Object 85: "Agrugua Fruit"
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Our newest product: Agrugua.

Asset #85: Agrugua Fruit

Priority: High

Value: High

Price: 4.5lbs of Firesalt or any equivalent trades.

The Backrooms Nonaligned Trade Group proudly presents a fruit that can be used for the better, or for the worse! Introducing, Agrugua!

-Glorious Leader George McCarson


Agrugua (Uh-grEW-gEW-Uh) is a fruit located in only a few locations across the Backrooms. This fruit possesses multiple unique attributes that have not been seen in any other similar species; it still carries the physical traits of citrus, resembling a red, average-sized lemon with a distinct smell of alcohol and strawberries. This product is currently very popular among residents of Asset 194, as the fruit is grown strictly on this level.

Effects and Taste:


Nutrition Facts (Due to incompetent team members' mistakes, please note that the total sugar is not, in fact, 8 grams, and is instead 46 grams.)

Agrugua has a wide variety of positives when consumed, the main effect being its incredible healing capabilities. When the fruit is consumed, any small illnesses such as headaches, stomachaches, or sore throat will become gradually better, with the healing process taking around 20 minutes to fully complete; the process has been often detailed to make the consumer feel "tingly" and "warm inside". The taste of Agrugua is described as very strong and sugary, comparable to that of strawberries.1 This being so, its lip-puckering sweetness and the addicting flavors of Agrugua are irresistible once you have had it, and you will never want to stop!

  • Note: Agrugua has been proven to be very alcoholic and only small amounts should be consumed at once. Consuming more than 5 Agrugua in a short period of time may result in blurry vision, slurred speech, slower reaction time, and in rare cases, heart attacks2. Please take caution.


Agrugua fruit can be used to heal wounds without consumption in multiple different ways:

  • Applying Agrugua juice onto a cut or bruise will seal the injury and begin the 20-minute healing process.
  • Pressing a slice of Agrugua onto acne will near instantly absorb oil and erase skin imperfections. Consumption after doing so is not recommended.
  • The scent of Agrugua can cure nasal congestion and clear the sinuses if inhaled. Warning: Inhaling Agrugua scents can result in Agrugua addiction and sneezing.
  • The peel of Agrugua, if rubbed gently on the skin, will result in the skin paling and becoming softer. This may also cause temporary skin irritation.
  • Squeezing Agrugua juice into one's eyes will drastically improve the wanderer's vision for a very brief moment of time. Doing so will result in a painful stinging sensation, however.

Where to buy:

Agrugua fruits are grown on trees strictly at Asset 194, resulting in Asset 194 being the main Agrugua trading hub. Merchants selling Agrugua will regularly visit Level 11, as well as Level 10 and Onslaught Station. These merchants can be identified by the large BNTG insignia on their backs and jolly expressions! They are always happy to trade Agrugua in turn for items of your own.


For the more outgoing, Agrugua can be turned into a variety of different treats, some of which will be outlined below.

Agrugua Smoothie


Agrugua Smoothie



  • Pour 16oz of Almond Water into a blender.
  • Peel the lemon and place the fruit inside the blender.
  • Peel the Agrugua and discard the peel in an official BNTG waste bin. Then put the fruits into the blender.
  • Blend for 20-70 seconds.
  • Enjoy!

A delicious treat perfect for a hot day on Level 149! Its sweet and sour flavor will leave your taste buds cheering.

  • Note: Particularly strong alcoholic effects follow shortly after drinking an Agrugua Smoothie.

Agrugua Salad


  • 2 Agrugua
  • Half of a head of lettuce
  • 10 strawberries
  • 1 banana
  • Half of a pineapple


  • Begin to dice the Agrugua, banana, strawberries, and pineapple into smaller chunks or slices.
  • Once properly diced, pour the fruits onto a bed of lettuce.
  • Place the combination in a bowl and mix for best results.
  • Share with friends!
  • Optional: Drench salad in Agrugua juice.

Agrugua Salad is a wonderful choice if you have time and ingredients! It is simple and easy to make, and tastes like a dream! You will never have enough! The combination of sweet and sour will reward your tongue with the sweet surprise of a healthy and tasty meal.

Agraide™️ (Uh-grAy-dEE)



  • Pour the Pyroil into a small, fireproof container.
  • Next, pour the Cashew Water into the container and mix lightly.
  • Grind up the 7 Agrugua (with peel), and empty them into the container. Mix well
  • Grind up the mold spores/fungus and empty them into the container.
  • Close the container and shake well.
  • After shaking, extract a dose of Agraide™️ using a syringe and inject it into the desired target.
  • Well done!

This powerful serum is one of the most potent poisons known to the Backrooms. In a fight? Simply inject the Agraide™️ into your enemy for a quick defeat; we have no doubt that you will be successful in your efforts!

  • Note: Please use this for good intentions only.


Henry S
"I can't get enough of this! I highly recommend Agrugua. It's healed all of my wounds, and I can't thank the BNTG enough for selling it to me!

Alex T
This is good stuff! A little overpriced, but it's worth it in the end. Agraide really comes in handy when dealing with those hounds.

Overseer A
After studying the fruit, we at the M.E.G. must warn all consumers of Agrugua to take it in small doses. Taking too much at once can result in severe side effects. Please refrain from eating more than two Agrugua a day, as addiction to Agrugua is very serious.

Helen R
As I have been growing old, living here on Level 194, the abundance of Agrugua has really helped ease the pain. It tastes oh so wonderful, but all good things come with a cost in life.

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