Phenomenon 2: Blood Moons

Blood runs through a person’s body to oxygenate the system and protect against invading bacteria. Blood runs through a level to oxygenate those who belong and eliminate those who don’t. The floods will cleanse the world of those who don’t submit to the unbound.

Blood Moons are a mysterious phenomenon that can happen on any level where sound and vision are present. This means Blood Moons cannot appear on Level 6 and other levels similar. This phenomenon is a rare level-wide phenomenon that causes no physical damage but causes any form of organic matter caught inside it to disappear.


A Blood Moon occurring at an unknown level taken by an M.E.G explorer. The explorer had managed to seek shelter before the flood began.

A Blood Moon on an outdoor level will start with the sky turning red. Conversely, all lights will glow a bright red on an indoor level. Whenever a Blood Moon begins, each wanderer will experience extreme stress and panic. The sound of rushing water will soon follow. Wherever the wanderer is, it will always seem that this sound is getting closer to them. If a wanderer has not reached the higher ground or found a closed-off space, they will soon be erased or drowned depending on the category of Blood Moon. Flooding is the final and most dangerous aspect of a Blood Moon. 5 minutes after the Blood Moon starts, blood will flood the entire space. This blood is estimated to be ten feet (3 meters) in depth at all points. Strangely, when tested, the DNA of this blood matches the DNA of the person testing it, varying in who sees it. The results will show up differently for everyone who observes them.

Once the flood ends, it will always result in the disappearance of any organic object from the level caught in the flood, and the rest of the level is entirely unscathed.

Blood Moon Variations.

Blood Moons have three distinguishable types. They can be grouped into three categories.

Category A

Category A is the most common Blood Moon. It floods a level and causes all organic matter to be completely erased if caught by the flooding. The blood appears to be the usual dark red color, the sky is completely red, and a moon will manifest. This moon will always be red, and a wanderer will be partially blinded if they look directly at it. The most recent occurrence of this category happened on Level 10 on 12/4/22.

Category B

Category B blood moons are similar to Category A blood moons. They have one main difference, all wanderers killed by the flooding stay after the flood. The bodies of the wanderers have been researched, and the cause of death is drowning. Strangely, all the wanderer's blood is erased and replaced completely with the blood in the flooding.1 These bodies have allowed the M.E.G. to research this bloody liquid. It has been found to be incredibly dense, pulling anything trapped within under. This is most likely the cause of drowning. The last known occurrence of a category B blood moon was on 9/12/22. Only seven category B blood moons have ever been recorded.

Category C

These Blood moons are hypothetical and may not exist, but Category C blood moons erase levels. After the M.E.G's last storming of UEC's base, confidential documents containing information on an old level were completely erased by a sudden red, bloody, time-stopping flood. This flood caused all documents of its history and the existence of this level to disappear. It is unknown if this level still exists, but there is no known entrance or exit. Leading to the belief that this level has been eliminated.

About 30 Blood moons have ever been recorded, 23 of them being category A and 7 being category B blood moons. Over the last two years, blood moons have increased in occurrence, from happening on average every six months to 2 weeks. The reason for this is unknown.


Arete’s eye has fallen upon our enemies, cleansing the filth and making way for perfection. Our glorious lands only grow in size thanks to Arete’s bloody gratitude.2

Arete’s wrath will not stop until our enemies are crushed, their pathetic and misguided ideals stomped into the dirt. Two of the most detestable groups, the M.E.G. and B.N.T.G., make foolhardy attempts at stopping Arete’s will. Their foolish attempts only ensure Arete’s wrath will be swift and bloody.

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