Our Moon
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Ground control this is Saturn IC reporting in. We’re going in for Descent Orbit Insertion now. Stand by.

Standing by.

Alright doing a PDI against the lunar surface. It looks like we overshot the destination by a bit, but we should be able to land fine.

Affirmative. Godspeed, IC.

Ahh…. ground control, we got a problem.

What’s that IC?

The LM isn’t engaging. We’ll have to land manually, but i don’t think we have enough time-

Shit! Bracing!

IC, do you read? IC?? Come in, god damnit!

(Garbled static)

IC? What's happening?

Gone…. Through. (Incomprehensible) Through the. (Static) Ground.

What the hell just happened?


Gr o u n d. Contro l. Something. Is. Wrong.


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