Phenomenon 19 - "R.W.P."
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Radio Waves of the Past, or RWP for short, summarizes the phenomena of which several backroom devices pick up on old waves (radio waves being the most common, thus the name) and then broadcast speeches, messages, etc., that seem altered. They all convey similar intentions/themes about disruption in the Backrooms. Anyone can be affected by this phenomena, so it is important to identify when and if this occuring, and to be carful to follow the do's and don't 's.


The messages have been happening more frequently. So far, there is no way to prevent them from being recieved.

There have also been a few unverified reports of messages through emails and other forms of communications. Here is a file containing all of them so far:

Conclusion made by the Author:

The changes made to the speeches seem to be all trying to convey a message of war, and all of the speeches are from a time of war in the frontrooms. Why weren't these messages heard in the Backrooms during the years they were made? I believe many questions like this one can be answered, once we have more information. These old speeches being broadcasted could also point to Backrooms being on a different…time than the frontrooms. We could have been transported from 2016 and ended up in 1942 in the Backrooms. There recently was the discovery of a wanderer who died from Phenomena 3 whose identification said his birthdate was one year in the future. We don't, as far as I know, have an actual timeline of every year in the Backrooms, and we have no way of finding out what is happening in the frontrooms at this very moment. We don't even know when in the frontrooms is occurring right now. Therefore, it is possible some entity or person from the future might be messing with old radio waves and rebroadcasting them. There is unfortunately no way to prove this theory.

Additional Author Note:

Radios have two separate parts: The transmitter, and the receiver. The transmitter takes some sort of message (it could be the sound of someone's voice, pictures for a TV set, data for a radio modem, or whatever), encodes it onto a sine wave, and transmits it with radio waves. The receiver receives the radio waves and decodes the message from the sine wave it receives. Both the transmitter and receiver use antennas to radiate and capture the radio signal. In our case, we know what the receiver is. The radios, computers, etc. that are broadcasting these speeches. If we wanted to, we could figure out the original transmitter, but not the current one. It could be possible that someone is taking the original speech and editing it, but it is as equally possible that the receivers are picking up old radio waves, or something else entirely. I suggest we keep a close watch on these messages. If we allow ourselves to get too used to something, we'll only get surprised and in a state of vulnerability when it comes back to bite us. It is entirely possible this is more than just a strange happening in the Backrooms.

You've got mail from karma_0.pnga48.png Unknown.
To view their message, click on their profile link.


  • Keep calm.
  • Ignore the context of the messages
  • Alert the M.E.G. of any changes in the overall concepts of the messages.


  • Panic
  • Believe what the speakers are saying
  • Gossip about the messages
  • Allow them to disrupt your lifestyle

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