Office Space EL3A
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Office Space EL3A is a unique location and outpost within Level 2.


EL3A is a common waypoint among wanderers of Level 2.


Office Space EL3A, or simply EL3A, is a combined warehouse and modular office space, secluded within the mind-bending tunnel-labyrinth of Level 2. The walls and floors of the sub-layer consist mostly of dilapidated concrete, with rebar visible in some areas. Piping and ventilation ducts run exposed along the walls and ceiling, which occasionally secrete a viscous, black ooze — something seen frequently by wanderers of Level 2. The sub-layer is well-lit when compared to the rest of its host level, but suffers frequent faults in its ventilation system, sending temperatures as high as 35 °C (95 °F) for hours at a time. Despite this, EL3A is among the most hospitable known locations in Level 2, and is one of the first major outposts a wanderer may encounter within the Backrooms.

Office Space EL3A is home to around 30 members of the B.N.T.G. The sub-layer was originally discovered on accident by a supply team who were navigating to The Hub with provisions from Level 4. The complex consists of a ground-level warehouse, as well as a mezzanine level containing modular office blocks and a break room. The total area of the sub-layer is comparable to a smaller-than-average warehouse in the Frontrooms. The outpost functions as a bulk storage and distribution site, and is always packed with objects collected from Level 2 and Level 3. Its inventory is diverse, often containing electronics, furniture, tools, and clothing. These items are stored at EL3A until eventually being distributed to larger communities throughout the Backrooms, such as Trader's Keep in Level 1.

Accessible via staircases, the mezzanine level of Office Space EL3A contains numerous modular office blocks. These offices are used as semi-private housing for the sub-layer's occupants and visitors. The mezzanine level also possesses a break room, which functions as the outpost's primary source of sustenance. It is furnished with tables, chairs, and vending machines, which dispense snacks and drinks without requiring payment. These machines restock automatically every 72 hours, although the specific timing varies slightly. Local tradition dictates that all inhabitants and guests sign their name on the wall of the break room.


The break room of Office Space EL3A.


Office Space EL3A is safe and secure, but does face occasional entity incursions from Level 2. The most frequent assailants are Smilers, which are believed to be attracted to the sub-layer's bright lighting. Hounds are also a common nuisance, but are easily intimidated and driven back when confronted by multiple human defenders. Skin-Stealers make occasional infiltration attempts, but the danger they present is minimal, as all residents and visitors are subject to regular screening. Photoshop was first discovered in EL3A during an inspection of electronics bound for Level 1, however there have been no further sightings within the sub-layer.

Entrances and Exits:

Office Space EL3A is accessible within Level 2 via several access tunnels. Tunnels connecting to the sub-layer are often lit brighter than normal and feature occasional signage directing wanderers towards a location marked "EL3A". Following these routes will eventually lead to the outpost, and also function as exits when traveling away.

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