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Couples argue. Hopelessly trapped, the wife and I began fighting over who should sacrifice themselves and who would escape. I love her so much. That's when our hero no-clipped into that Phobic Centipede, literally. We unfolded our picnic blanket and dragged that mixed mess of man, seafood, and monster home to give it a decent burial the next day. It was the least that we could do.

Daniel Kebab
First interview with the Major Explorer Group

NAME: Deacon Duncan

ALSO KNOWN AS: "Partygoer Zero"

LAST KNOWN LOCATIONS: (Updated) "The SS Fun =)"

KNOWN AFFILIATIONS: (Updated) "Partygoers =)"


Dan Kebab journal
(Page 1)
M.E.G. Archives

Normally, if anything can ever be considered "normal" in the Backrooms, this chimera of crustacean, lamprey eel, and human would result in the prompt demise of all three species.

Adding the Phobic Centipede to this Frankenstein mix changes everything. It has anomalous properties. The body emits a black, smoke-like substance that has an unknown chemical composition. (Update: Anne Dunne, our resident "psychic," claims that this smoke is actually dark spiritual energy, or the lifeforce of the creature.) A Phobic Centipede's face appears to be smiling or grinning constantly. This creature is not only hostile; it is very sadistic and has been heard laughing and cackling at its victims as they suffer prolonged physical and psychological torture.

Dr. John Rhinehart, PhD

Deacon Duncan hated his parents, may they never rest in peace =) children, parties, and his janitorial position at the Happy Times Aquarium. He despised his stupid name and regretted ever being born.

Duncan remembered wanting to be a world-renowned marine biologist. College wasn't the problem. His mother and father dying in that automobile accident and leaving him filthy rich was the problem. Time flashed by and left him with a life and inheritance wasted.

Every Saturday was party day because parents could rent the private room at Happy Times Aquarium to host a celebration for their child. The place was more of a disaster than usual that day because someone smeared yellow buttercream frosting all over the aquarium acrylic at knee height. Deacon angrily grabbed his bucket and squeegee and tripped over his own feet.

Falling wasn't the problem. Plunging headfirst into the acrylic would be the problem. He no-clipped through the window, merging with some marine life in that corner of the tank, and belly-flopped into that Phobic Centipede.

NOTE: This is information learned during the Daniel Kebab interviews.


Dan Kebab journal
(Page 16)
M.E.G. Archives

We must reiterate, before we conclude this document, that many interview hours and journal pages are dedicated to the prolonged suffering of Deacon Duncan during his ten-day transformation into this current state. We see no purpose in disseminating this frightfully shocking, terrifying, and revolting horror. He no longer has a human mouth to speak and eats with his arms. Duncan's present mental condition is quite possibly corrupted by biochemical changes. There are concerns that his consciousness is merged with that of the Phobic Centipede. This makes Deacon Duncan the most dangerous man in the Backrooms.


Dan Kebab journal
(Page 19)
M.E.G. Archives


Dan Kebab journal
(Page 20)
M.E.G. Archives


Sketch of Darla Kebab
M.E.G. Archives

Isn't she beautiful? =)

The grief-stricken testimony and journal of Daniel Kebab has supplied our Major Explorer Group with insight into a possible origin of the Partygoer menace. We offer our heartfelt condolences for his loss. We would be remiss in not documenting the absolute lack of corroborating witnesses to this amazing experience.

David Overbrook
M.E.G. Team "Party Over"

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