@ Stanny_Falls | AKA scoutscer, adam p., Professional Guy, no memes in general

KingLel Today at 13:46

Stanny_Falls Today at 13:47
What is it, David?

KingLel Today at 13:47

Stanny_Falls Today at 13:48
Just tell me what it is you need
If you say me, I'm stabbing you on our next date

KingLel Today at 13:49
XD relax! i was thinking of throwing some Halloween party!

Stanny_Falls Today at 13:49
Who would we even invite?
I only know Sharol, Two-Tone and Michael from accounting

KingLel Today at 13:50
i was thinking maybe Melody? her last name's Parker

Stanny_Falls Today at 13:50
Oh wait no I know her, she got grilled on earlier for bollocking about with those memory jars

KingLel Today at 13:50
aye, her! kinda felt bad for all the hardship she got from those big bossmen, so maybe we can give her some cool halloween party to ease her spirits a wee bit?

Stanny_Falls Today at 13:51
I'm sure she's already going to one with Messi and their lot, she's always got some party packed for every holiday she celebrates.

KingLel Today at 13:51
well yeaaaahhh, duh doi silly~, but maybe it'd be nice to just have a more private one with her friends?

Stanny_Falls Today at 13:51
She's more your friend than mine

KingLel Today at 13:52
fine, her friend and his boyfriend. does that describe it better? /gen

Stanny_Falls Today at 13:52
Heh, yeah ;). Any ideas where to host this?

KingLel Today at 13:53
oh i know exactly where! i'll send you some pics i got with the lads last month on an expedition

Stanny_Falls Today at 13:54
Sure, ship those over to me
Is it working?

KingLel Today at 13:58
Discord is being gay about file sizes, i'll Email them instead

KingLel <> 2:00 PM (2 minutes ago)
hey boo~, i'll send a few images here for you. just let my data work first (wifi is being too crap in Level 4 atm -_-)


this was the door into the area we found, at first we thought it was a weirdo bit of Level 4, but as we explored further we saw a little more. to spoil the manga, it's classed as PA98 now. and it looks neat in my opinion!


here's a pic where we went on more of a deep dive! again, we all just thought it was a furnished bit of Level 4. it isn't! cus we found this!


to be honest i have no idea what this is at all, lmao. there are lots of these shapes though. reminds me of Level 108 in a way. as i said, under checks by the big lads at M.E.O.D. as PA98, but hey they haven't even sent in proper search teams to evaluate the level, besides us kind of, so it's completely desolate for us to use. and completely void of entities! i think

stanStan <> 2:00 PM (2 minutes ago)
to me ▼
You're sure there's nothing there?

KingLel <> 2:01 PM (1 minute ago)
well we certainly didn't see anything, just the usual creaky sounds of shit we couldn't see. although we opted to not stay too long, Mirabel felt uneasy and felt something was about, so we bailed eventually

stanStan <> 2:01 PM (1 minute ago)
to me ▼
Is she okay now?

KingLel <> 2:02 PM (just now)
oh yeah, she's fine lol. last saw her with Melody funnily enough

KingLel <> 2:02 PM (just now)
Well if you think it works as a place to host the party, we can use it. I think it looks pretty fine, and if it's safe like you say I'm more than happy to set the party here

KingLel <> 2:02 PM (just now)
hah, awesome! i'll go message Melody about that then. see if she's willing to actually do this!

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@ Minim Lookalike | AKA science, bitch!, melody p., gosh hammit, swear jar counter

KingLel Today at 14:01
mah bruh @Minim Lookalike
@Minim Lookalike
@Minim Lookalike
@Minim Lookalike
@Minim Lookalike
@Minim Lookalike
@Minim Lookalike

Minim Lookalike Today at 14:04
Oh, David! Watcha need? I'm sorta busy with work…

KingLel Today at 14:05
ooh shit, sorry! what's the work? hope it's not bog cleaning XD

Minim Lookalike Today at 14:05
It's not though, thank gosh for that. It's just hoovering and some repainting here and there

KingLel Today at 14:06
you free on Halloween?

Minim Lookalike Today at 14:07
Hah I wish, had a plan to join Messi's party. Buuut I can't :(. I's gots da work teh do…

KingLel Today at 14:07
ah buggar
Adam and i had the idea to host a secret party in some area of Level 4 that's currently in the PA system, it's basically empty of people and entities

Minim Lookalike Today at 14:08
Holy Moly I have not spoken to Adam in a while
Is he doing well?

