Phenomenon 10
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Phenomena 10 “Glitched Objects”

Risk: 8/10

Usefulness: 1/10

Frequency: 4/10


Phenomena 10 is the name given to objects randomly becoming glitched and when either an entity or object makes contact with a glitched object one of the following effects will occur.

Effect Designation Probability Description
Spreading Medium This effect can occur when physical contact with a glitched object is made by either an object or entity1 the object or entity in question has a medium chance to also become glitched.
Instant Death High This only effects living entities and when a living entity makes contact with a glitched object they have a high chance of being instantly killed by way of disappearing from existence.2
Instant No-clipping Low When either an object or entity makes physical contact with a glitched object they have a low chance of instantly No-clip to any random level in cluster 1.
Entity Summoning Low When any living entity comes into physical contact with a glitched object it has a low chance of summoning a random amount of entities taken form any level to the position of the object or entity that made contact with the glitched object.

Phenomena 10 affected objects take the appearance of a purple and black checkered cube with sides constantly pausing in and out of existence showing phenomena 10 affected objects are hollow.


Phenomena 10 was discovered on March 15 2023 when a team of 5 M.E.G. operatives came across a glitched object. When 3 operatives attempted to pick it up the glitched object and 1 operative no clipped away, 1 was incinerated, and 1 summoned and was immediately killed by 5 Skin Stealers. The remaining 2 operatives escaped and documented the phenomenon at base alpha.

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Avoid making physical contact with Phenomena 10 affected objects.
  • Report any sightings of Phenomena 10.
  • If available use Firesalt or Bottled Lightning3to destroy Phenomena 10 affected objects.


  • Make physical contact with Phenomena 10.
  • Let it spread.

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