on the back of the wanderer's note

This paper was found by a M.E.G. operative, James Bozzelli and although it was first thought to be a joke, the same operative tried no-clipping until he reached this void. With a radio equipped, he was able to transmit a message lasting just short of five seconds to a M.E.G.Outpost.

The following is that audio message.

Date Recovered: September 2nd, 2013
Begin Audio Transcript

James: Hello? This is agent James, Can you hear me?
Outpost Operator: Yes, we can hear you.
James: I’ve got good news and bad news. Good news, I finally got to the midway. Bad news, this is a lot more annoying than I thought it would be
Outpost Operator: James, is The Midway treating you ok? I’m going to get someone else on the line, it seems the connection is failing.
(Muffled talking can be heard in the distance.)

End Audio Transcript

James Bozzelli has never made contact with this, or any known outpost to this day.

Do’s and Don’ts:

If you find yourself stuck in The Midway, here is what you should and should not do during, before, and after the event.


  • Before: Have sufficient supplies on you at all times, especially when you plan to no-clip.
  • During: Stay calm, do not panic.
  • During: Ration your supplies, and find any way to communicate, whether that be via paper, radio, or anything else.
  • During: Comfort yourself, and if possible, sleep, you want to keep a sharp, focused mind.
  • After: Immediately find another wanderer, if you cannot on the level, do not be afraid to no-clip or simply exit through another one.
  • After: Locate more supplies, weapon, and if possible, take a moment to ease your mind.


  • Before: No-clip excessively, this will heighten your chances of derailing.
  • Before: Waste supplies.
  • Before: Get injured.
  • During: Waste supplies.
  • During: Panic, in other words, do not try to lose focus on your task of surviving, it will not be helpful.
  • During: Make frantic decisions, they could end in unpredictable ways.
  • After: Continue no-clipping excessively for no apparent reason.
  • After: Forget about scouting for wanderers and supplies.

Dr. Makino, M.E.G. Department of Wanderer Safety

This is a message from the M.E.G. DWS (Department of Wanderer Safety). After much discussion, we felt it is of upmost importance to remind you that we have very little evidence and knowledge of No-Clip Derailing and The Midway. Most of what is written in this page is a mix of educated guesses and speculation based on the two pieces of evidence our team has gathered (the note and the radio transmission). The Dos and Don'ts section is our assumptions of what should and should not be done in regards to the midway.
Safe travels,
Dr. Makino, M.E.G. Department of Wanderer Safety

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