KingLel Today at 14:09
you could find out if you come to our epic secret party to ask him…? :P

Minim Lookalike Today at 14:09
Dang I see what you're doing there, sneaky af

KingLel Today at 14:10
is my epic tactic working? XD

Minim Lookalike Today at 14:10
Fuck yeah it is, I'll come down for it on Halloween in two days
Just make sure to give me directions to the area of course haha

KingLel Today at 14:11
daaaaamn Melody's pulled out the swears for that, i defo know you're being serious now!
excited to have this party with ya and a few others, but i'll defo talk before then to get all the details ironed out

Minim Lookalike Today at 14:10
Sounds fine to me? Speak to you in a bit then David

@ Stanny_Falls | AKA scoutscer, adam p., Professional Guy, no memes in general

KingLel Today at 14:12
mission successful B)

Stanny_Falls Today at 14:12
So she's doing the party then?

KingLel Today at 14:13
yep! skipping work for it and all
even let out a one of her rare uses of a swear word

Stanny_Falls Today at 14:13
Hah lol, what'd she use?

KingLel Today at 14:14
the fuck word XD

Stanny_Falls Today at 14:14
Must be serious about wanting to do this party

KingLel Today at 14:15
i think she's just desperate to do not boring work, can't exactly blame her can ya
so what are you doing now anyways?

Stanny_Falls Today at 14:17
Usual afternoon stuff, laying in bed, waiting for my graveyard hours to start

KingLel Today at 14:17
man i get that
part of me wishes i was that bed right now /j (edited)

Stanny_Falls Today at 14:18
If you wanna come down to my room you can totally be my bed /s

KingLel Today at 14:18

Stanny_Falls Today at 14:18

KingLel Today at 14:19
i'll be over in a few minutes, we can use the time to plan the decor and food for the party!!

Stanny_Falls Today at 14:19
'Plan', lol

KingLel Today at 14:19
heh~, we can at least try to, catcha in a bit babe

Stanny_Falls Today at 14:20
See you soon, Davvie :)

30th October

@ Stanny_Falls | AKA scoutscer, adam p., Professional Guy, no memes in general

KingLel Today at 13:01
afternoon :)

Stanny_Falls Today at 14:18
Well afternoon to you too, did you get home safe?

KingLel Today at 14:18
heh yeah, course i did! it's not exactly a long trip lol

Stanny_Falls Today at 14:19
Just wanted to make sure. Are you organising the collection of supplies?

KingLel Today at 14:20
mhm! i've got that all remembered in my noggin, this party's gonna be great

Stanny_Falls Today at 14:20
Do you remember what to get?

KingLel Today at 14:20
course I do!

Stanny_Falls Today at 14:21
I'll send you the Google Doc again

KingLel Today at 14:22
heh, thanks! I'll get the decorations pronto

Stanny_Falls Today at 14:22
Awesome, thanks a tonne too :). See ya soon

KingLel Today at 14:23

parts list 🗁
File Edit View Insert Format Tools Add-ons Help Last edit was 5 minutes ago

🖶 A 🖌 | 100% ▼ | normal text | Arial | - | 11 | + | B U

- pumpkins

- fake spiderwebs

- gel stickers

- toy skeleton

- purple and orange bunting

- fake tombstones

- fog machines

- spooky ass balloons

- hanging bats and scary faces

- ribena, cola and whatnot

- fake skulls

- big prints of spooky shit

- an arse ton of sweets and chocolate and crisps and stuff :)

- and bowls to put those in

- hard liquor to spike the punch with no

@ Minim Lookalike | AKA science, bitch!, melody p., gosh hammit, swear jar counter

KingLel Today at 14:31
hey @Minim Lookalike
i won't ping you multiple times now lol
@Minim Lookalike

Minim Lookalike Today at 14:35
Oh hey David! You okay?

KingLel Today at 14:36
yeah i'm okay, just thought i'd give you a quick message to say that i'm heading to level 11 to get some party shizz

Minim Lookalike Today at 14:36
Ah don't tell me too much about it LMAO, I want what the place will look like to be a surprise

KingLel Today at 14:36
could I show you the list of decorations as a little teaser for it?

