Phenomenon 16 - "Destabilizing Storms"

Phenomenon 16

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The calm before the storm is fleeting. Enjoy it while it lasts.
-Old Lost Proverb


There are many dangers lurking in the Backrooms: hostile entities, dangerous phenomena, and the environments hosted by the infinite levels. But none are as dangerous as the storms that wrack the static and calm skyboxes of levels in the Backrooms. These "Destabilizing Storms" wreak havoc on the environment and inhabitants of whatever level they appear in. However, their dangers are most apparent in "safe" levels, especially if the warning signs are ignored.

Storm Safety

To ensure your safety, and the safety of those around you, be aware of the following signs.

The first sign will be joint pain, regardless of your age or general bodily health. It'll be deep in your bones and radiate out toward your extremities. For most people, this pain will be a mild nuisance, but occasionally the pain will be so great that movement is impossible. When a majority of inhabitants feel joint pain, evacuation efforts should begin, with every effort taken to move wanderers, important equipment, and important documents out of the level.


Note the unusual cloud color.

The second sign is the sky suddenly becoming overcast. In indoor levels, this is reflected through any windows that may be on the level, regardless of if they're real or not. While many clouds are the usual grey or white, unusual coloring may appear as well, such as chartreuse, #90963a, and NULL.

Once "lightning" appears, either manifesting as typical lightning or other sources of light rapidly brightening and dimming, the storm is already close enough to affect reality around it. However, there may be a chance for escape with your body intact, given that the intervals between lightning flashes are greater than 10 seconds. Past that point, the chances of escaping with an unchanged mind or body are slim.

During the Storm

If you are somehow caught in a destabilizing storm, use a Reality Freshener during every thunderclap until the storm ends. While it may not stop the effects of the storm completely, it may mitigate more drastic changes to your person.

If you are caught in a storm without Reality Fresheners, take the time to reflect on and appreciate your current state of being while it lasts.

No form of shelter will protect you from the storm.

Destabilizing Storms

Destabilizing storms get their name from their effects on reality in the Backrooms. Anything caught in a storm changes rapidly. These changes may be superficial or may completely rewrite how something functions. Matter, energy, and fundamental laws of the The Frontrooms are all affected by the storms. There is no way to predict what kinds of changes will happen, but generally, a storm's changes will all be the same or similar. For example, a single storm's effect will change only biological functions or affect a particular material. A single storm can hit multiple levels at once, causing widespread destruction and chaos.

Documentation of highly destructive storms has been recorded far before the creation of the General Public Database, having been recorded on clay tablets, paper, and even carved into metal as warnings.

Below is a list of notable and particularly devastating storms.

Name Destabilizing Category Destabilizing Effect Level(s) Affected
McManus Superficial All affected entities changed their preferred handedness. Level 11
Vaughan Environmental The storm rained various entities instead of water. Those that didn't die from the fall took up residence in the level, changing its SD class from 0 to 3. Level 194
Drextler Environmental Metal became infectious. Any organic matter left after the storm swiftly changed into living metal. Level 850
Shaw Biological Oxygen became corrosive to affected entities, causing many to cough up their lungs. Level 566
Lycan Biological Human limbs, teeth, and hair elongated. Affected humans gained paranoid and erratic behavior, attacking anyone who hadn't gone through the change. Multiple
Escher Spatial Level 87 started as an empty office complex similar to Level 4. After the storm hit, recorded entrances and exits no longer worked. Hallways expanded and looped in on themselves, creating spatial and temporal paradoxes. Level 87
Fermi Temporal [NULL] [NULL]
Shannon Informational The records of various levels, entities, objects, and phenomena were erased from existence. This deletion of information also affected digital records held in the General Public Database, leaving the dissemination of information to memory and oral transmission. The Manila Room, Multiple



A destabilizing storm has been detected on a level connected to the database. Follow safety procedures and head to the nearest exit.

Please log off the database on all Wi-Fi-connected devices.


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