Object 8
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Object Number: 8


Lamps are a high tech device developed by Backrooms Robotics built with the sole purpose of helping wanderers whenever they wander around The Backrooms. Lamps are sold in bulk to The M.E.G., and are distributed throughout the lower Levels of The Backrooms. Lamps have been noted to have a few prominent features overall, and are largely regarded as helpful to all wanderers in The Backrooms.

Lamps should not be confused with standard lamps which can be found randomly throughout The Backrooms, or else made with electronics. Lamps are specially developed by Backrooms Robotics with the express purpose of being bended by The Backrooms properties. For one, they appear to be capable of movement, despite not being programmed or made to move specifically. They were built with functional legs, and the properties of The Backrooms gave it the capability of moving. This example can be found throughout a majority of the properties of Lamps, which are:

  • Full capabilities of movement.
  • Apparent ability of awareness; can perceive events around it.
  • Will to not be broken
  • Capability to "see" nearby Entities, and avoid them by pretending to be standard lamps.
  • Capable of self-defense in cases where its attacked, typically by blinding their attacker.

Lamps have been proven to be only helpful, and are to be trusted by the M.E.G., as well as distributed to wanderers in order to provide light around the numerous Levels.

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