Object 732 - "Impossibility Engine"
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Object 732: Impossibility Engine
Class: Safe Can be rarely found in warehouse levels. Affects local probabilities, causing unpredictable effects.

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An instance of Object 732.

Object 732, otherwise known as the Impossibility Engine, is an object that takes the appearance of a large rectangular cube with shoulder straps for transportation. It also has armrests that contain controls and status displays similar to a jetpack.

The object itself is relatively light to carry, taking the weight of 3kg, but its sheer size might make it an issue for explorers who want to explore tight levels. The object itself can be easily opened when not operating, but when the engine itself is active it becomes impossible to open it.

Examination of the interior reveals that the drive itself is mostly made out of three parts: The Probabilistic Shield Generator (TPSG), Improbability Drive, and a large battery1.

It also has a moderately large battery capacity despite its weight. It can easily charge devices multiple times. At the maximum power usage settings, it has an operating life of 22 hours.

Due to it being worn as a backpack, you may risk losing carrying space for carrying this object.


The main property of this object is its ability to manipulate probabilities around a local area around the wanderer2. This causes much less probable events to happen on a significantly higher rate (such as escaping from a certain death situation.)

The more improbable things are, the more probable it would happen depending on the Improbability setting of the object. The higher the Improbability setting, the more improbable things that happen.

Test Parameters Test Log Conclusion
Improbability sent at 10%. Left in a safe outpost at a moderately dangerous level. Object was left to operate for 24 hours. During the operation time, three wanderers from more dangerous levels successfully clipped into this level. The object is able to affect successful clip probabilities when headed to levels. This could be used as a gateway from more dangerous levels to safer ones.
Improbability set to 25%. Left in a safe outpost on a moderately safe level. Object was left to operate for 10 hours. During the test duration, multiple water bottles around the object spontaneously turned into soda. It is also reported that the geometry around the object was less stable with a higher probability of objects clipping into other levels. Higher test settings are to be done in less valuable locations to prevent the loss of supplies.
Improbability set to 50%. The object was left at a dangerous level and waited to be activated remotely when a group of entities would enter its area of effect. Object was left to operate for 15m. During the test, multiple entities within its range began clipping through the floor3. While some began turning into different ones entirely. Some entities were able to escape the area of effect of the object. There are some sparse reports of entities clipping into other levels. The object itself was not affected by the probabilistic changes due to the probabilistic shield generator.
Improbability set to 100%. Set during an emergency while being chased by a large group of entities in a notoriously inescapable level. Object was operating for 10m. The majority of the group have gone missing, although two members of the expedition survived. Interview log below. Setting Improbability to maximum can be catastrophic for any wanderer within its area of effect due to the probabilistic shield generator not operating, causing wanderers to be affected by probabilistic effects.

The object also has a probabilistic shield generator that protects the wearer from the effects of improbable events from happening to them4. The generator itself is very prone to failure when not paired with the Improbability Drive. It has multiple small tethers that also extend its stability field towards what the tether is connected to.5

The Improbability Drive itself cannot operate without a shield generator while being properly mounted in its Impossibility Engine's case.

The armrests hold multiple controls which determine the operation of the object. The object can automatically recharges at a rate of 1% every 5m.


The main use of the Impossibility Engine is to explore highly dangerous levels. Due to it being able to manipulate probabilities, it can help explorers clip out of levels which are nearly impossible to clip out of. It can also be used to get out of certain death7 situations.

It can be harmful in safe levels due to it increasing the probability at which you could clip into a dangerous level. Due to this, it is recommended to leave Object 732 instances in an outpost/resource stache at dangerous levels for other wanderers to use.

Due to its energy storage / production capabilities, it could also be used as a temporary power source for an outpost.


Object 732 instances can occasionally be found in large quantities in warehouse levels in pallets that are covered with black duct tape. On top of the duct tape is the logo of a currently unidentified group. Further investigation is currently ongoing.


Object 732 was discovered during a routine supply run for a M.E.G outpost on a warehouse level.

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