Phenomenon 13 - "A Way Out"
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By Directive 12-9-5-19 from the Overseers, the following file has been locked away from those without the Security Classification: TOP SECRET ranking or higher. Questions regarding this directive must be taken up with any high-ranking M.E.G. staff with access to the file in question.

Senior Archivist and Chief Researcher Dr. Marcellus A. Fox


Looking through the General Public Database, you notice almost immediately how Phenomenon 13 is locked under a high-level clearance, completely unlike any of the other files. You want to know why, so you decide to take matters into your own hands by setting out a plan to obtain access to the file by any means necessary. With the cover of darkness to help conceal your identity and movements, you make a fearless decision and manage to swipe a high-level authorization code from Base Alpha.
Although a number was scratched off during the chaotic heist, you make off mostly unscathed. After fleeing from the base, you run for hours on end until stumbling upon Level 11. A few minutes later, you manage to find a working computer in an abandoned hotel, far from prying eyes, and log in to the device. Before you stands the intimidating terminal, just waiting for you to make one wrong move to alert the M.E.G. of your presence and ruin your whole plan. It's time to find out what's behind the curtain. You take a deep breath, and push the button on the terminal…

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