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Vanding Machines are a brand of vending machines that an only be found in the Backrooms. They are scattered sporadically throughout the levels and dispense useful supplies, rations, and even weapons to Wanderers.

Description: Vanding Machines appear near identical to usual vending machines, most commonly taking on the appearance of Crane Merchandising System's 148 model of vending machines, a brand commonly found in both the Frontrooms as well as the Backrooms. However, Vanding Machines possess three key differences to usual vending machines:

Contents: Based on the multiple encounters with Vanding Machines as well as the accumulated reports, M.E.G. analysts have found that the usefulness of a Vanding Machine's contents depends on the how dangerous the level is. The more dangerous the level, the more useful, or powerful, the supplies become. Based on this system, analysts have constructed a tier system to designate Vanding Machines by their contents:
Tier I Basic snacks and drinks, farming supplies, street clothes
Tier II Basic survival gear, basic first aid supplies, camping clothes, improvised melee weapons
Tier III Advanced survival gear and clothing, advanced first aids supplies, basic textbooks and manuals, basic firearms
Tier IV Standard issue military hardware, hospital equipment, advanced textbooks and manuals, more advanced firearms
Tier V7 Heavy duty military hardware, maps of level segments, critical hospital and first aid equipment, military-grade firearms and equipment

It should be noted that this Tier system is not always consistent, with there being reports of Vanding Machines bring "Themed" based on certain levels8.

Location: Given how often they change positions and even levels, it is impossible to perfectly map out the exact location of every Vanding Machine within the Backrooms. That said, M.E.G. analysts have discovered a rule that Vanding Machines appear to follow overall: they only appear on regular levels. There have been no reports of Vanding Machines on any Sub-level or Engmatic level since their discovery, and it seems as though they can't be found on certain main levels as well9. There spontaneity of placement even seems to includes the position of the machines, as many have been found in positions outside the nominal laws of physics, such as upside down on a hallway's ceiling or perfectly balanced on the tip of its' bases edge. Several have even been found "glitched" into the floor, walls, and the ceiling; different parts jutting out at different angles.

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