Object 98

OBJECT TYPE: Electronic Device
STATUS: Preservation Prioritized
ACCESSIBILITY: Locked to Authorized Personnel

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Object 98 takes the form of a blue USB stick with the letters "P.P.S." inscribed on the top of the object; the ink, though noticeably aged and weathered, still has a viscous texture. The object is quite fragrant with a musky, earthy aroma with a subtle hint of honey and lime being present.

When this object makes contact with human skin it slices and gouges, leaving shallow bleeding wounds despite its innocuous appearance. As such, it’s recommended that gloves or any other sort of hand covering be used when handling this item. Strangely, this abnormal behavior only occurs with humans and won't take effect on any other creatures. When this object is inserted into an electronic device that isn't a laptop, the lettering on the object will change to "B.Y.E." and it will cease to function, though the exact cause of this isn't known at this time.


An image depicting Object 98 taken shortly after discovery. The handwriting on the object was unable to be traced back to a specific individual, though research is still ongoing regarding that.


Whenever Object 98 is inserted, a program labeled "OsPo.exe" will start. This program has the ability to create poems that are activated upon individuals choosing the "yes" option on a prompt that opens whenever the program is launched. If the user agrees to generate one, the program will unsystematically choose a type of poem to write.

Most often, the poem will appear to be incoherently written. On rare occasions, however, comprehensible poems are curated causing the object's abnormal properties to start. An anomalous attribute of Object 98 is that the last segment of the text is believed to contain a prognosis of imminent events that will happen within two to three days. During impending situations, the last line of text must have the most amount of attention paid to it—most often having a chance to foretell future events.

This object's ability to generate poems can only be used every 2-4 hours, and attempting to do so before that amount of time has elapsed will result in the program halting and showing the word "Nevermore". When attempting to copy the files of the program onto the laptop, the laptop will spontaneously burst into a large ball of fire roughly three meters in diameter. Oddly, Object 98 will remain unscathed despite the explosion; however, the same can not be said for the laptop used.

Recorded Responses

Object 98's successful attempts at foretelling the future are shown below. Each poem made by Object 98 is prefaced with the events that followed 2-3 days following the poem being generated. Currently, five responses have been recorded, though poems are being generated at every opportunity possible to ensure that no valuable information is missed.

The "Elegy" poem was the first of the five to be recorded. Nearing the end of the poem, information regarding an unnamed individual's bones are being crushed are stated. Two days after this poem was generated, the individual who discovered this object, Evelyn Parker, was found dead at the outpost she was staying at. All the bones in her body were crushed—as described in the poem.

The "Romantic" poem was the second poem to be recorded. Nearing the end of the poem the line "But your touch leaves me forever hollow" is stated. Three days following this poem being generated, the decapitated head of an unknown individual was discovered near the site at which Object 98 was found—which was completely hollow. The identity of the deceased individual has not been confirmed as of now.

The "Limerick" poem was generated five months after the events of the last poem took place. Shortly after the events of the last poem, an individual was tasked with generating new poems at every opportunity possible. The poem states "I will make your blood run down your face!", and two days after the poem was generated, the individual watching over Object 98 was found with several lacerations at the top of their head. Due to how late this was discovered, aid was unable to be administered and they had succumbed to their injuries. Following this event, documentation of this object was prioritized.

This rhymed poem is named as such due to each line rhyming with each other. The last line of the poem states "But, fret not, I shall stand you up nice and tall." It is unknown exactly when this event took place, but several days after the poem was presumed to have been generated, an individual discovered that all fifty-seven individuals in the outpost Object 98 was being held at had a large steel spike penetrating the spine of each person—raising them twenty meters above the ground. Due to this event, Object 98 is currently being stored in isolation; the poem generating process has since then been automated.

The latest poem to be generated, the "Blank" poem, is the only poem lacking any rhyming between lines. The last line of the poem states "Than telling the whole world how I feel!"; the overseer of Object 98 was declared missing three days later. Over the span of two months, various lone body parts were found on a multitude of levels, which resembles the corpse of the previously mentioned overseer.

Oswald…? Ah, yes—I know of him. One of the greatest inventors of our time I'd say. The sheer amount of strange objects he's created is baffling. It's hard to believe that he's done this himself, but perhaps he doesn't work alone. Though, nevertheless, his creations have clearly saved countless individuals. And even though each and every one of them are signed in that same ink with the simple and plain word "Oswald", we know little of him as a person. Maybe it isn't his creations which have saved us, perhaps it's the reassurance that, no matter what kind of a pickle you find yourself in, Oswald always has a way out for you.

— Excerpt from an interview with Overseer A, also known as "Stretch"

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