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The ScrapTrash

rating: -10+x
Object Number: XX
Rarity 8/10
Utility 3/10
Use and Demand 2/10
Danger Level ???/10

Any inconvenience resulting from this object will not be borne by anyone. All entities entering the trash will all be considered garbage, no sorting is done on exit.




Object XX of black color found near a beach in an unknow level.

The Object XX is a solar-powered trash can that comes in several colors, although they are all dark. Their operation depends only on the presence of natural light at the level where they are, otherwise they are just ordinary garbage cans. The object is characteristic only of this genre, despite the fact that they all look alike. They are all shaped like a squircle1 and are 240 centimeters high. Most of them also have a characteristic mark on one of the faces, on which it is noted "Scrapyard"2 in white with a small unique text that refers to an anecdote about the trash concerned. They are often placed near caves, parkings, in parks or any other outdoor public place3 to facilitate the evacuation of generally bulky objects and waste.


The Object XX is a solar-powered trash can in which it is able to introduce whatever you want inside. The size of the introduced object can be larger than the trash can as long as it can be partially introduced. They can be found in the majority of levels representing an exterior in the Backrooms.

Anything that goes in the trash can't be taken out. It is therefore best not to introduce valuable objects, animals or simply yourself inside.
When something partially fits into the trash can, it will be completely sucked inside, even if the object in question is larger or more massive than the trash can.

The few people who entered a trash can all arrived in the Level 817.
It's also possible that this is one of the reasons why there are so many different materials at this level. It is not known, however, who built it or for what purpose. It is also unknown if one can access another level using these trash cans.


Each trash color does not change their effects. However, their colors define the environment in which they find themselves. None of them seem to derogate from these rules although this aspect is still theoretical.

Color Area Level
Blue Found on streets where buildings are partially or completely destroyed Level 11
Level 22
Level 200
Green Found in outdoor areas with high vegetation Level 10
Level 83
Level 414
Brown Found in rather dark places or near a cave. Level 9
Level 41
Level 60
Level 230
Red Found only at Level 817. It serves as an outlet for all other trash cans so far Level 817
Black ??? Anywhere in outside level

/!\ Rusty Trash /!\

When a person walks through the desert of Level 440 towards what appears to be remnants, a rusty trash can can be seen. It has not been classified in the table above, for lack of information about it. It is also recommended not to put yourself in danger if a wanderer finally decides to go looking for it, especially with the dangerousness of the level where it is.


/!\ Destroy the Rusty Trash !! /!\

This trash can must be destroyed! It leads only to the abyss, only to oblivion! Everything that exists in this world is absorbed into it and nothing can come out of it, not even at Level 817. It is a void, a nothingness, a door that leads to the de….



Some trash cans have anecdotal texts on one side. The black trash don't have one, or at least none of them were listed as having one.

Level Anecdote
Level 9 In the dark streets of the city, under this blooming light, I admired the lost gazes of my neighborhood.
Level 11 Civility and Humanity, neither of them could devote the time it takes to my use. Sad, I am.
Level 83 Beyond the grassy walls of this maze, I will be your checkpoint.
Level 200 That is our Home, Welcome to our World. Welcome back, again and again and again…
Level 414 The flower of life has blossomed thanks to my duty to clean up the floral sanctuary.
Level 817 The Trashyard, the dream you will live to leave us.


Object XX was recently discovered even though it has been around for a long time. Many just think it's because no one was paying attention until a recording was discovered in the Level 817, 03/10/2022 on a body without life, near the red trash can. Although the video recording is unrecoverable, the sound was partially recovered thanks to a group of wanderers located at Level 4.

Recording - 21/08/2022

After numerous additional searches, the origin of the body found at Level 817 comes from Level 122. However, it is impossible for Object XX to be there being an indoor level. The culprit of the murder still remains unknown.

Additional additions.

The Level 122 has an anomaly in the level and seems to be able to be equipped with Object XX due to the many plants there. However, there is no way to prove this hypothesis in the circumstance that the object could not yet be confirmed, but this information will remain in plain sight until this mystery is solved.


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