Minim Lookalike Today at 14:36
Sure? I don't see why not

KingLel Today at 14:37

Google Docs
parts list
Pumpkins Fake spiderwebs Gel stickers Toy skeleton Purple and
orange bunting Fake tombstones Fog machines Spooky ass
balloons Hanging bats and scary faces Ribena, cola and whatnot
Fake skulls Big prints of spooky shit An arse ton of sweets and
chocolate and sweets and stuff :) And bowls to put…

boop B)

Minim Lookalike Today at 14:39
Oh gosh wow
That is certainly a list-

KingLel Today at 14:40
haha yeah! XD i'm heading to level 11 now to collect all that shit up

Minim Lookalike Today at 14:40
Oh? How are you gonna get to it? Long way round or another way?

KingLel Today at 14:40
going to Level 6.1 to then fasttrack my way to Level 11, speedrun tactics B)

Minim Lookalike Today at 14:41
Not gonna go the Radio Backrooms way?

KingLel Today at 14:41
honestly i really don't trust myself to not die to what's his face in there

Minim Lookalike Today at 14:42
Fairs really LMAO
What time is the party even going to be tomorrow anyways-

KingLel Today at 14:43
no idea! i'm sure Adam will have some form of idea, he's really taken over the planning

Minim Lookalike Today at 14:43
Well don't let me hold you up getting your party thingies, just keep me in the loop for what happens next pleaaaasssee

KingLel Today at 14:43
aye, hear ya loud and clear Melody! Speak soon

KingLel <> 3:21 PM (12 minutes ago)
still refuse to send pictures via discord since it's just slow af, so i'll just gmail them over to you!

i'm in the process of picking up supplies on Level 11 now, I reached a good looking store for it


honestly the stuff in here is kinda wild, i'm just picking up what i can fit in my bag lol, lookit all this!



really makes me wish I had packed a larger rucksack for all this ;~;

stanStan <> 2:27 PM (6 minutes ago)
to me ▼
So you just found this shop around? How close was it to Beta?

KingLel <> 3:27 PM (6 minutes ago)
not far at all really! just a walk of about 15 minutes east, i'd say. the Malt Marter's haven't even found it yet :D

stanStan <> 2:28 PM (5 minutes ago)
to me ▼
Just making sure you didn't stray out too far, worried you'd get hurt

KingLel <> 3:28 PM (5 minutes ago)
when would i ever get hurt?

KingLel <> 3:28 PM (5 minutes ago)
actually don't answer that- /j

stanStan <> 2:29 PM (4 minutes ago)
to me ▼
Lmao, are we still meeting up at PA98 tomorrow after you get the supplies?

KingLel <> 3:30 PM (3 minutes ago)
mhmm! i've also got a special thing planned for when we've got the whole thing set up, i've been sending discord dm's to other people to rally up a nice number of halloween partygoers (lol). hopefully it'll give Melody a nice evening to lift her spirits!

stanStan <> 2:32 PM (1 minute ago)
to me ▼
Well one can hope, also who did you invite to the party anyways? I've completely forgotten to ask anyone at all

KingLel <> 3:32 PM (1 minute ago)
you'll see who i've invited soon, just keep an eye out on your discord dm's

stanStan <> 2:33 PM (just now)
to me ▼
I always do :)

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31st October

@ Stanny_Falls | AKA scoutscer, adam p., Professional Guy, no memes in general

KingLel Today at 11:43
@Stanny_Falls babe you up?

Stanny_Falls Today at 11:44
Yeah I'm up, you want me to set off now then?

KingLel Today at 11:44
pwease? i wanna give as much time to decoration as i possibly can
and also so i can make more trips to Level 11 if i gotta

Stanny_Falls Today at 11:45
Will you have to?

KingLel Today at 11:46
lol no idea, can't hurt to be safe tho

Stanny_Falls Today at 11:45
Heh, true. See you in a few minutes then?

KingLel Today at 11:46
hell yeah! Cya soon uwu~

KingLel Today at 12:23
you by the entrance area yet?

Stanny_Falls Today at 12:23
Almost, I think. You said it was past the water cooler?

