Phenomenon 14


This is easily the silliest proposal you've ever made
so? I report on information, not pass judgement on it
Filtering out junk is part of data analysis
I'm not analyzing, I'm just gathering
Whatever the hell you think you're doing, this is a waste of time. Nobody will bother with this
why don't you mind your own business?
or is this some weird psyop where you try to distract me and I forget to hit save and lose all my work
Can you stop being a weirdo for five seconds?
I have to deal with you, so no

Phenomenon data form

Colloquial name(s): stashed (used passively, ex: "he got stashed when he noclipped")
Description: Noclipping from one level into another leads to the person falling unconscious. Upon regaining consciousness, the person finds themselves within a container or concealed from view in some manner.

Did you remember to save the form?

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