Phenomenon 11 - "Backronyms"
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Carla Bonham

what i'm saying is, we should still try to should report it to MOP.


Fine, it's worth a shot

Report to who?

Carla Bonham

probly supervisor Daeng or that team in general.


No I mean, what is MOP?

Carla Bonham

wdym, the Major explOrer grOup? where we work?


Carla what are you on?


An unusual phenomenon dubbed "Backronyms" has begun to amass reports and incidents from all over. This bizarre case causes wanderers to remember absurd and incorrect acronyms for organizations, as well as use unnecessary contractions.

At first thought to be an inside joke, there have been too many independent cases of wanderers genuinely believing they worked for the "M.O.P." or the "M.O.O." rather than the M.E.G. (Major Explorer Group). There have also been external reports from other factions and third party groups. Even during interrogation or intimidation, affected wanderers never supposedly break character and appear to be deeply perplexed about the ordeal.


In an effort to actively combat this phenomenon, from now on all M.E.G. (Major explorEr Group) operatives will be required to fully write out acronyms in any communication exchange. Please do not joke about this. It might worsen the spread.

It is mind-bogglingly difficult to attempt to track, study, and research this phenomenon bcs it occurs so unnoticeably & unpredictably. How, when, or why this happens is still a complete mystery.
Current possible theories include:

  • a parallel reality shift
  • anomalous glitching in electronic devices
  • a memory-altering bioweapon

While speculation sounds concerning, the phenomenon itself is harmless. However, if left unchecked, it could prove to be disruptive to operations, documentation, & the efforts of wanderers all over the BRs (BackRooms).


Operatives, we trust you have been informed of the recent active phenomenon. If you or a fellow wanderer are affected by this, please contact us below.

We have confirmed with B.R.O. (Backrooms RObotics) that these errant backronyms are indeed not hacks or display glitches, but are consciously typed by the affected.

Additionally, we have received similar bizarre cases from the B.O.N.G. (Backrooms nONaligned trade Group) and the A.S.S. (bAckroomS roboticS). Our informants have managed to reach the T.I.T.Y. (eTernal reposITorY); however, it may be too risky to contact the B.O.O.T.I. (Backrooms nOnaligned cOaliTIon).

The beacon of hope in humanity,


Have you witnessed other incidents of "Backronyms"?

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