KingLel Today at 12:24
mhmm! :D
oop shit i see you owo

KingLel Today at 12:58
how does this look for some decorations?(finally sending some Discord images cus it's just easier)
i plan to do something like this for most cubicles we end up finding

Stanny_Falls Today at 12:59
Will you have enough stuff for that? You said were taking up a pretty big area for this

KingLel Today at 12:59
i can make another trip if we need it, it's no biggie!

Stanny_Falls Today at 13:00
Well if you say so, but just focus on using the stuff we do have for now. I'll get the work on the drinks area done next

KingLel Today at 13:01
awesome, thank youu~!

Stanny_Falls Today at 14:21
Last pumpkin has been done

KingLel Today at 14:23
very nice, can't wait to see how the others have looked

Stanny_Falls Today at 14:23
I think you'll say they look very nice, they'll be around the entrance area. Speaking of which, I need to get working on that don't I?

KingLel Today at 14:23
aye, if you don't mind? it'd be a big help since i'm still doing the cubicle decorations '~'

Stanny_Falls Today at 14:23
It's no issue, I'll get on it pronto

Stanny_Falls Today at 15:29
How's this? Obviously the lights'll be off to make it all spoopy

KingLel Today at 15:30
oh yo that looks good! the pumpkins will be in that to give at least a tincy bit of light i'd imagine?

Stanny_Falls Today at 15:30
Yeah they will, don't want people tripping up and stuff lol

KingLel Today at 15:30
i think people may be tripping up on their own once the party starts enough hehe

Stanny_Falls Today at 15:31
I thought we weren't doing alcohol?

KingLel Today at 15:32

Stanny_Falls Today at 15:32
Well aren't I glad none of us will have work tomorrow

KingLel Today at 15:33
hehe~ honestly it'll all be fineeee! Lemme just quickly do some last decorations and i'll set up a special thing
say uh
have you been hearing stuff going about while we work?

Stanny_Falls Today at 15:33
I've heard a thing or two, I suppose. Just creaks I guess

KingLel Today at 15:34
same here, but thankfully i've seen nothing physical. you don't feel unnerved or anything like Mirabel, do you?

Stanny_Falls Today at 15:34
Not at all David, I'm doing just fine
There's no need to worry too, this was your idea, and I know you've picked a good place. Okay?

KingLel Today at 15:35
heh, thanks for the encouraging words. i'll just finish up the last few things and then we can start this biz!

Stanny_Falls Today at 15:34
Awesome, I've just got some last things to do myself. Catch you in a bit :)

KingLel Today at 17:55


halloween shizzazz
# chill-discussion

boom B)

Stanny_Falls Today at 17:57
You made a whole server for this?

KingLel Today at 17:57
hell yeah! i mean why not?

Stanny_Falls Today at 17:58
This server's probably gonna die after the party

KingLel Today at 17:58
we can use this for each party we do! maybe each Halloween party we do each yearrrrr? :p

Stanny_Falls Today at 17:59
You wanna do these every year?

KingLel Today at 18:00
i don't see why not?

Stanny_Falls Today at 18:00
Let's do them every year then, should be sweet to do

KingLel Today at 18:00
hell yeah!

# chill-discussion

KingLel Today at 18:03

H0T_SH0T Today at 18:04
hm? what is it?

RAT_BASH Today at 18:05
Oh man I had no idea snom was invited

H0T_SH0T Today at 18:05

Vecdec Today at 18:06
what's the ping for though? this whole server's been dead for hours

KingLel Today at 18:06
i dropped it to say that the party is now happening! so just get your asses over here

000.000.001 Today at 18:06
Oh yo finally! Hang on I'm grabbing my bags and stuff

Boi5.6 Today at 18:07
What stuff do you even need to bring?

000.000.001 Today at 18:07
No idea but I'm gonna grab some stuff anyways :)

PandaShark71004 Today at 18:07
heh, well i'll be up soon, just finishing off some writing

ME_C Today at 18:26
Forgot to reply at the time but I've arrived I think
It's really dark though

ARGONGA Today at 18:27
Sounds spooky :o, I'm just about there so I can't wait to see this

KingLel Today at 18:27
ah, I see you @ME_C Eli and @ARGONGA Gogan! hang on i'll go get you-

# party-shenanigans

Mia Gaming Today at 18:34
is there anything here that isn't alcohol? /j

RAT_BASH Today at 18:34
I won't complain too much if there isn't tbh :p

Minim Lookalike Today at 18:35
Wow that looks like a lot- well I'm juuust about there so make sure to leave some of this stuff for muoir

KingLel Today at 18:36
ah, Melody! hang on i'll go to the entrance and get you rq

┌━ @Mia Gaming is there anything here that isn't alcohol? /j
KingLel Today at 18:36
oh wow that actually is a lot O_O
@Stanny_Falls did you get some extra booze? I don't remember grabbing as much as i see here

Stanny_Falls Today at 18:37

KingLel Today at 18:37
well i mean i doubt anyone's really gonna complain too much about the extra liquor now are they XD

Natethegreat Today at 18:37
I'm definitely one of the people who won't complain ;)

KingLel Today at 18:37
oh dang hey Nate, i didn't even realise you arrived! i've got something funny to show you actually lemme find you-

# pics-and-shit

6_THE_SUSSER Today at 19:58
LMAO SkilletFillet ate shit hard

PandaShark71004 Today at 19:58
wait where?

6_THE_SUSSER Today at 19:58
we're barely 2 hours in and they're conked out entirely

Boi5.6 Today at 19:59
I mean I tried to keep them away from the hard stuff lol, guess they forgot how much of a lightweight they are lol

ARGONGA Today at 19:59
Someone wanna give them a hand? maybe you could, Zask? Either that or whoever the other person in the pic is

┌━ @ARGONA Someone wanna give them a hand? maybe you could, Zask? Either that or whoe…
6_THE_SUSSER Today at 20:00
That's Messi @Mashtastre in that pic, came with Melody afaik. Hang on I'll go get the two I went for some more crackers
Welp Skillet and Messi vanished

Boi5.6 Today at 20:02
Wait where to?

PandaShark71004 Today at 20:02
maybe messi already helped them out?

Boi5.6 Today at 20:03
Probably tbh, I'll drop them a line later tho

RAT_BASH Today at 20:40
Get ready for spookies, me and a couple others brought outfits in our bags!!

Stanny_Falls Today at 20:40
Oh damn, now I wish I brought one

Vecdec Today at 20:41
there are some extra ones out by the drinks table, so if anyone's reading this then come get them

KingLel Today at 20:42
@everyone come to the main area if you haven't got a costume to get one!

# chill-discussion

KingLel Today at 20:57
i got Armok @Vecdec to give me my own outfit just a second ago, but how the other ones fitting for those that got one?

ME_C Today at 20:58
I got this picture, it's cursed as hell though

KingLel Today at 20:58
god you all look out of it entirely XD

Mia Gaming Today at 20:59
that'll probably be from the drinking lol

KingLel Today at 20:59
can certainly attest to that lmao
wait holy shit i've got a brillioso idea
#party-page oh hoho yes

# party-page

KingLel Today at 21:01
okay so find a monitor everyone, I wanna set up a collab page where we can do a level

Mia Gaming Today at 21:03
wait what? I didn't realise we were the PA team now lmao

KingLel Today at 21:03
heh we're not, i just wanna make a cool page on how this party is going!

ME_C Today at 21:04
That sounds like a terrible idea
I'm also totally down to help write it

000.000.001 Today at 21:04
Count me in too this sounds brill, will probably be deleted tho, right?

KingLel Today at 21:05
nah it won't, it'll be kept up cus the people that read it just wish they were here XD

000.000.001 Today at 21:05
Well I'm still up to write for it, just post the link when that page is made!

KingLel Today at 21:05
all you go nuts now, make this the best page ever!

Vecdec Today at 21:07
hey guys highlight your text so we know who wrote what, this is a real confusing thing to read heh


Class class 6 XD

  • {$one}
  • oops I cocked the format oh god oh no
  • undo undo undo undo undo undo

PA98 is a place you MEOD ppl wish you were at

it's got cake

And hard liquor


PA98 (nah call it Level Party) (why?) (it's funny :]) Level Party is a pretty cool place! It's somewhere in Level 4 probably, and it's an experience you're all totally missing out on!

I've been talking to Madds like the whole night, xe's pretty epic and you're totally missing out on some good quality talks here!

But if you have an idea of fun you'll probably come here for all the food, drink and party decor! (you're welcome for that XD)

Bases, Communities And Outposts

The party bit :))))

  • Dude if you did different eyes people would think we're partygoers
  • spooookyyyy~~~
  • Lol

The party bit is where we are! Idfk what's around the rest of the area and honestly it doesn't matter one bit! This party is amazing, and sure I haven't actually seen Skillet, Messi, or

Fuck wait

Additional Content

Where's Mia at? They just went offline on both discord and wikidot and I can't find them anywhere

ah cool your jets, she's probably just on her way home

I'm still worried, they seemed fine earlier? I'll just distract myself with chips

Entrances And Exits


Level 4 Biatch


Catalogue exits here.

# party-page

KingLel Today at 22:23
well balls
seems admins found and deleted the page :[

000.000.001 Today at 22:23
Yeah I sorta guessed that'd happen, it was fun though I think?

ARGONGA Today at 22:24
Oh yeah it was! But I'm still worried about Mia-

000.000.001 Today at 22:24
Want help having a look for her?

Vecdec Today at 22:25
I'm happy to help you both btw, just tell me where you both are

000.000.001 Today at 22:25
Thanks Armok, I'm by the cool pumpkins if you wanna come meet so we can go on a mini search

ARGONGA Today at 22:26
Thanks you two, yeah 001 and I are just by those pumpkins, so I assume we'll see ya soon

ARGONGA Today at 22:47
@Vecdec ??

H0T_SH0T Today at 22:48
uh oh

# chill-discussion

ARGONGA Today at 22:48
@Vecdec Please stop fucking with me now I'm worried for you

000.000.001 Today at 22:48
Argon calm down, I'm sure they're fine. Let's just go look for Mia and Armok ourselves

ARGONGA Today at 22:49
Right, sorry
Yeah let's head off, I see you

KingLel Today at 22:50
well they just did the horror movie trope of splitting up- they might fucking die

Stanny_Falls Today at 22:50
I think they'll be fine, but just in case…
@everyone meet up at the food and drinks table so we can do a headcount to know who's here

Stanny_Falls Today at 23:10
So the headcount was done, as you all know
if anyone knows where @evfist, @H0T_SH0T, @PandaShark71004, @Stellate, @Karma, @BoringTalking, @SkilletFillet, @Vecdec, @Mia Gaming, and @Mashtastre are, please ping this channel to say where they are
I'm sure this is probably nothing serious, but it can't hurt to be safe

ME_C Today at 23:13
How did so many people just vanish into thin air, I thought I would notice something like that

Minim Lookalike Today at 23:14
Dude I have no idea, but right now we've just got to keep who isn't vanished together

KingLel Today at 23:14
Basically that, yeah. We'll be fine if we huddle together!

RAT_BASH Today at 23:30
Guys where the hell did Eli go
I swear to god I just saw them and now I can't fucking find them-

KingLel Today at 23:31
guys be calm! it's okay!! Just keep together like we are, don't make too much noise, and keep eye contact with each other

Stanny_Falls Today at 23:32
We're going to get out of this alive, and we're going to have a great laugh about this after it's over too

RAT_BASH Today at 23:30
Possibly, if luck's on our side

ARGONGA Today at 23:59
I'm going to die

1st November

# chill-discussion

RAT_BASH Today at 00:00
Gogan what the fuck do you mean

ARGONGA Today at 00:00
It saw us
Madds it saw us

RAT_BASH Today at 00:01
Who's it?? Just tell us what you saw, none of us are the mood for games

ARGONGA Today at 00:01
I can't describe it
I don't want to
It was just everyone, they all saw us
It's still looking at us and I don't know where from

RAT_BASH Today at 00:03
Is Admin still with you?? Come back to the foods table everyone's there currently

RAT_BASH Today at 00:14
@ARGONGA Gogan??

ARGONGA Today at 00:18
It saw us.

RAT_BASH Today at 00:19
what does that mean??
Gogan please

Boi5.6 Today at 00:20
Holy fucking shit

RAT_BASH Today at 00:20
What the fuck are we even doing anymore let's just leave this place

KingLel Today at 00:21
but what about the others?? we've said where we are, and maybe some are alive?

Boi5.6 Today at 00:21
David I hate to say it
But it's a lost cause

KingLel Today at 00:25
fine then, i guess
let's just make sure everyone left is still here and we can try to make it back to the entrance
yo Adam hun where are you

Natethegreat Today at 00:26
Where was he before??

KingLel Today at 00:26
he was with me!! my eyesight didn't leave his until just now where the fuck is he?!

Natethegreat Today at 00:27
Dude at this point we've just got to go
Oh gosh no

Boi5.6 Today at 00:27
Nate…? What's up buddy?

Natethegreat Today at 00:28
Something saw me

Boi5.6 Today at 00:29
Hey no no no snap out of that, I'm literally looking at where you're looking and I don't see anything
Guys do you see anything?
Wait Nate where did you go- I just looked away for a second please I'm so sorry

RAT_BASH Today at 00:30
I'm making a break for it, fuck it-

KingLel Today at 00:30
no no stop!!
wait Boi where did you go-
you didn't run I know you didn't
please be okay i didn't want this to happen

@ Stanny_Falls | AKA scoutscer, adam p., Professional Guy, no memes in general

KingLel Today at 00:34
Adam i'm so sorry
i never wanted this to happen
i just wanted Melody to be happy dammit!
maybe you ran away
hell i did and i'm fucking alive somehow
please reply to me i'm so fucking scared
Adam please

KingLel Today at 00:41
i love you
i'm so so sorry

KingLel Today at 01:06
it sees me.

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Archived picture of PA98.

Pending Approval 98 is an, as of right now, uncategorised level. Not placed or designated into any normal level list, sub-level list or unnumbered level list. It is also the 98th possible new level submitted to the M.E.G. and Extended Organisation Database.


PA98 is an array of a currently unknown amount of office blocks. These office blocks tend to form and wrap around large plaza areas which are usually only accessible from the ground floor of PA98. Eyewitness testimonies from Melody Parker say that there are around 20 floors of PA98, however the current archive picture of PA98 only displays five. Within the interior spaces of PA98, there are countless office blocks strung up with both Halloween decorations and standard commercial supplies. The former decorations initially were created by a friend group that opted to use PA98 as a party space, however the few successful ventures into PA98 have shown that a vast new quantity of these Halloween decorations have been put up after the fact for reasons currently unknown.

The whole of PA98 is coated in a natural darkness, though any light switches present do work within the space, any discovered ones will be in a natural deactivated state. These lights are usually switched off again if not observed, something only seen as when each new expedition is started, the level returns to its state of complete darkness.

PA98 still holds it's status as an uncategorised location due to the current conjunction on what level state it may be. The PA is currently rumoured to be either a Level 4 sublevel1, a Level 4 room, or simply a whole new level that rather bears resemblance to the aforementioned level. While the usual protocol for categorising a physically documented PA Level is to explore it with specially designated teams, the singular entity that roams within it has decimated 19 of the 21 attempts to gather more information on this space.

PA98's Entity

Not much is known about what lives in PA98, a few survivors from the 18/01/242 voyage described it as an "omnipotent collective being", and Melody Parker (the only known survivor of the party of 2024) described it as a "blink and you'll miss it body stealer."

Whatever this beast's form may be, it seems to scar most that encounter it. From archived messages between those that attended the PA98 party last year, the creature may be able to 'choose' who it wants to steal by staring at them, invoking a sudden rush of adrenalin and fear into the victim before stealing them.

What this creature does with those individuals is unknown.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There are no known bases, outposts or communities on this PA.

Entrances And Exits


PA98, while unadvised to go to, has one confirmed and usable entrance. Situated around 15 minutes north of Base Omega on Level 4, approaching two wood doors on a blue carpeted floor is how one will know they've reached PA98's entrance. Walking through the left door leads to this PA's entrance, while the door on the right is simply a continuation of Level 4.


The only known way to exit PA98 is to use the same door one entered with. Though said door is hard to find, due to it being down a blackened hallway, the smell of now rotting pumpkins if prevalent around the area of exit. Making a somewhat noticeable marker for where the escape out is.

There are undoubtedly more exits within PA98, but as of now those are entirely undiscovered and undocumented. Future explorations of PA98 have been scheduled for 13/06/25, 01/07/25, 24/07/25, with a further 6 undated expeditions undated, yet planned for future work.

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